Super Spender-Chapter 201 - 196 (Part 2)

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Chapter 201: Chapter 196 (Part 2)

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Chapter One Hundred and Ninety-Six (Middle)

The car’s trunk has a small thermo storage compartment that is suitable for storing both hot and cold items. If there’s not enough space, there is always some additional storage space isn’t there? Nothing else is in there, leaving an abundance of room. After tour around in Celeston City, Finn Lewis quickly arrived near the bund with a pile of things, let Olivia Thatcher park the car properly, and then walked toward the Scenic Road by the river with a large thermal box.

The night view was wonderful; the surrounding brilliant neon lights were accompanied by the legends of ferryboats going back and forth on the river, the scenery was undoubtedly beautiful. In Celeston City, where stars are almost invisible, the night was unusually clear, one could not only see a crescent moon but also a few twinkling stars.

The cool river breeze felt incredibly refreshing to Kay Lee. Although she is a celebrity and does not understand gaming, she knows how astonishing that game is, at least the success of this game is obvious, thus Bryski Miller’s ban on her will slowly fade away.

Perhaps she will be targeted again in the future, but Kay Lee is no longer afraid. She suddenly feels that everything around her has become beautiful. Although there are street lights by the river, the lighting is not very good at night. With a hat on, a mask, and a pair of glasses, she does not even need to bring her sunglasses, Kay Lee does not worry about being recognized.

Upon reaching a secluded area, Kay Lee looked at the river flowing and felt inexplicably emotional. In just one month, she felt like she had gone through a roller coaster ride. Life’s ups and downs are just too rapid, but at this moment, when all these troubles are over, she felt an indescribable sense of relief, but there were countless words she wanted to vent, and she did not know who to confide in.

“If you have something on your mind, you can talk to me. I think I can be a listener.” A sudden and familiar voice sounded beside her ear, Kay Lee was stunned for a moment, then she turned her head sharply towards the source of the voice. When she saw Finn Lewis, who was like her, leaning on the railing and looking at the river, she couldn’t describe the expression on her face, and her attractive lips were slightly open, forming an ‘O’ shape.

“What? Are you surprised to see me?” Finn Lewis turned his head and looked at Kay Lee with a smile, and raised his eyebrows.

Kay Lee couldn’t describe what she was feeling. Finn Lewis had left a strong impression on her. The meeting with Bryski Miller that day, which she would probably never forget in her lifetime. Although they had exchanged names and she had left her phone number for Finn Lewis, she did not take Finn Lewis’s number, and he did not call her.

Kay Lee sometimes wondered what kind of person Finn Lewis was when she couldn’t sleep. Did Finn Lewis recognize her? Kay Lee believed he must have. Even though Kay Lee did not think she was a household name, a young man like Finn Lewis should not fail to recognize her, and from the look in Finn Lewis’s eyes, Kay Lee knew he must know who she was.

But Finn Lewis never took the initiative to contact her. Kay Lee wanted to take the initiative to contact Finn Lewis a few times, but she didn’t have his contact information. Finn Lewis gave Kay Lee an odd feeling that she couldn’t quite place. She felt that Finn Lewis seemed to know who she was, but he was different from those men and male celebrities who pursued her madly.

Although Kay Lee is a celebrity, who can be rated as Celeston’s national goddess, she is also a woman, or rather, a girl, who has her own dreams and fantasies like any other girl.

“Of course I’m surprised. Meeting you at this hour, at this location, in this place, and most importantly, without planning it, would it not be a surprise?” Kay Lee said, a smile on her face.

“It proves that we’re fated.” Finn Lewis laughed heartily and shrugged. He added, “It seems like you’re in a good mood tonight, have your troubles been resolved?”

“Yes, they have been resolved. I thought you didn’t know who I was.” Kay Lee nodded, laughing.

“Of course I know, you are the national goddess. How could I not know?

“Really? You too?” Kay Lee raised her eyebrows.

“Of course, I am also a man.” Finn Lewis nodded naturally.

“Then, I gave you my number. Why didn’t you contact me?” Kay Lee glanced at Finn Lewis and asked.

Finn Lewis scratched his head and couldn’t say, “We meet now, don’t we? I thought you were having a tough time recently and I did not want to disturb you.”

“Really? Don’t you know that when a woman is down, that’s when she’s at her most vulnerable?” Kay Lee squinted her eyes and smiled. “But since you appeared at the most critical moment, I’m in a good mood now, so I forgive you.”

