Supreme Harem God System-Chapter 817 Girls, You Can Come Out Now

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"Tsk. That [Dark Amethyst] of yours is too annoying."

Astaria complained.

"Now you need to do whatever I say, alright?" Nux just smiled playfully.

Astaria glanced at Nux, and seeing that nonchalant expression on his face, she realized it.

'He didn't even break a sweat.'

Well, it is not like she didn't know what kind of monster her husband was, she has seen his strength countless times before, but… but she improved alright? She is now capable of defeating 8 Star Beasts all by herself.

There were not many Emperors in this world who could do that.

Astaria knew she wouldn't be able to defeat him from the beginning… but for the battle to be this one-sided…

Astaria glanced at the place where they fought and seeing that entire place covered with Purple Black Metal, she couldn't help but recall the battle.

Astaria's battle style was simple, unlike normal Mana Cultivators, she actively closes the distance and prefers to cut his enemy using her sword.

Close combat was her specialty, however, Nux didn't even allow her to get close to him.

The Battle started and she was attacked by 2 Purple Black Spikes, Astaria didn't care, she dodged them with minimal movement and continued to rush towards Nux, leaving the spikes behind, however, then, a huge wall was created in front of her, she tried changing the direction, but just like those two 8 Star Beasts, she was soon trapped inside a box.

Astaria quickly used her sword Aura to cut through the Metal, however, after destroying one wall, she noticed another wall right in front of the destroyed one.

She destroyed another one, but again, another wall was standing there to stop her tracks.

Astaria continued to destroy these walls, but more and more walls started popping up, soon, spikes started popping out of the Walls, making her dodge them while trying to destroy the walls.

Soon, Astaria realized how pointless this all was.

Nux had already won the battle.

There were countless ways he could end her right now, he just wasn't doing it because he didn't wish to harm her.

Also, when Nux trapped her inside this box, he also used Devouring Mist to surround the box and cut off the connection between the Mana inside the box with the Mana outside.

It was nothing short of sealing Astaria inside a completely different dimension, with limited Mana, and with no sense of what was happening outside the 'dimension' she was in.

Yes, within 1 minute after the start of the battle, Astaria had fallen into a completely helpless state, and Nux…

He hadn't even moved yet.

Astaria was forced to give up.

"You are a monster."

Astaria commented.

Nux chuckled.

"Also, the Dark Amethyst, why is it stronger than before?"

"I upgraded it to 9 Star Ability."

"Just how many System Points have you acquired?"

Astaria couldn't help but question.

Hearing her question, a mysterious smile appeared on Nux's face as he replied,

"A lot… I have earned a shit load of points."

"Tsk, the Bloodheart House completely unleashed your System's Potential, didn't it?"

"They did give me quite a lot of freedom, yes." Nux didn't deny.

"Anyways, where are the others? I also wish to see the daughter of the Bloodheart House. You used the Harem Gate, but what about them? How much time would it take them to reach here, 6 days?"

Astaria questioned with a curious look on her face.

"Mhm, it will take them some time. Of course, it isn't much, by the time I am done with you, they will be here."

Nux spoke with a playful smile on his face. Then, he looked into Astaria's eyes and questioned,

"So? How about it?

Would you like to do it in the forest?"

"I-I lost, so I h-have to listen to what you say…"

Astaria lowered her head, trying to hide her red face.

"Now I feel like you lost on purpose." Nux chuckled.

"Stop s-spouting nonsense…"

Astaria retorted, Nux then grabbed her waist from behind, and soon, the two of them fell on the ground.

"Let's start our another battle, shall we?"

Soon, moans and groans could be heard inside the forest.

A day passed by, right now, Nux and Astaria were standing inside the queue to enter Aldarda City.

"Entry fees for two,

Two Silver Coins."

The Guard spoke with a strict look on his face.

Astaria tossed a Gold Coin at him.

The Guard's expression changed, he looked around and quickly placed the coin inside his pocket, he glanced at his benefactors and wanted to tell them a few things that might be beneficial for them, however, before he could do that, he noticed that the two have already walked into the city.


The guard just shrugged and continued with his day.

"Entry fees for one,

One Silver Coin."

"Tsk Tsk, spending money like it's nothing.

So wasteful."

Nux complained as she walked with Astaria.

"Does it really matter? Money is nothing to us anyway."

"We would need it when we establish our clan," Nux spoke.

"Since when did Emperor Stage Cultivators start worrying about money? Even if we lack some, don't we just need to buy some random weapon from the System and sell it?" Astaria shrugged.

"Wasteful indeed."

Nux nodded to himself.

"Anyways, how long till they reach here? Also, why can I not use Telepathy to contact them?"

Astaria questioned.

"Hmm? They should be inside the City by now. They told me they are waiting inside the place we will be staying in."

"Where are we going to stay?" Astaria questioned.

"Hmm? Aren't you the one who was living in this place for more than a year? Shouldn't you know it better?"


Astaria didn't know what to say.

However, seeing that small smile on Nux's face, she just sighed,

"Come with me."

The two of them then walked into an inn where Astaria booked one room for the two of them.

The two then walked into the room, then suddenly,

"Aah, they are here."

Nux muttered.

"What do you mean?" Astaria narrowed her eyes, but before she could ask any further,

A white ball appeared in Nux's arms, the Ball started shining brightly, and then, it started floating in the air.

5 seconds later, the Ball disappeared, and suddenly,

A white purplish Portal formed in front of Astaria and Nux,


You can come out now."