The Great Genetic Era-Chapter 1704: Home Fulcrum Plan (2)

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Chapter 1704: Home Fulcrum Plan (2)


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The fluctuations during quantum teleportation were nothing.

Therefore, the Worldly Expeditionary Force successfully and silently arrived at the Fish Mountain Zone of Asteroid 677. The surrounding mountains were fish-shaped. On the Spiritual Race’s map, they were marked as the Fish Mountain Range.

When they first arrived, the Worldly Expeditionary Force was extremely careful. Most of the main forces were prepared to fight again. Everyone had the possibility of being discovered by the Spiritual Race at anv time.

Xu Tui had even come up with all kinds of emergency plans. For example, if the

Spiritual Race discovered their tracks, would they enter the cosmic tunnel of Asteroid 677 again, or would they have other evacuation plans? They were all well-prepared.

Fortunately, everything was carried out silently.

The garrison of Asteroid 677 did not notice anything unusual. Xu Tui still began to make further preparations. He could not rely on luck for his safety. All the strongest fortresses had been broken through from the inside. Therefore, Xu Tui planned to add a safety door to the Worldly Expeditionary Force from within the Spiritual Race.

After everything stabilized, he changed into the clothes of an ordinary person from the Spiritual Race and headed straight for the nearest city. It was not a problem for Xu Tui to impersonate a member of the Spiritual Race. It was much easier than impersonating a member of the Muyas.

Xu Tui’s heart was in his mouth when he pretended to be a Muya. He was prepared to expose himself and escape at any time. However, he did not feel such pressure when he pretended to be a member of the Spiritual Race.

There was no difference in appearance. His height was not a flaw. There were also short people among the Spiritual Race. As for language, Xu Tui had learned most of the Spiritual Race’s special speech and vocal habits after such a long time.

As a result, Xu Tui successfully arrived at the city 800 kilometers away from Fish Mountain. Xu Tui, whose basic cultivation was at the Seven Satellites Planetary realm, walked around the city as if there was no one around.

There was only one Planetary realm mayor in this city, and it was very likely that he was sent by a family to be gilded.

Xu Tui easily entered the municipal data center with his spiritual resonance, Spiritual Concealment, advanced hypnosis, teleportation, and other abilities. He sent Ah Huang’s program clone into the network of this planet.

Then, Xu Tui stood guard outside the defense base of this planet for a long time. He found a staff officer and underwent a deep hypnosis. He also brought Ah Huang’s program clone into the base command center.

After the Worldly Expeditionary Force charged into Asteroid 677 last time, the Spiritual Race underwent a cleansing reconstruction of this asteroid.

But their defense only increased slightly.

“Alright, Xu Tui. I have completely infiltrated the civilian and military quantum intelligence systems of Asteroid 677. Currently, I can only collect relevant information about them. I estimate that I will be able to change their program orders in three days if I need to.” Ah Huang sent a message to Xu Tui.

“Alright, compare the data at all times. Warn me immediately if there are any abnormalities.”


It was already January 9th when he returned to the bottom of the Fish Mountain. 500 meters below the Fish Mountain, a simple living base was basically taking shape. There were more than 30 semi-enclosed cave-like rooms.

Passing through the tunnel, there was a washroom and toilet.

There was also the most important evacuation tunnel. There were two evacuation channels. One was the evacuation channel, and the other was the quantum teleportation channel that had already completed the basic structure but had not been completely activated.

As long as there was a dangerous situation, the quantum teleportation channel would be activated within a minute and they would be able to evacuate safely.

Xu Tui had bought a large amount of water and food from the Spiritual Race’s city during his trip. He still needed to make a few more trips to bring enough water and food here through the quantum dimensional chain.

Next, he would carry out the third step of the homecoming plan—the Fulcrum


He needed a fulcrum to go home. With this fulcrum, he could go home.

Currently, Xu Tui could only create this fulcrum himself. However, there were still many problems that he had to solve before he left this place to create a home fulcrum.

