Supreme Tamer-Chapter 198 - 79: The Ancient City on the Plain Jia City

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Chapter 198: Chapter 79: The Ancient City on the Plain Jia City

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“This person is named Zuo Xiao, a top-notch expert among the young generation, but not from our Nightmare Demon Palace. He is a wandering assassin with a high reputation in the Southern Region. Many top experts in various territories hold him in awe. This assassin has recently been spotted in our Blue Nightmare Demon City, and I can command someone to spend a hefty sum to hire him,” said the old servant.

“If it’s an assassin, why go through the trouble of having a young generation member take action? Just hire an even better assassin directly,” said the Lord of Blue Nightmare Demon Palace.

“My Lord is unaware that Zuo Xiao is reportedly the disciple of Kang Cheng. If Zuo Xiao takes action, even if Chu Mu is killed, with Kang Cheng backing him, even the Elders would have difficulty pursuing the matter at this time, and the fire won’t burn up to you.” The old servant revealed a cunning smile.

“Oh? He turned out to be the disciple of that madman, Kang Cheng. It has been a long time since I heard news about this madman… Zuo Xiao, right? Then him it is!” said the Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master.

The Blue Nightmare Demon Palace Master could easily dispatch experts to kill Chu Mu, but he feared that Chu Mu would often appear near the princess in the future, attracting the attention of some experts. As soon as someone outside the young generation attacked Chu Mu, those people would surely not sit idly by. The best course of action would be to let a top-notch expert of the same young generation handle Chu Mu in a battle where no outsiders intervene.

News of Chu Mu’s defeat of the Nightmare Youth of Luo region quickly spread to the Jia domain.

Jia domain was not far from Nightmare Demon City, and one-fourth of the cities in Jia domain were under Nightmare Demon Palace’s control. Although

Jia domain belonged to the Jia family, its relationship with Nightmare Demon Palace remained friendly and one level lower in status.

With the arrival of the Nightmare Demon Palace’s Princess Jinrou, the head of the Jia family had naturally welcomed her personally and brought her into the City Lord Mansion.

Princess Jinrou’s travels were frequent, and many close guards hardly had any time off. Chu Mu, being a top-notch expert among the young generation, was highly respected by the Nightmare Demon Palace for letting the young experts travel and hone their skills, so there was not much control imposed on him. If the princess didn’t have a strict demand, Chu Mu might not necessarily have to follow her as a close guard.

Personal freedom was important to Chu Mu, and if Xia Guanghan hadn’t given the order, Chu Mu would not have gone out of his way to go to Jia domain to reunite with the princess.

Jia domain was adjacent to Luo region, and news of the battle in Gangluo City had unsurprisingly reached the ears of Princess Jinrou. Jinrou was surprised to learn that Chu Mu still had potential, defeating Yang Luosen, a well-known figure in Nightmare Demon Palace.

In the luxurious courtyard of the City Lord Mansion

“Princess, your new guard is quite strong,” said the princess’s personal attendant with a soft laugh.

“Hmm,” Princess Jinrou nodded, faintly recalling a scene from three years ago. The indifferent teenager sat outside the deck railing, swept by the waves, facing the oncoming sea breeze and concentrating on practicing a poor-quality Flame Attachment technique. On his shoulder, there was always a beautiful and charming little fox, adorable to the extreme.

“I remember that it was a Moonlight Fox back then, did it change?” asked Princess Jinrou, her head bowed in thought.

“Princess, what did you say?” the attendant respectfully inquired, thinking the princess had given an order.

“Nothing,” the princess shook her head and said nothing more. She slowly stood up, gently undressed her thin veil, and walked toward the steaming hot bath with her graceful steps…

The curtain, decorated with various paintings, appeared somewhat transparent due to the condensation of water vapor. Through the light bath curtain, one could vaguely see the willowy figure of the princess, which, even though veiled, still exuded an irresistible allure…

Jia domain’s southern territory – Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast slowly into a Level 8 city.

Compared to Luo domain, Jia domain’s territory was somewhat narrower. Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast for about ten days to nearly reach the south-central territory of Jia domain.

Jia City was located in the south-central territory. Passing the Level 8 city in front of him, Chu Mu would reach Jia City after another day’s journey and meet up with the princess’s party.

Although Chu Mu had some feelings for Princess Jinrou, he didn’t want to follow her. What he wanted now was to travel with his migrating family to the southern territory, incidentally heading to the Great Chu Noble Family in Wogu Domain, to find out why his father hadn’t received the news of his return.

When Chu Mu returned to Gangluo City, Chu Ming wrote to the Great Chu Noble Family in Wogu Domain the first time, informing Chu Tiancheng of the news.

Chu Mu had stayed in Gangluo City for three months, and Chu Tiancheng must have received the letter and hurried back to the family, had he been in the Great Chu Noble Family in Wogu Domain.

However, during these three months, not only had Chu Tiancheng not returned, but he had also not even sent a single letter. Chu Ming didn’t understand what had happened, so Chu Mu was worried and wanted to head to the Great Chu Noble Family to see what was going on.

