The Hunter’s Lucky Little Lady-Chapter 817: Reason

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Chapter 817: Reason


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Xu Niansheng and the others stayed in Golden Sun Town.

They first stayed in an inn in Golden Sun Town, then bought a house from a broker.

During this period of time, the five of them bought a lot of daily necessities. Then, they tidied up the house and moved in.

That afternoon, the five of them ordered a table of dishes and chatted as they ate in their courtyard.

“Sir, have you really decided?” Gao Hu, the leader of the five, asked.

Xu Niansheng said, “Do you remember what the fortune-teller said? Don’t you think that the consort is our benefactor?”

“But that fortune-teller even called the consort ‘Madam’. Who knows if they’re in cahoots or not?!” Little Six muttered.

Not only Little Six, but Du Wen and Gao Hu also had this thought.

On the other hand, Zhen Liming agreed with Xu Niansheng.

“Don’t you think that the consort is a lucky person? How can an ordinary farm girl have the ability to become the consort in such a short time?”

Those who had expressed their doubts fell silent.

Because they had to admit that Li Xiaoran was Indeed a very ILICRY person.

When they first met her, she sold sliced noodles by the official road.

But when they saw her again, she was already the consort.

“No matter what, I believe in my own judgment! Only by following Luo Cheng and the consort can we have a chance of making a comeback and taking revenge. Think about it carefully. Who are we dealing with?” Xu Niansheng asked.

Everyone fell silent because they had to admit that what Xu Niansheng said was true.

Gao Hu thought of something and asked, “Sir, do you think those thieves who killed our family will go against the people from the imperial court one day?” Xu Niansheng nodded.

“Think about it carefully. Why did we end up like this? Why did the other party attack us? Have you thought about it carefully?”

When Gao Hu heard Xu Niansheng’s words, he thought of something.

“The reason something bad happened to my father and brother was because they were very good at forging iron! As long as it’s a weapon personally forged by my father and brother, it’ll definitely be extremely sharp. However, I’ve liked to practice martial arts since I was young and disliked forging iron, so I ran out to wander in the martial world. Unexpectedly, when I returned home, I realized that my family was lying in a pool of blood, while my father and brother were missing! ”

Little Six thought of something and said, “There’s nothing special about my sister, but she’s pretty, so she was snatched by a local tyrant to become a concubine. In the end, our family was killed by the local tyrant’s people! At that time, I was greedy for chicken, so I went up the mountain to hunt. When I came back, my parents were both dead! I went straight to the local tyrant to ask for her, but the local tyrant insisted that my sister wasn’t at their house at all and had been saved by our own people! After I investigated for a long time, I finally confirmed that my sister had been saved!”

“What happened after that?” Du Wen asked curiously.

“I always thought that the local tyrant had killed my family, so I monitored the local tyrant’s house for a month. I sneaked in one night and drugged the local tyrant’s family with Soft Tendon Powder. Even after I caught the local tyrant, he refused to admit that he had killed my family. He said that after the concubine he had snatched was taken away, they threatened him not to cause trouble again, or they would kill his family. The other party was very skilled in martial arts, and the local tyrant’s family didn’t want to provoke such a powerful person, so they agreed to this matter! ” Little Six said.

“Later, I found a coroner from the government office and forced him to perform an autopsy on my parents. In the end, the coroner said that the people who killed my parents were all skilled martial artists and probably weren’t killed by the thugs in the local tyrant’s family! I investigated for more than a year before I found the real enemy!” Little Six said.

Zhen Liming, Du Wen, and Xu Niansheng were from the same hometown.

They used to live in seclusion in a small village deep in the mountains. Originally, everyone lived a peaceful life. Unexpectedly, one day, a group of evil people suddenly captured the people from their village and threatened the village chief. In the end, everyone in the village was wiped out. Only the three of them who were hidden by their families weren’t found. That was how they survived!

Xu Niansheng said, “Actually, I have some guesses about the reason those people slaughtered our village. There has always been a legend in our village that we’re guardians of a group of treasures. However, no one took the legend seriously! Those people probably appeared because they believed this legend!”

“It might be true!” Zhen Liming suddenly said.

Du Wen and Xu Niansheng looked at Zhen Liming in confusion.

“When I was young, I liked to play hide-and-seek. Once, I hid in the weeds for a long time and fell asleep out of boredom. When I woke up again, it was already evening. Just as I was thinking of rushing home, I saw the village chief walking towards the back mountain with two people.”

“I was very curious, so I followed them. I saw the village chief and the others press a stone on a stone wall. Then, a door appeared on the stone wall. At that time, I was very shocked, so I exclaimed and was discovered by the village chief! In the end, the village chief came over and found me. He told me that he was also playing hide-and-seek with the villagers and asked me not to tell anyone his secret! I was only five years old at that time, so I believed him and nodded. Now that I think about it, that cave probably had hidden treasures!” Zhen Liming told them about the past.

Xu Niansheng looked at Zhen Liming and asked, “Why didn’t you say anything about this before?”

Zhen Liming shrugged and said, “I was only five years old, so how could I remember so many things?! Later on, I forgot about it! If you hadn’t mentioned the reason our village was wiped out today, I wouldn’t have remembered this at all!”

“Then let’s go back to the village now and see if there’s anything left in that cave.” Du Wen immediately became excited. “If there’s really a treasure, will we still have to seek refuge with others?”

“Sit down! This matter isn’t as simple as you think!” Xu Niansheng was the most rational one, so he stopped them..