“Isn’t it clear that as soon as I saw you in a good mood, I rushed out to bring good news?” Finn Lewis said with a laugh.

“Really? How did you find me then?” Kay Lee immediately asked.

“I thought the weather was nice today, and there would be peach blossom luck tonight. So I just followed the guidance of my heart and walked here. To my surprise, I ran into my goddess. It seems like you also need someone to talk to?” Finn Lewis immediately looked up at the sky, then made a calculation gesture with his fingers.

Kay Lee burst into laughter, gave Finn Lewis a blank look and said, “Really? Do you think you’re Doraemon Albert? You know everything I want. Do you know what I want now?”

“Well, let me guess, I’m guessing you are hungry right now, so how about I treat you to a meal?” Finn Lewis said grinningly.

Kay Lee was immediately dumbfounded and looked at Finn Lewis, speechless for a long time. Eventually she asked incredulously, “How do you know I’m hungry?

“You’ve already called me Doraemon Albert, so shouldn’t I naturally know what you want?” Finn Lewis chuckled, not entirely fibbing. He did guess that Kay Lee hadn’t eaten, but he wasn’t sure whether she was hungry. It’s that sort of logic, right?

“Fine, let’s say you are Doraemon Albert. I’m hungry now but I don’t want to go to a restaurant. Can you magically produce food?” Kay Lee huffed annoyed, before posing her question.

“What if I can?” Finn said with a sly smile.

“You tell me,” Kay Lee suggested after thinking for a bit.

“Given this romantic setting, me being the Doraemon Albert, shouldn’t you, dear goddess, kiss me?” Finn blurted it out without thinking, and instantly regretted it. That was unexpectedly forward of him.

“Alright.” To his surprise, Kay Lee immediately agreed without a pause.

“Wait…” Finn’s eyes widened in surprise. He had never expected Kay Lee to agree so readily.

“What, can’t produce it anymore, Mr. Doraemon Albert?” Kay Lee teased, eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Well, if you insist, goddess, I have to present something, right? Even if it costs me my life, it’s worth it for a kiss,” Finn laughed, then took a leap over the railing. novelbuddy(.)com

“Hey, what are… yo…” At the sight of Finn leaping out, Kay Lee gasped, stopping mid-sentence. She watched as he bent down, grabbing onto the railing with one hand, the other reaching down below to lift a large white thermal box. Kay Lee’s mouth dropped open into an ‘O’.

“Here’s the food.” Finn dangled the thermal box in front of Kay Lee. He looked around then pointed at the distance and said, “Shall we go down there?”

“How… where did you conjure this up from? I don’t believe there’s food in there,” exclaimed Kay Lee, staring at Finn in disbelief.

“Well, goddess, you can’t escape that kiss now,” laughed Finn, without further ado, he partially opened the thermal box, wafting its aroma towards Kay Lee’s nose.

An intoxicating scent wafted out, causing Kay Lee’s eyes to widen, “This really IS luuu:

“Of course, how about it?” Finn inquired, moving his face closer with a smile.

As Finn’s face got closer, a blush crept up Kay Lee’s face. She was an actress and many of her screen kisses were either fake or performed by a body double. The most she would do was peck someone on the cheek. She had agreed quickly earlier, confident that Finn couldn’t possibly have food. Yet to her surprise, Finn really did manage to produce food.

After a pause, Kay Lee decisively pulled her mask off and leaned in, planting a kiss on Finn’s cheek.

The soft, damp touch on his cheek mixed with a faintly sweet scent thrilled Finn. Although brief, it struck him as he had only been toying around, never expecting Kay Lee to kiss him so directly.

After kissing Finn, Kay Lee hastily pulled her mask back on. Yet she still felt like her ears were burning. However, she couldn’t help but laugh at Finn’s shocked expression.

“Um… How about another one? I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it,” Finn suggested shyly.

“In your dreams,” Kay Lee responded coolly, before changing the subject, “Let’s go. Let’s find a place to eat.”

Finn looked around, then pointed at the distance and whispered, “How about we go eat over there?”

Following Finn’s gaze, Kay gave a startled look, “Over there? Isn’t that a restricted area?” freewe(b)novel

“Follow me,” said Finn impulsively, reaching out to grab Kay Lee’s hand, as he darted towards the desolate distance. Holding onto her soft, delicate hand, Finn’s heart pounded with anticipation. He feared that Kay Lee might reject his advance but as they continued to run, and she kept holding his hand, Finn calmed down. His heart soon filled with joy. He’d held her hand. It seemed he wasn’t far from his mission’s completion.

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