Super Spender-Chapter 202 - 197 (Part 2)

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Chapter 202: Chapter 197 (Part 2)

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Chapter One Hundred Ninety-Seven (Part 2) (450 patrons special update!)

The place wasn’t too far away, yet it was quite secluded. There weren’t many people around. When Finn Lewis reached the railing, he looked left and right to make sure no one was watching. He let go of Kay Lee’s hand, pushed himself up with his right hand, and smoothly vaulted over the railing. Checking again for onlookers, he called out in a whisper, “Come, over here.”

Kay Lee glanced around nervously before replying in a low voice, “Are you sure it’s okay to climb over the railing?”

“No problem, it’s just about whether you dare. If you’re caught, you might make headlines tomorrow.” Finn replied with a chuckle.

“Well then, I wouldn’t mind being on tomorrow’s headlines.” Kay joked before cautiously climbing up the railing. Finn was ready to assist her but unexpectedly, she climbed over with ease. Despite attending a press conference earlier in the day, her clothing was casual — trainers, jeans, and a T-shirt.

After she hops down, Finn admires her, “Impressive, you have some decent climbing skills.”

“Of course, do you think I could sneak past reporters and my assistant without a trick or two?” Kay made a goofy face at Finn before heading towards the riverbank.

“Take it slow.” Finn cautioned, before he followed her carrying the thermal box. This part of the riverbank was somewhat hidden due to its location, shielding them from most people’s view. Despite its isolation and the presence of many custodians, Finn and Kay were able to reach a concrete platform. There was only just over a meter drop to the river.

Finn took off his jacket and spread it on the concrete platform, inviting with a grin, “My lady, please sit.”

“Such a pricey outfit, it’ll get dirty.” Kay looked skeptically at the jacket spread over the platform.

“It’s okay, sit.” He smiled and casually sat down. Even for a night in Celeston City in late July, it remained warm, so being in just in a tee wouldn’t bother Finn a bit.

Kay watched Finn place the thermal container beside them. Despite their seclusion, they could still hear the bustle vehicles above and gaze at the stunning illuminated buildings on opposite side of the river, along with various ships passing by.

“This place is really nice.” Kay complimented, before sitting down, “Mr. Doraemon Albert, the stuff in your thermal box smells great, but can you bring out the food I want?”

“Given the circumstances, what do you want to eat?” Finn asked with a smile.

“Let me think.” Kay said, putting a hand under her chin, after a moment she declared with a gleaming smile, “I want lamb skewers! Do you have any?

“Wait a sec.” Finn laughed and reached into the large thermal box and quickly brought out a plate of steaming lamb skewers.

“You actually have it?” Kay’s eyes widened in disbelief. She did not expect Finn to pass this unexpected test.

“And now, I want grilled chili peppers.” Kay said after some thought.

“Heh.” Finn just chuckled and without further ado, dug into the thermal box again and brought out a plate carrying three skewers of grilled chilli peppers.

“Wow!” Kay exclaimed, the stars practically sparkling in her eyes, “I also want chicken crisp bone,-cow soft-bone cartilage.”

Finn, with his cheerful smile, remained silent, instead he drew out from the thermal container each item Kay named. After a while, an array of different barbecue dishes scattered over seven or eight plates sat in front of them. “How did you do it?” Kay asked, her eyes gleaming as she looked at Finn.

“Do what?” Finn played innocent.

“How did you know I wanted to eat these things?” Kay asked, full of disbelief. Who could know that she loved barbecue food with such specificity; it was a rare fact known by few people. Indeed, even Emily, who had spent a long time around her, most likely didn’t know, perhaps only her mother did – Finn surely couldn’t. Moreover, the high-end restaurant where Kay had met Finn, along with his neat attire, signaled him as someone well off. Hence, she had chosen these local snacks.

Yet she genuinely didn’t expect Finn to bring out these things. “I want beer too, Snowflake beer, chilled. Do you have that?” Kay further asked.

“How can there be barbecue without beer?” Finn opened the lid of the thermal box fully, just six cans of beer remained inside.

Seeing the beer, Kay grew quiet. After a long pause, she looked at Finn, her eyes shining, and asked, “Are you really like Doraemon Albert?”

