The Great Genetic Era-Chapter 1703: Home Fulcrum Plan (1)

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Chapter 1703: Home Fulcrum Plan (1)


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He had been planning to return to the Blue Star since Xu Tui decided to pass through the intergalactic quantum teleportation channel.

At that time, time was too short.

Xu Tui only had a preliminary idea of the route home.

This preliminary idea came from his previous experience of taking the risk to pass through the solar system’s high-temperature fire screen at the end of the cosmic tunnel.

Xu Tui could pass through the weak spot of the solar system’s high-temperature fire screen alone. Then, he, who had become much stronger now, would definitely be able to transmigrate through the solar system’s high-temperature fire screen again.

Xu Tui was confident in this. However, no matter how confident he was, he was not confident enough to bring someone through the high-temperature fire screen.

Coincidentally, at that time, Yanzi said that she might be able to develop the core of the intergalactic quantum teleportation array. The prerequisite was for her to personally study the intergalactic quantum teleportation channel.

Xu Tui’s thought at that time was that this might be the only possibility for him to lead the members of the expeditionary army home.

Of course, the only possibility of returning home was not entirely on an outsider like Yanzi. If Yanzi failed, Xu Tui could only turn around to the Spiritual Race and think of a way to obtain the core of the intergalactic quantum teleportation array.

This was the preliminary idea of going home.

This preliminary idea was very crude. Once it was really implemented, they would definitely face all kinds of problems.

Xu Tui only began to perfect this plan after he arrived at the Spiritual Race’s Star Field and killed his way into Planet Y and Asteroid 1142.

The first step of the plan to return home was survival. The second step was to mysteriously disappear. All the previous operations of the Worldly

Expeditionary Force were actually carried out around these two goals.

There was no need to mention survival. The mysterious disappearance was also very important.

Why did they disappear mysteriously? That was because even if Xu Tui obtained a safe intergalactic quantum array core, there was only one way to structure this intergalactic quantum teleportation channel.

Someone had to transmigrate through the high-temperature fire screen of the solar system, then successfully establish the other half of the intergalactic quantum array core on a planet in the solar system. Then, they had to establish an intergalactic quantum teleportation channel.

The only person who had this ability was Xu Tui. Then, he would definitely have to be separated from the Worldly Expeditionary Force for a period of time. It was hard to say at this time. If he was lucky, it would take half a month. If he was unlucky, it might take months or half a year.

Xu Tui was very worried about leaving the Worldly Expeditionary Force for such a long time. That was because he was the only one in the Worldly Expeditionary Force who had the ability to kill a Nine Satellites Planetary realm powerhouse.

Once Xu Tui left and the Worldly Expeditionary Force was in danger, the Worldly Expeditionary Force might be completely wiped out. At that time, it would be too late even if Xu Tui set up a quantum teleportation channel.

Of course, with the current strength of the Worldly Expeditionary Force, they could still defeat a Nine Satellites Planetary realm even if Xu Tui was not around. However, the outcome might be a pyrrhic victory.

Moreover, once they were exposed, they might face an endless army. After considering all kinds of situations, the second step of Xu Tui’s plan to return home—the mysterious disappearance was very, very important.

The previous battles and arrangements were actually to complete the mysterious disappearance. At the same time, they left enough safe space for the Worldly Expeditionary Force.

As of January 6, 2142, through the various information and news about the Spiritual Race that Ah Huang had gathered, it could be confirmed that the attention of the entire Spiritual Race, be it the civilians or the military, had been attracted to the Western Star Field.

Even the most elite forces of the Spiritual Race’s Western Star Field and the Northern Star Field, including some of the Sanctuary, were attracted to the Western Star Field.

To put it bluntly, even if the Spiritual Race noticed that something was wrong, it would take at least ten days for them to transfer these forces to the Northern Star Field.

Before the Worldly Expeditionary Force left Asteroid 424 on January 6th, as usual, they used three-phase thermal bombs to destroy the defense base and important facilities of Asteroid 424, including their traces of life in the defense base.

This was the usual style of the Worldly Expeditionary Force.

They would do this when they left every planet they captured.

However, this time, it had an additional effect. Five minutes after Xu Tui and the others left, the quantum teleportation channel that they had set up on

Asteroid 424 was destroyed by three consecutive three-phase thermal bombs. All traces were destroyed.

There were no traces of survival, let alone quantum teleportation.

All the preparations previously were to use the quantum teleportation channel today.

400 meters underground in the desolate mountains in the west of Asteroid 677 of the Northern Star Field. When they were fighting their way into Asteroid 677, Wen Xinglun, Yanzi, Yin Ba, and the others had been ordered to set up the other half of the quantum teleportation channel here.

For the sake of speed, Yin Ba, a Planetary realm powerhouse, had shapeshifted into a mechanical form and quickly dug in with a few dwarf robots.

Xu Tui had asked Ah Huang to choose this location before the battle.

This was almost a desert area. Not a single blade of grass grew here. The nearest city was also 800 kilometers away from here. It was also a small city with few people. Unless a professional energy fluctuation detection device happened to cover the search range here, they would not be able to discover the quantum teleportation channel here.

As for the fluctuations during the quantum teleportation, they could not be hidden, but there were no problems.

This was because there were many Planetary realms on the Spiritual Race’s asteroid. Every Planetary realm was a powerful energy fluctuation..