The Extreme Alchemist of the Mighty Cauldron-Chapter 86 - : The Death of Kang Lu

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Chapter 86: Chapter 86: The Death of Kang Lu

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It was right for Elder Yan Zhengfeng, who commanded the utmost respect from everyone, to verify Fang Lin’s realm. No one would dispute his judgment, after all, Yan Zhengfeng was considered the most just and unbiased person in the entire Pill Sect. He definitely wouldn’t favor one side over the other.

Seeing the calm demeanor on Fang Lin’s face, Elder Gao and Kang Lu felt a distinct unease creep over them.

Kang Lu repeatedly muttered to himself that it was impossible. He couldn’t believe that Fang Lin had pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. How could he go from being at the eighth level of Human Origin to the fifth level all of a


After a moment, Yan Zhengfeng lifted his hand and placed it behind his back. His aged face didn’t betray any emotion. freewe(b)

This conduct made Elder Gao and Kang Lu even more anxious. freew(e)bnovel.(c)om

“Elder Yan, is Fang Lin’s realm really only at the fifth level of Human Origin?” Gu Daofeng asked.

Yan Zhengfeng didn’t answer, he simply nodded.

Seeing Yan Zhengfeng nod, Elder Gao’s head buzzed, while Kang Lu cracked a bitter smile. He seemed to have lost all his vitality, sinking into despair.

“Impossible! Fang Lin’s realm is clearly at the eighth level of Human Origin, how could he be only at the fifth level?” Elder Gao immediately voiced his doubts.

He had no choice but to question this. If Fang Lin’s realm is indeed only at the fifth level of Human Origin, then all his previous accusations against Fang Lin would turn into a joke.

A lower-rank disciple at the fifth level forced Kang Lu to take a poison pill? It would be a joke to even mention this.

Unless Kang Lu is a fool, would he be outwitted by Fang Lin, who only had the cultivation of the fifth level of Human Origin?

All the accusations were based on Fang Lin having the formidable strength of the eighth level of Human Origin.

But Fang Lin was only at the fifth level, this fundamentally overthrows Elder Gao’s accusations.

Even if people testified, it would be considered perjury.

Hearing Elder Gao’s somewhat discomposed doubts, Yan Zhengfeng indifferently said, “What, is Elder Gao questioning me?”

Elder Gao calmed down, cold beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He had indeed lost his composure when he instinctively voiced his doubts.

“Please forgive me, Elder Yan, I didn’t mean to question you. I was just puzzled,” Elder Gao immediately apologized to Yan Zhengfeng with a bow. His attitude was very respectful.

Yan Zhengfeng grunted, “What are you doubtful about? I personally examined

Fang Lin’s level, could there possibly be any mistake?”

Elder Gao was sweating profusely and repeatedly waved his hands.

“Well, since you doubt me, why don’t you go and check for yourself, hmph!” Yan Zhengfeng snorted at the end, which made Elder Gao inwardly groan. He didn’t want to offend this really respectable elder, but in the end, he still did.

However, upon reflecting, he realized that Yan Zhengfeng might have deliberately concealed Fang Lin’s cultivation.

Although this possibility was very low, Elder Gao couldn’t help but suspect.

“Never mind, since it has come to this, I need to verify it myself to ascertain the truth!” Elder Gao gritted his teeth, and really walked over to Fang Lin to check his realm.

Fang Lin didn’t resist, and let Elder Gao put his hand on his shoulder.

A few moments later, Elder Gao looked shocked, disbelief filled his eyes.

“He really is only at the fifth level of Human Origin! ” Elder Gao couldn’t believe the truth, but he indeed felt only the fifth -level inner strength fluctuations from Fang Lin.

There was absolutely no mistake in this.

Elder Gao suddenly turned his head to look at Kang Lu, his face full of anger.

“Damn you, Kang Lu! You dared to deceive me!” Elder Gao roared angrily, looking entirely enraged.