Underground, Yin Ba personally took action and dug out a hall that was about 20 square meters. It was used as a temporary warehouse. At this moment, it was used as a meeting hall.

The moment the meeting started, Xu Tui threw out the basic framework of returning home.

“The initial plan is that after I complete the test of the intergalactic quantum teleportation channel, I will think of a way to transmigrate through the high-temperature fire screen of the solar system. Then, I will set up the intergalactic quantum teleportation channel and bring you home.

“Before that, I have to leave this place. In the future, enter a silent state here and wait for my news quietly. After I leave, An Xiaoxue will take over the command. The others must follow An Xiaoxue’s orders,” Xu Tui ordered.

There was a commotion in the temporary hall. However, Xu Tui’s gaze was fixed on Ruan Tianzuo and Ullr. The others from the Worldly Expeditionary Force had no problems at all. It was not only Xu Tui’s prestige, but also An Xiaoxue’s prestige.

Whether it was An Xiaoxue’s powerful actions when she was trapped by the Spiritual Race’s expeditionary army on the Tower Star, or the subsequent performance of the Worldly Demon Slayers, no one would doubt that An Xiaoxue was the second-in-command of the Worldly Demon Slayers.

She had killed her way out.

In terms of strength, other than Ullr, no one present could compete with An Xiaoxue. Even Ullr could only rely on his speed to deal with An Xiaoxue. Moreover, An Xiaoxue’s Cow Star Official Seal had the ability to predict good and bad. This command rights belonged to An Xiaoxue.

Under Xu Tui’s gaze, Ruan Tianzuo was the first to nod. “Don’t worry. I will definitely obey command.”

Ullr was silent for a long time. “To be honest, I think that this command is more suitable for me. I think that I have more experience. However, that was also 100% impossible because you did not trust me. Then I have no choice but to accept it.”

This was also considered an honest statement. However, in Xu Tui’s ears, he narrowed his eyes slightly. He stared at Ullr and warned him, “Ullr, you’d better be stable before you return home safely. Don’t think that I can’t kill you! Let me tell you. If you dare to do anything, the trump cards I arranged for Xiaoxue and the others can kill you immediately.” Xu Tui did not stand on ceremony.

Ullr was speechless. He knew very well that he could not fight Xu Tui at this moment. After a while, he sneered and said, “I still have this characteristic of being sensible. However, what I want to know is what will happen to the two Spiritual Race’s members if you leave! I’ve always felt that they are a hidden danger.”

“I’ll take Yanzi away. Lang Biao will stay here. I have good control over him. You can rest assured about this,” Xu Tui said.

“Why did you bring Yanzi?” Ullr asked directly.

“The current intergalactic quantum array core was developed by Yanzi. Do you dare to use it before you do experimental verification?” Xu Tui replied.

“Find a place to verify the cross-galactic quantum array core first? What happens after the verification is completed?” Ullr asked.

“After the verification is completed, we will naturally think of a way to pass through the solar system’s High-Temperature fire screen. Then, we will set up a quantum teleportation channel across the galaxy to fetch you home.” “No, what I’m saying is, how do you deal with Yanzi?” Ullr asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Xu Tui, as the saying goes, no man can resist the charms of a beautiful woman! Don’t soften your heart after verifying it and let this woman leave alive. You will harm all of us.

“My suggestion is to kill this foreign woman on the spot after the verification is successful. That would be the safest.” Xu Tui could not help but feel a little angry when he heard Ullr’s words. Fortunately, he had used a sub-original particle wave generator that could isolate sound before the meeting.

Otherwise, Yanzi would have caused trouble if she heard this.

“I also support Ullr on this!” Ruan Tianzuo spoke again. “After all, those who are not of our race will definitely have different intentions.”

Ullr and Ruan Tianzuo spoke at the same time. Xu Tui instantly fell into a dilemma. On the surface, Ullr and Ruan Tianzuo’s suggestions were extremely normal. There was nothing wrong with them.

For a moment, Xu Tui could not refute. However… Just as Xu Tui was in a dilemma, An Xiaoxue suddenly spoke..