The Extreme Alchemist of the Mighty Cauldron-Chapter 87 - : Conviction

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Chapter 87: Chapter 87: Conviction

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Three months of confinement. This isn’t a punishment of confinement in Fang Lin’s residence, but being imprisoned in a cave. He must stay there for three months without leaving the cave at all.

The cave, known as the Demon Suppressing Cave, is an ancient cavern that was originally used by successive Sect Masters of the Purple Mist Sect to imprison powerful demon beasts.

Over time, no more demon beasts were confined there, and it became a place to imprison disciples instead.

Those disciples that committed offenses would be imprisoned there for a duration based on the severity of their offenses.

The harshest punishment was suppression for an entire lifetime.

They would be confined in the Demon Suppressing Cave for their entire lives, never seeing daylight again, until their deaths.

A three-month confinement in the Demon Suppressing Cave, such a punishment, was not too severe in reality.

However, inside the cave, there were many strange people who significantly changed their personalities due to their long-term imprisonment. Any newcomer coming into the cave would be harshly ill-treated.

Although they would not lose their lives, they would be tormented beyond recognition by the people inside when they emerged.

Inside the Demon Suppressing Cave, as long as no one dies, no one cares what happens.

Upon hearing that Fang Lin would be confined in the Demon Suppressing Cave, Meng Wuyou and Mu Yan’s expressions changed. Yan Zhengfeng also scowled, glancing at Gu Daofeng.

The old man from the Pill Pavilion sneered coldly. He had accused Fang Lin of selling pills privately. Such a crime was not severe, it was already very good that Fang Lin could receive such a punishment.

“Sect Head, Fang Lin has made great contributions to the Pill Sect, he should be granted clemency.” Mu Yan steppeds forward and argued.

Upon hearing this, everyone suddenly came to their senses. Indeed, Fang Lin has made great contributions to the Pill Sect, by both reason and sentiment, he should be granted clemency.

Meng Wuyou also stood up and asked for Fang Lin’s exoneration.

Many of the elders who were kind towards Fang Lin also stood up one by one, requesting clemency for him.

“Sect Head, please think it over,” Yan Zhengfeng said in a low voice. Although he didn’t directly plea for Fang Lin, he made his stance clear.

Elder Gao, Zhao Dengming, Yu Zhen, and others from the Pill Pavilion frowned with displeasure. It was not easy to convict Fang Lin, but they were still unable to erase his past merits.

With his merits, Fang Lin could indeed be exonerated.

Gu Daofeng remained calm and said, “Fang Lin’s merits can offset his confinement by two months, so he should be confined in the Demon Suppressing Cave for one month.”

Upon hearing this, Meng Wuyou, Mu Yan and others were still unhappy and wanted to argue more, but Gu Daofeng was unmoved. freeweb(n)

They soon fell silent, realizing that if they were to continue, Gu Daofeng would not change his judgment. He was determined to convict Fang Lin.

This was not because Fang Lin had made a mistake that Gu Daofeng wanted to punish Fang Lin, but because Gu Daofeng himself wanted to punish Fang Lin. The private sale of pills was just a good excuse.

Even with Fang Lin’s contributions to the Pill Sect, he was insignificant in Gu Daofeng’s eyes. He was determined to punish Fang Lin, and he would not waver regardless of others appealing for leniency.

Yan Zhengfeng took a deep look at Gu Daofeng, sighed, and seemed to age considerably.

Zhao Dengming and others showed expressions of joy, but seeing Kang Lu’s dead body that refused to close his eyes, their joy immediately vanished.

In this showdown, Fang Lin didn’t lose. On the contrary, Kang Lu even lost his life.

In the end, Fang Lin only received a harmless punishment.

Of course, how to operate the one-month confinement in the Demon Suppressing Cave is another matter altogether.

At least on the surface, Kang Lu and Elder Gao and his group had lost.

The most miserable one was Kang Lu. He was killed in the great hall, struck down by the Sect Master himself. He not only lost his life, but his name would stink for ten thousand years. Any disciple of the Purple Mist Sect speaking of Kang Lu would only spit.

All the while, Fang Lin didn’t say anything. For his conviction by Gu Daofeng, Fang Lin showed no surprise. He knew Gu Daofeng’s attitude towards him well. Even with his merits, he couldn’t stop Gu Daofeng from punishing him.

“Haul away Kang Lu’s body, throw it outside the mountain gate, and destroy all his records in the Purple Mist Sect. This man will never be a disciple of our Purple Mist Sect again. Elder Yu, please take Fang Lin to the Demon

Suppressing Cave afterwards. As for these five disciples, imprison them in the Demon Suppressing Cave and restrict their movement for two years,” Gu Daofeng concluded, then got up and left.

The five disciples who had come forward to testify against Fang Lin were stupefied by Gu Daofeng’s words.

They were initially hoping to escape some form of punishment, but Gu Daofeng mercilessly ordered them to be confined in the Demon Suppressing Cave for two years.

Thinking about spending the next two years in the cave, they were all filled with despair and chill.

This is the Demon Suppressing Cave, not a good place. After being confined there for two years, will they still be human when they come out?

They even had suicidal thoughts, because they all heard that the people in the Demon Suppressing Cave were all perverts, and some insane people had strange inclinations for men. There had been cases of young and handsome male disciples who were confined in there and suffered humiliation. freewebno(v)

Fang Lin glanced at these five disciples and smirked inwardly. They testified against him, and now they must be feeling rather satisfied, no?

With Gu Daofeng leaving, the many elders also dispersed one by one.

Meng Wuyou and Mu Yan warned Fang Lin to be careful and cautious within the Demon Suppressing Cave and to persevere for a month before he could come out.

Of course, Fang Lin nodded repeatedly.

Yu Zhen let out a cold snort, swinging his arm to summon six black chains that bound the hands of both Fang Lin and the other five disciples.

The five disciples didn’t react, but Fang Lin frowned. He did not like being restrained.

Meng Wuyou and Mu Yan glared at Yu Zhen. Even if Fang Lin was imprisoned in the Demon Suppressing Cave for a month, there was no need for such a humiliation.

“Elder Yu, it’s just a month of confinement for Fang Lin. Is it necessary to restrain him with chains?” Mu Yan glared at Yu Zhen and questioned.

Yu Zhen’s expression remained unchanged, he said, “Fang Lin is a criminal, naturally his hands should be locked. Otherwise, who knows what kind of trouble he might cause, and I won’t be able to bear the responsibility.”

Neither Meng Wuyou nor Mu Yan was able to refute him. Although it was just a month of confinement, Fang Lin indeed did commit a crime, so using chain locks on him was justifiable.

At this moment, Yan Zhengfeng, who had already left the great hall, suddenly reappeared behind them, unexpectedly said, “Elder Yu, put away the chain locks.”

Yu Zhen’s body stiffened, and he turned to see Yan Zhengfeng leaving. His face looked even more unpleasant.

Meng Wuyou and Mu Yan looked at Yan Zhengfeng’s retreating figure and showed looks of respect and gratitude.

Fang Lin also turned around and bowed to Yan Zhengfeng.

Yan Zhengfeng only said a sentence, but Yu Zhen couldn’t disregard it.

“Elder Yu, my hands are a little sore.” Fang Lin said cheekily.

Yu Zhen was seething in anger, but he was powerless. He could only put on a cold face and retract the chain lock that bound Fang Lin.

As for the other five, they weren’t so fortunate and remained chained..

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