Kang Lu was startled and quickly tried to defend himself, “Elder Gao, I didn’t lie to you, everything I told you was true!”

The five disciples who had testified were trembling in fear. The situation was entirely out of their expectations.

Elder Gao clenched his teeth, if this wasn’t the main hall of the Pill Sect, he probably would have killed Kang Lu on the spot.

“This damn thing, how dare he talk nonsense and cause me such embarrassment today, utterly detestable! ” Elder Gao cursed Kang Lu in his heart and gave up the thought of accusing Fang Lin completely.

“Sect Leader, I was deceived by this Kang Lu, I feel really ashamed. It is indeed impossible for Fang Lin to commit such deeds,” Elder Gao said with a look of shame to Gu Daofeng.

Kang Lu was stunned. He didn’t expect Elder Gao to abandon him so quickly.

The five Pill Sect disciples were almost scared out of their wits. The turn of events was too quick? They took a significant risk by testifying, and now they had failed, this put them in the most awkward situation.

Zhao Dengming and Yu Zhen looked at each other, both remained silent. By this point, even if they harbored any resentment and incredulity, they just had to accept it.

Meng Wuyou, Mu Yan, and a few other elders had looks of delight on their faces. They were reveling in the misfortune of Zhao Dengming and the others, who looked rather upset.

“Kang Lu, you slandered Fang Lin, and that is utterly detestable!” Gu Daofeng said with a fierce tone.

Kang Lu slumped to the ground, he wanted to laugh, but couldn’t force a smile. All that remained in his heart was despair and sorrow.

“I can’t beat Fang Lin, he’s a monster, no matter what I do, I can’t beat him. Not even with Qiufan’s help,” Kang Lu felt a cold chill in his heart.

Thinking about the Lost Heart Pill that he had ingested, a wild, crazed look passed over Kang Lu’s face.

“Fang Lin! I want you dead!” Kang Lu suddenly lunged at Fang Lin, appearing to have lost his sanity entirely, as he madly pounced on him.

“How dare you!” “Impudent!”


A dozen voices were raised in rebuke. Elder Gao, the one closest to them, could have stopped Kang Lu, but he hesitated at the last moment.

In that instant of hesitation, Kang Lu’s hands were already around Fang Lin’s throat.

The next moment, an indescribable burst of power erupted from Gu Daofeng. Kang Lu, as if hit by a massive blow, was sent crashing into one of the large pillars of the hall.


Blood spurted out of Kang Lu’s mouth. His internal organs had been shattered by Gu Daofeng in that single moment.

At this point, Kang Lu was down, continuously spewing fragments of his internal organs from his mouth. In the blink of an eye, he would breathe his last.

Fang Lin, the fright still visible on his face, remained calm internally. Looking at the dying Kang Lu, there was not a shred of sympathy or pity in his gaze.

Kang Lu lay on the ground, blood and organ fragments flowing from his mouth, his face still adorned with a strange smile.

“I lost, hahaha, I really lost in the end!” Kang Lu tried to laugh in vain, his eyes still glued to Fang Lin.

Fang Lin looked at him, the corners of his mouth lifting in a small smile. Kang Lu just kept staring at Fang Lin, unmoving, the light fading from his eyes.

Kang Lu was dead.

Gu Daofeng didn’t even spare a glance at Kang Lu’s body. He said with a level voice, “Kang Lu committing the crime of slander is the first offence. Attempting to commit murder in public is the second offence. Ignoring my authority is the third. With three crimes, he can only pay with his life!” “Wise decision, Sect Leader!” the crowd chorused.

Gu Daofeng’s gaze fell on Fang Lin. At this moment, Fang Lin felt a faint murderous intent emanating from Gu Daofeng.

This faint murderous intent was well-hidden, but Fang Lin still felt a chill, as if he had been targeted by a terrifying beast.

“Fang Lin, for selling pills privately, you are sentenced to confinement for three months,” Gu Daofeng said flatly..

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