Strongest Necromancer Of Heaven's Gate-Chapter 1235 I’ll See You All In My Next Stories! [FIN]

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Chapter 1235 I’ll See You All In My Next Stories! [FIN]

Before anything else, let me start by saying Thank You for being there through the good and bad times of my life. freew

Thank you for being there during the hard moments, especially when I felt vulnerable and restless.

Thank you for being patient and understanding when I was sick and unable to post on a regular basis. This journey, which has lasted for nearly two years, and is composed of 1.7 million words, has finally come to an end.

It was an honor to write this story for you, and I pray that I have touched your life in more ways than one.

Being a Webnovel Author may not be the easiest profession in the world, for we face some harsh criticism on a daily basis.

Like my fellow author once told me in the past, you need to become "bulletproof" because if you don't, you won't be able to survive the world of Webnovels.

Unfortunately, I am far from being bulletproof.

But, my heart is no longer made of glass.

When I was writing my first novel, Reincarnated With The Strongest System, I almost broke because of the harsh criticisms that I faced back then.

However, I managed to survive and become stronger.

Now, after completing my second novel, I feel like I have accomplished the promise that I made to myself when I decided to write novels.

And that was, to give my readers a happy ending.

As you may already know, I tend to make you guys suffer a lot.

Cliffhangers, heartbreaks, and sad moments, all of you will experience these in my novels. However, rest assured, that the suffering will have an equal, if not an increased amount of happiness in return.

As I steadily grow in my craft, I promise to give all of you the best stories that you will read in your lifetime.

Each of these stories will have a different flavor, for I always strive to challenge myself in writing genres that I haven't touched yet.

Also, I give you my promise to always complete these stories, and not drag them out, giving them the endings that they deserve.

Strongest Necromancer may not be perfect, but I wrote it to the best of my abilities.

I know that most readers didn't care if the authors of their favorite stories were suffering. All they want is to have their daily chapters.

My fellow authors and I talk every day, and we often joked about things like that. Even if there were days when we didn't want to write, we still had to write.

We do this, not because of obligation, but due to discipline.

We discipline ourselves to write every day, regardless of the circumstances we face on a daily basis.

So, if we ever miss our daily chapters, it just means that we have experienced something that has prevented us from following our daily routine.

I ask on their behalf for your understanding, for we are humans, too. Of course, I am also extremely thankful to some of you, who would rather have me rest and take a few days off in order to recover, instead of pushing myself to write.

This was why I didn't always post daily, and took my time to properly recover so that I could give you the final after stories of this novel.

Truth be told, I still haven't fully recovered from my month-long vacation, and the burnout following it.

However, I have recovered enough to finally see this novel to its completion.

All of you, who have read my stories from beginning to end, are the true VIPs. Just as I grew as an author, all of you have grown as readers as well.

I often tell my author friends that my readers and I have a Love Hate Relationship. Sometimes you guys love me, sometimes you hate me. But, despite the suffering, all of you have become masochists—errr become stronger on an emotional level.

After everything you've been through in reading my novels, nothing much can faze you anymore.

Of course, I did my best to not push you guys to the limits, like what I did with my other novel, RWTSS. It is through that story that I've come to learn what you guys could take, and what you guys couldn't take.

Most authors have a problem with making their readers anxious because it also makes them anxious.

I was like that too, but like I said, I've grown as an author and an individual.

I am an emotional writer, so I specialize in bringing out the raw emotions to people.

Powerful chapters which elicit powerful replies.

Whether those replies were of praises, awe, admiration, hate, anger, or wishes for me to stub my toe on the table or chair, I just want you to know that I deserve all of that and more.

These are the greatest joys and sorrows of being an author, and boy oh boy~ what a journey it has been.

As I give you the final comments about this novel, as I speak my final rants, know that with every ending, a new door opens.

The Strongest Necromancer of Heaven's Gate might have ended, but with it, a brand new story will emerge.

Tales that will make you laugh out loud in public, and make others wonder if you have gone crazy. Stories that will make you cry like a girl, making those around you wonder if you're suffering from a heartbreak.

And scenes that will sometimes make you shout out loud, punch something, stomp your foot, or throw your phone, due to the overflowing emotions that you were unable to hold back.

My friends, supporters, and partners in crime, I humbly ask that you continue to follow my journey as an author, as I write story after story for all of you to enjoy.

Read my stories when you are sad.

Read my stories when you are happy.

Read my stories when you are mad.

Read my stories when you are lonely. Read my stories during your lunch break, or when you go for a toilet break. Regardless of the reasons, regardless of the situations, time, and places, I will wait for you in my world.

So come my dear friends, and open the pages that will take you on an epic journey in worlds where adventures run wild and free.

For I, your favorite storyteller Elyon, will once again weave tales of faraway lands where another legendary adventure is about to begin!

On behalf of my two editors, RedPandaChick and Reinesse, we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. How does an Author live forever?

It's when our stories live on.

I'll see you all in my next stories!


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