“Just think of me as Doraemon Albert. If you ever need anything, come find me. Maybe I can help you out.” Finn Lewis said with a laugh.

“Hmm.” Kay Lee made a sound and didn’t say anything else. She picked up a lamb skewer in one hand and a beer can in the other and offered a toast to Mr. Finn. He also picked up a can, raised it, and clinked it against Kay’s can. Both of them took a big gulp of beer. Then, Kay began eating the lamb skewer. Looking at Kay eating in this manner, she didn’t seem like the star we see on the TV screen daily at all. freewebnove(l).com

However, this behavior made Finn feel a bit overwhelmed. It looks like Kay was

really hungry. Finn was also a bit hungry himselt. The amount ot barbecue here definitely wasn’t enough for the two of them. Finn didn’t eat much, most of it ended up in Kay’s stomach. Who knew, Kay’s appetite was unexpectedly huge.

By the time they finished off the lamb skewers and were eyeing other food, Finn’s phone rang. He checked and saw that it was Prince calling. Finn thought for a moment and then answered the call, “Hello, Mr. Finn what are you doing?”

“Nothing much, just eating with Kay Lee,” Finn glanced at Kay Lee and said with a laugh.

“Show off, you’re just showing off. In such a short time, you can invite Kay Lee for a meal? Who would believe that? Besides, I don’t think she’s in the mood for a date”… Prince’s face was full of disbelief.

It was very quiet there and Kay Lee naturally heard Finn’s side of the phone conversation. Although she couldn’t hear exactly what Prince was saying, she could guess from Finn’s words.

“Why would I lie to you, seriously, I’m not lying. Right now we’re eating barbecue and drinking beer.” Finn laughed heartily.

“I don’t believe you.” Prince quickly responded.

Finn directly took his phone from his ear, held it in front of Kay Lee, and said,

“Tell him, who are you?”

“I am Kay Lee!” Kay Lee didn’t take the phone, she just leaned in close, faced the microphone of Finn’s phone, and shouted out loud. fr

After Kay Lee had finished shouting, Finn picked up the phone and said with a laugh, “Did you hear that?!”

“Holy shit! Damn, you’re awesome! Mr. Finn, you’re doing great, aren’t you?” Prince immediately let out a cry, unable to refrain from commenting.

“Get out of here, tell me, why did you call?” Finn asked curiously. This guy should be at home, right?

“Nothing, I was just planning to invite you for dinner. I’m back home now, it’s boring at home. But since you have a beauty to accompany you, I’ll just go play games.” With that, Prince hung up.

“Who was that?” Seeing Finn hang up the phone, under the moonlight and the faint neon light from the surrounding buildings, Kay Lee, whose cheeks were slightly pink from the alcohol, asked.

“A buddy from my dorm.” Finn shrugged.

“You’re still in school?” Kay Lee looked at Finn.

“Yeah, I’m a junior, about to graduate. What about you?” Finn asked with a smile.

“Me? I withdrew. What else can I do? I’m in my prime career now, so I have to do this first, and then get a diploma in a few years. But I think after my early thirties, I might go back to school.” Kay Lee thought about it and then reluctantly said.

The food in front of them was quickly devoured, until even the beer was almost gone. A touch of red appeared on Kay Lee’s fair cheeks. Although she had only had four or five cans of beer, she was a little tipsy.

“I’m really happy today. I didn’t expect my wishes to come true. Thank you, Mr. Doraemon Albert.” Kay Lee laughed joyfully.

“I’m also pretty happy. I was originally planning to find a place to eat and drink. I didn’t expect to even have a beauty by my side.” Finn laughed as well.

“Let’s go. If we don’t leave soon, my assistant might freak out.” Kay Lee laughed as she stood up.

“Take it slow, be careful not to fall in.” Finn quickly extended his hand to grab her arm.

“You two, what are you doing! Hurry up and come up!” Just as they were about to get up, a stern voice shouted from above, followed by the light of a flashlight shining at them.

Without thinking, Finn shielded Kay Lee behind him. Kay Lee, who seemed to have experienced this kind of thing many times, quickly put on her own mask.

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