Supreme Magus (Web Novel)-Chapter 2500 Second Wave (Part 2)

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Chapter 2500 Second Wave (Part 2)

2500 Second Wave (Part 2)

"I don't see how making a bunch of savage monsters smarter and more powerful can be a solution. The Drake countered pointedly.

"It's not." Faluel said. "What my mother means is that I hope that we can open a dialogue with the monsters born from Glemos' experiments and have them help us against those in Jiera. D

"After all, the continent is depopulated and there's plenty of space and resources for them to live in peace. They can contribute to stopping their brethren in exchange for the possibility to establish their own civilization

"That's an ambitious plan. Ajatar pondered. "Both Councils need to agree for it to work. Also, you need a plausible excuse to keep the Harmonizers off the table.

"I know, but I can only take things one step at a time. I've no idea if Glemos' children can be reasoned with nor if they have strayed from the path that he paved for them.

"If they turn out to be just a threat to the balance in Garlen, the only solution would be annihilation.

Crystal Griffon, several days later after the meeting with Falucl.

Lith was lost in thought while Solus explained to the class her personal method to achieve tier one Void Magic by using hand signs and magic words.

From the previous lessons, they had learned that the best approach was to give their students all the information

2500 Second Wave (Part 2)

they could and then let them determine which method they preferred or if they'd rather pick the parts from each that suited them the best.

Luckily for me, Zinya convinced Kami to tell me about her issues. I'm afraid that once the pregnancy comes to term. her condition might be even worse than Duke's. I need to speak with Grandma about-

A sudden ping and a flash from the first row of desks drew his attention. Using communication amulets while a class was in session was forbidden in all six great academies but there was always an exception when the Royals were involved.

It was Meron's amulet that had been activated and no one dared reproach the King. Especially when they heard the news.

"Your Majesty, the city guards of Ne'sra have spotted several groups of monsters and so have the guards of several cities in the Deirus, Distar, and Weghan regions.

Usually, the appearance of such creatures would rise no alarm, but after the previous raids, the attacked cities had been tasked with reporting any sighting to make sure it wasn't just the first step of another coordinated attack.

"Are the cities the same as the last time?" The King asked. "No, my liege. Ne'sra is the only exception? The army general replied.

"It must be because the first assault failed and they think that its food reserves must be filled. That or it's just a diversion" Meron pondered.

"What are your orders?" The general nodded in agreement,

"Assemble all the available troops and keep them ready to be deployed. Yet order the city lords to respond to the assault as usual and don't send them reinforcements unless there is a visual confirmation of a monster horde.

"The bulk of our forces are still busy peacekeeping Thrud's former regions and the risk of riots is too big to leave them undermanned upon mere suspicion.

"Yet if these creatures are the same as the last time, they are cunning and can't be underestimated. Sound the alarm and warn the rest of the cities of those regions to be on guard.

"Even if they don't see monsters, it doesn't mean there are not. These attacks might just be a feint to bait us to deploy our best elements against a few suicidal units before delivering the real blow."

Tve already done that, My King The general said. "Yet I'm afraid that it won't be enough. If you are right and this is but the first step of an elaborate plan, there are too many possible targets and too few available troops.

"We have asked our allies from the Council for help, but they replied that they won't move until there's a real emergency.

Just like Ajatar had predicted, the Awakened was a magical society. Many of them would perform long and complicated experiments and travel in search of ingredients or enlightenment.

They wouldn't drop everything at a moment's notice without a good reason, especially since there was no reward involved.

"Don't worry, we can buy all the time we need for those slackers to pick up the pace. I have a whole classroom of Archmages at your service, General Asal: Meron waved his hand at the rows of desks around him, where the most powerful mages of the Kingdom sat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the class is suspended for matters of national security. Aside from the students of the fourth year, I expect everyone to collaborate. He said, receiving nods in reply. "Let's split up in groups and move to a different Gate cach.

"This way we can be deployed wherever it's necessary with minimal delay." Headmasters and Professors returned to their respective academies while the Archmages Warped to the branches of the Association located in the attacked regions.

"Not you, Magus Verhen. Sylpha stopped Lith when he was about to step through the Gate and reach the White Griffon. "We would like for you to come with us to Valeron.

"Of course." Lith inwardly cursed, yet nothing transpire from his poker face. "May I ask you why?"

"Tactical advantage." The Queen replied. "We'll put you over a mana geyser so that you can start conjuring your Demons. You are a Divine Beast with an army at his beck and call.

"We'll send you to the most critical battlefield to take our opponents by surprise."

Now that he was certain that the Royals wouldn't keep him away from the fight, Lith sighed in relief and adjusted his plans accordingly.

"I would like to bring Solus along. She and I make a great team." He asked.

"Granted." Sylpha would have preferred the Golden Knight and the Tiamat to fight on different battlefields but she had no valid reason to refuse Lith's request.

Lady Verhen only has a blue core and without her Raiju steed, there's not much she can do' She thought.

"Why did you require my presence? Solus grabbed his arm, conjuring a mind link invisible to the Royal's Life Vision. 'We'd have better chances if we split.

"Disagree: Lith replied. 'If you fight alone, you'll waste your energy and you'll be too busy keeping your cover to chase our enemies. If we fight together, instead, you can preserve your mana and exploit the chaos of battle to slip on a monster the moment they retreat. Unlike my Demons, you can survive even far away from me and once you reach their base you can just call us and give us the coordinates.

'Excellent thinking' Solus nodded.

The army was bound to have alerted the Ernas as well. but Lith called everyone just to be on the safe side. Ajatar and Faluel were among the few Awakened who had promptly answered the call and were ready for battle.

"Solus and I will fight together? Lith said. "Remember that the safety of the citizens comes first. Don't give chase unless the local authorities relieve you from your duty"