Supreme Tamer-Chapter 197 - 78: Fame Surpassing Even More

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Chapter 197: Chapter 78: Fame Surpassing Even More

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Chu Mu and MO Ye often have an unspoken understanding without any need for communication. Moreover, MO Ye is Chu Mu’s first life. How could Chu Mu leave MO Ye behind and escape alone!

The pale and angry Soul Demon Flames burned fiercely, illuminating Chu Mu’s tall figure in the dark night!

Although the flames were supposedly calm, they exuded the coldest breath, causing even the Nameless Old Servant to shiver in fear, as his soul trembled within the Demon Fires!

After feeding the White Nightmare Demon, Chu Mu’s cultivation had been promoted to the Eight Thoughts Soul Master, with his Soul Power in a saturated state. Even after casting the Blood Pupil Frenzy on MO Ye, he could still continue to unleash Furious Flames!


MO Ye’s Furious Flames were ready. The crimson Demon Fire Evil Flame erupted from the interlacing gazes of MO Ye, instantly enveloping the sky above the small town in a striking fire lotus with a blazing red sea of flames swiping down! !

At the same time, the pale flame lotus bloomed amidst the crimson Demon Fire Evil Flame, its eerie whiteness blended with the fiery red, scorching souls with cold ghostliness and burning with fiery evil flames!

The sixth-level Furious Flames, cast by Chu Mu who was an Eight Thoughts Soul Master, had reached the power of seventh level. The soul scorching of the Pale Devil Flame, however, made this technique approach the eighth level!

However, this was not the full extent of its power. With MO Ye’s Demon Fire Evil Flames intertwined, the power of this technique reached a terrifying eighth level!!

There was merely a one-level difference between the seventh and eighth levels, but it was an insurmountable gap for countless Soul Pets. Once crossed, one’s strength would surely rise by a large margin!

The combined power of Chu Mu and MO Ye’s Furious Flames was twice as strong as the initial eighth-level technique. Even those with eighth-level defenses would be seriously injured, let alone the Nameless Old Servant’s pitiful seventh-level defense!

“Boom! Boom!

A spectacular explosion of pale and crimson colors lit up the sky above the entire small town. As the terrifying fire energy shockwave spread, buildings within a 50-meter radius were completely destroyed. The devastating fire wave even reached a hundred meters away, inciting panic and screams among the town residents!!

Clad in fifth-level Soul Armor, the Nameless Old Servant barely approached the eighth-level defensive tier with the combined effect of his seventh-level Crystal Armor Soul Technique. However, how terrifying was the Furious Flames cast by Chu Mu who had depleted more than half of his Soul Power along with MO Ye’s, a seventh-rank powerful creature? Its power was twice as powerful as an initial eighth-level attack!

As the Furious Flames engulfed the Nameless Old Servant’s body, his pupils dilated continuously while watching, utterly horrified as the flames devoured him, unable to resist at all!!

The Furious Flames had scorched away the old servant’s three soul pets, and the fire-fighting streets, residential buildings, and shops in the town within a hundred meters had been stained with two different colors of flames.

Smoke filled the air and debris lay everywhere. Thousands of residents in the town had already fled to the faraway places, watching the burning town in horror from afar. Their faces were full of terror…

Within the town, the strongest Soul Pet Master was just a Soul Warrior, possessing a High-level War General Rank five-stage Flame Spirit. This person hadn’t even learned the Furious Flames technique. The most powerful fire series attack they could muster would be enough just to set a building on fire.

Comparing the current terrifying Furious Flames, their Flame Spirit’s fire series technique seemed as if it was merely the difference between blazing flames and a tiny candlelight. The Soul Pet Trainers in the small town had other than horror nothing left on their faces. They didn’t even dare to band together and denounce Chu Mu for causing destruction to the entire town.

Standing on the ruins of the streets where flames ran rampant, Chu Mu had withdrawn the Night Thunder Dream Beast that had been slightly fearful of the fire, his eyes turned cold and gazed at the figure hidden at the far end of the street!

MO Ye, with her silver hair dancing gently in the wind, walked out from the ruins where the fire tongues were flickering and slowly came to Chu Mu’s side, her seductive silver eyes also fixed on the trembling figure.

“You think I wouldn’t notice your presence just because you didn’t act?” Chu Mu’s eyes slowly emitted a bewitching silver radiance!

Charming Pet, Evil Eye Gaze!!

Upon releasing Furious Flames, Chu Mu had consumed nearly 50% of his Soul Power. Chu Mu, who had just entered the Eight Thoughts level, was abundant in Soul Power and could still cast another technique that consumed less Soul Power!

Evil Eye Gaze, although it was only a fifth -level spirit skill, Chu Mu’s soul sense was four thoughts stronger than Yang Luosen’s. This demon spirit skill was enough to cause a powerful psychic attack on Yang Luosen!