However, after dealing with the Yang Family matter in Gangluo City, Xia Guanghan had already ordered Chu Mu to go to Jia Domain. Still under Xia Guanghan’s control, Chu Mu could only head to Jia City first.

After resting in the city for a day, Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast towards Jia City early the next morning.

Jia City was a Level 10 city and naturally the central city of Jia Domain. Although it was not as magnificent as Nightmare Demon City, its scale was still not small.

Crossing the gently undulating hills, one could see a soft, downward-sloping plain from the top of the hill. At the farthest end of the view was a city wall stretching towards both sides of the horizon, which looked majestic under the clean blue sky, giving off a strong, ancient vibe of a city on the plain.


A winged soul pet whose name Chu Mu couldn’t remember skimmed through the sky, spreading its wings and soaring in the vast world. As the winged creature gradually vanished in the blue sky, Chu Mu was already riding his Night Thunder Dream Beast across the sloping terrain, slowly turning into a tiny black dot, gradually approaching the ancient and vast Jia City.

Night Thunder Dream Beasts could walk directly in the city, so when he entered the city gate, Chu Mu didn’t need to put Ye away. f(r)eewebn(o)

The strength of a soul pet was equivalent to the status of its Soul Pet Master. At Level 6, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was quite prominent among the creatures in Jia City. Upon entering the city, Chu Mu did not encounter any obstacles and successfully stepped onto the main street leading straight to the City Lord Mansion.

Chu Mu didn’t immediately head to the City Lord Mansion to meet the Princess but instead paid a visit to the Soul Pet Palace and the trading house.

Chu Mu now had a wealth of ten million, and although this money could not be usea co Duy Level ‘/ crystals co tram ms soul pets ror cne ume Demg, enu Mu could certainly indulge in buying some soul armor to increase their combat power.

MO Ye’s combat power was extraordinary, possessing an absolute speed advantage, exceptional attack talent, and powerful Fire Series attributes. Its Commander Level field was already quite perfect.

However, any soul pet can constantly pursue greater strength. MO Ye had obvious defects in defense, yet if it could reach Level 7, it would become flawless.

Therefore, Chu Mu felt it necessary to buy a soul armor to increase MO Ye’s defense.

If he wanted to improve MO Ye’s defense to Level 7, Chu Mu would definitely need to buy a Level 6 Soul Armor and combine it with MO Ye’s own Level 6 Flexible Fur to achieve Level 7.

However, Soul Armor has always been one of the most extravagant items in the soul pet field. Even with Chu Mu’s vast ten million capital, he still didn’t feel he could afford to splurge on it.

According to Chu Mu’s estimation, the price of a Level 6 Beast Attribute Defense Soul Armor should not be lower than the Level 6 Soul Armor he was currently wearing, requiring at least five million gold coins.

Furthermore, Zhan Ye’s extremely low attack power was a serious problem. Chu Mu felt that in order for Zhan Ye to become a soul pet that could truly cross levels and stages in battle, he had to enhance Zhan Ye’s combat power through soul armor if various special spirit items weren’t used to strengthen its Beast Attribute.

Zhan Ye was currently at the Fifth Rank First Stage, with only Level 5 attack claws. Without Blood Pupil Frenzy, even when combined with the effects of its skills, it could barely scratch the skin of Level 6 defense soul pets. However, if allowed to combine with a Soul Claw, its attack power would immediately increase.

Soul Claws are similar to Soul Armor, both being Soul Equipment meant for offense, allowing them to combine with the soul of a soul pet. Normally, Soul Claws have no form, but when a soul pet launches a claw attack, the soul pet can manifest the Soul Claw at will, forming a sharper energy claw blade around the pet’s claws…

The price of Soul Claws would not be lower than that of Soul Armor. If Chu Mu were to buy both Level 6 Soul Armor and Soul Claws extravagantly, his ten million capital would undoubtedly be instantly depleted.

Moreover, if the prices of these two expensive Soul Equipment were to increase, Chu Mu might end up so poor that he couldn’t even afford the basic food for his soul pets.

As the strength of a Soul Pet Master increases, so does the number of their soul pets. Keeping soul pets in Soul Pet Space doesn’t mean they don’t have to eat. Therefore, for high-level Soul Pet Masters, although the consumption of Soul Cores can be huge at one time, the accumulated amount is definitely terrifying, especially for a Soul Pet Master like Chu Mu who pursues high-quality food.

Now, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets were fed Level 6 Soul Cores, requiring almost one Soul Core every two days. Occasionally, when one of his soul pets wanted an extra late-night snack, the indulgent Chu Mu would have to provide them with additional food, causing an instant consumption of thousands of gold coins.

This was just the cost of feeding Level 6 Soul Crystals. When it came time to feed Level 7 Soul Crystals, Chu Mu’s savings might dry up within a month at the rate of hundreds of thousands of gold coins. Therefore, for the current Chu Mu, ten million capital was definitely not enough… fre ewebn ovel

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