The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife-Chapter 2272 (END) - The Past Life 197

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Chapter 2272 (END) : The Past Life 197

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“Ninth Emperor, don’t you dare to leave me!”

The black dragon sounded a little panicked. “I was destined to be with you all my life since the day we met.”

The Ninth Emperor looked at the black dragon helplessly.

“I just think that you shouldn’t waste all your time on me.” She laughed bitterly.

The black dragon’s heart trembled.

He closed his eyes.

What came to his mind was all the memories he had of all these years.

From the day he met the Ninth Emperor, following her to the Divine Herb Sect, and waiting for her every day to the joy of seeing her now…

All these years, he had come so far… So how could she just leave him?

“I will always wait for you at the Divine Herb Sect. Even if you don’t come back… I will always wait for you.

“Even if you don’t need me anymore, there is no way for me to leave you.”

Over the years, he had already gotten used to it.

Seeing his persistence, the Ninth Emperor looked at Big Black and said, “If this is your choice, I can’t force you to do otherwise. But if one day, you want to be free… I will return your freedom.”

Big Black choked a little as he looked at the Ninth Emperor’s beautiful face. His eyes were moist.

“To me, following you is more important than anything else.”

If he wanted freedom, he would not have followed her to the Divine Herb Sect from the beginning and be confined here for many years.

Now, it was the same.

The Ninth Emperor said no more as she turned and walked into Cloud Mountain.

Nan Changfeng was already waiting for her to have a meal, and his eyes were gentle.

It was impossible to look away from her face.

Nan Changfeng did not know if it was his overthinking, but he had always felt that he might have to leave the Ninth Emperor one day…

That was why he spent every second of every day staring at her, carving the image of her onto his mind.

Cloud Mountain was quite peaceful. The black dragon had always looked at Nan Changfeng with displeasure, but he did not cause any trouble.

As for Nan Changfeng, the black dragon’s hostility was completely ignored by him.

Unfortunately, at this moment, they did not know yet that this kind of peace would be broken after a few days.

The next time they met, it would be a thousand years later.

The black dragon transformed into a young boy and appeared before the Ninth Emperor.

He was as handsome as a painting, with an unfading youthfulness on his face.

“Ninth Emperor, I’m worried about those two spirit herbs. But, unfortunately, I have to go back to see them.”

The Ninth Emperor had made him take care of the two spirit herbs before. He had been in Cloud Mountain for quite a while.

He could not let go of the Ninth Emperor, but he had to make sure the two spirit herbs were well before he could stay on Cloud Mountain for a much longer time.

The Ninth Emperor nodded. “Alright, you can go.”

The black dragon looked at the Ninth Emperor before turning around. His body gradually elongated and turned into a beam of black light, speeding into the sky and disappearing in a flash.

Looking at the black dragon departing, the Ninth Emperor withdrew her gaze and frowned.

“I don’t know if it’s just my overthinking, but I somehow feel as if something bad will happen soon.

“But everything will be fine as long as they all stay at Cloud Mountain. As for Big Black, with his strength now, no one can go after him…”

The Ninth Emperor laughed bitterly.

Maybe she was overthinking.

However, she did have many enemies in this world, and she had to find a way to eliminate all of them.

The Ninth Emperor fell silent as an unreadable light flashed in her eyes….