At a distance, Yang Luosen’s face was incredibly pale. In the recommendation competition, his soul had been burned by the MO Ye’s Demon Fire Evil Flame and had already been damaged. Although he still had two complete souls, summoning them again would undoubtedly increase the burden on his soul, let alone that his powerful soul pets had already been wounded by Chu Mu… Yang Luosen believed in the Nameless Old Servant and felt that he could easily defeat Chu Mu. However, he didn’t expect Chu Mu to escape under the attack of the Nameless Old Servant’s three powerful soul pets, let alone Chu Mu’s sudden counterattack that directly burned the Nameless Old Servant to death!

A deep chill enveloped his entire body, and at this moment, Yang Luosen could only hope that the Nameless Old Servant’s three soul pets that were blown away could quickly entangle Chu Mu…

However, the Furious Flames, which were twice as strong as the initial eighth level, bombarded the Nameless Old Servant’s three soul pets a hundred meters away. The Devilish Vines and Ghost Eye Ghost Travel, fearing the flames, didn’t dare to approach them easily, and the Storm Hawk was still buried in the ruins.

Chu Mu flipped and leaped onto MO Ye’s back.

The combination of Chu Mu and MO Ye’s Furious Flames was Chu Mu’s ultimate move when facing powerful enemies. Chu Mu would never cast it easily unless it was a critical moment. Most importantly, it must be cast when the opponent is contemptuous and undefended, for a surprise kill. Since Yang Luosen had already seen it, how could Chu Mu let him stay alive!


The moment Chu Mu settled down, MO Ye raised his head and let out a long howl. His speed suddenly increased, and he executed Death Raid, which increased his speed by more than double.

Evil Flame Claw!!

In the firelit town, a red flame blade streaked across!!

Bright red blood was smeared in the flames, and in the next moment, it was instantly burned by the flames, infiltrating Yang Luosen’s body and completely turning it into ashes!

Luoyu Nightmare Youth, the strongest youth in the entire Luoyu region except for the high-level experts of the Luoyu Gate. However, from this moment on, the title of Luoyu Nightmare Youth – Yang Luosen will cease to exist. The entire Luoyu region will no longer hear rumors of his strong victories over experts. Instead, his name will gradually be forgotten as people wonder and become puzzled. fre(e)novelkiss

However, not long ago, the news of Prison Island King Chu Mu defeating Luoyu

Nightmare Guru Yang Luosen had already spread. In just a few days, Prison Island King Chu Mu’s fame had increased dramatically, and almost everyone in the Luoyu region knew about it!

At the Gangluo City recommendation event, tens of thousands of people witnessed Prison Island King Chu Mu’s powerful defeat of Luoyu Nightmare Youth Yang Luosen. As news spread quickly, centered on Luoyu, it reached several surrounding regions. A month later, the news had already reached

Nightmare Demon City, causing countless figures in the Nightmare Demon Palace to gasp in admiration.

Chu Mu’s victory over Tian Ji had rapidly increased his reputation in the

Nightmare Demon Palace and the nearby regions. In this battle in Gangluo City, Chu Mu’s fame had spread even further, raising his status from a near-top young expert to a truly top young expert. No doubt, many top young experts in various regions had already started rubbing their hands in anticipation, h0Dinz to meet the rapidlv risinz Prison Island Kinz of Nizhtmare

Demon Palace in just over half a year.

Luoyu Nightmare Youth Yang Luosen sought out Chu Mu, not simply because he had heard of Chu Mu’s fame and wanted to compete with him, but because of the Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master’s instructions.

Upon learning that Luoyu Nightmare Youth, whose strength was above Tian Ji, had been defeated by Chu Mu, the Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master’s face looked even worse…

The Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master was now somewhat certain that the princess had asked Xia Guanghan to discreetly choose a close guard for the World Decree as a backup member. If Chu Mu displayed the strength of a top young expert now and truly rose in the future, his status would definitely not be below Xia Guanghan’s within a decade or so.

One Xia Guanghan had already given the Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master a terrible headache, and the appearance of another Chu Mu would probably not take long for Xia Guanghan, who had always been trying to become the Palace Master, to seize his Blue Nightmare Demon Palace!

There were three Palace Masters: the Green Nightmare Demon Palace, the Blue

Nightmare Demon Palace, and the White Nightmare Demon Palace. Each Palace Master had a tenth-level title. Xia Guanghan had risen like the sun in the Nightmare Demon Palace in recent years, already possessing a ninth-level title. If he wasn’t careful, the Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master might find his position replaced by the ambitious Xia Guanghan.

“I can’t let this Chu Mu continue. I must find a way to deal with him!” The Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master gritted his teeth in secret. Although he dared not take action against Xia Guanghan, it would be much easier to deal with Chu Mu, who was still part of the younger generation. Naturally, the Blue

Nightmare Demon Palace Master would not let Chu Mu continue to develop.

“My lord, I have a candidate to recommend who might help you to eradicate this scourge,” said the Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master’s old servant respectfully.

“Tell me, it’s better if it’s a young expert, or else it’s easy to stir up trouble on me,” said the Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master. It was normal for young experts to fight each other with casualties in their battles, and the Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master’s status was already under challenge by Xia Guanghan. The Palace Master certainly didn’t want any bad news to reach the elders.

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