The Hunter’s Lucky Little Lady-Chapter 818: Meeting an Old Friend in the Deep Mountains

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Chapter 818: Meeting an Old Friend in the Deep Mountains


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Xu Niansheng said calmly, “If what’s hidden in that cave is really treasure, do you really think just the few of us can protect so many treasures?”

These words were like a bucket of cold water to them.

“Besides, what makes you think that the treasure is still there? If the other party succeeded, the treasure was definitely moved away! If the other party didn’t succeed, they might have sent people to hide in our village and search for those treasures. No matter what the situation is, it’s disadvantageous to us!” Xu Niansheng analyzed calmly.

“If the treasure has been moved away, it’s useless for us to go back. If the other party hasn’t obtained the treasure, but hasn’t given up on it all these years and left someone to search there, we’ll bump into them when we go back. In the end, either we find the treasure and it’ll be snatched away, or we’ll be captured by those people and tortured!”

Hearing Xu Niansheng’s words, everyone fell silent.

“This hypothesis based on the premise that there’s really treasure. What if there’s no treasure? What if we end up getting killed over nothing?” Xu Niansheng delivered the final blow.

This time, the group completely gave up on finding the treasure.

“Do we really have no choice but to rely on Luo Cheng?” Little Six said indignantly.

“Why should Luo Cheng and the consort accept the five of us?! They’re living a good life, so why should they take us in and help us take revenge?” Zhen Liming asked.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran still didn’t know about Xu Niansheng and the others’ conflict. At this moment, she was also a little dejected.

Their friends’ ‘Sweet Drinks’ shop was doing very well, but there was no milk tea to drink. This made Li Xiaoran feel very regretful.

Therefore, in the next few days, Li Xiaoran brought Shu Ruyue and Wu Qinghe around to look for traces of cows.

This time, Wu Qinghe’s divination was useless. He only told Li Xiaoran to look for cows on the high mountain. There was no other hint.

Li Xiaoran had no choice but to go into the forest to search every day. Luo Cheng had been a little busy recently. After business on the food street boomed, he began to plan other land seizures near the food street.

Therefore, only Li Xiaoran came to look for the cows!

Of course, Luo Cheng was also a little worried about Li Xiaoran’s safety, so he asked Zi Cheng to follow Li Xiaoran to look for cows.

As soon as they reached a deep mountain, rain fell.

Fortunately, Li Xiaoran was already prepared and had made several things that looked like ponchos with leather. At this moment, they blocked the rain for her.

However, finding cows in the rain wasn’t a good idea, so they could only find a place nearby to hide from the rain first.

However, there were dense forests everywhere nearby. The group searched for a long time but couldn’t find a place to hide from the rain.

At this moment, the faint sound of barking suddenly came from the rain and fog.

“Since there’s a dog, there’s probably people around. We might be able to find a place to hide from the rain. Let’s hurry up and move towards the place where the dog is barking!” Li Xiaoran said happily when she heard this. So the four of them looked in the direction of the barking.

Before long, a house appeared in the rain.

When the four of them saw this house, their previous joy immediately disappeared.

“Don’t you think it’s a little weird for such a big house to suddenly appear in the deep mountains and forests?! Could we have encountered a ghost?” No matter how bold Shu Ruyue was, she couldn’t help but have this thought when she saw this scene.

Zi Cheng thought of something and asked Wu Qinghe, “Wu Qinghe, you’re a

Daoist. Tell me, can you catch ghosts and subdue demons?”

Wu Qinghe rolled his eyes at Zi Cheng and said angrily, “Other Daoists might know how to catch ghosts and demons, but I don’t! I only know divination! Don’t worry! I’ve already divined. Nothing will happen to us today! Let’s go in and take a look! The rain is already getting heavier. If it continues, the four of us will catch a cold and fall sick!”

Li Xiaoran felt that Wu Qinghe was right, so she nodded.

“That’s right. Let’s hurry up and knock!”

When Zi Cheng heard this, he walked over and knocked on the door.

“Is anyone there? Is anyone there? We encountered heavy rain on the way and would like to hide in your home!”

Soon, the barking in the house became more intense. If one listened carefully, they would be able to hear several dogs barking inside.

After a while, footsteps came from inside. Then the door of the house opened.

As soon as the door opened, a woman appeared in front of Li Xiaoran and the others with an umbrella.

The woman waved at the four of them and said, “Come in quickly! It’s raining heavily outside. Come in first!”

Li Xiaoran felt that this voice was familiar, so she stared at the woman as she walked over.

After walking in, Li Xiaoran saw the woman’s face clearly and immediately exclaimed.

“Qiuxiang, why are you here?”

When the woman heard Li Xiaoran call her name, she quickly looked over.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran’s hair was already wet and her head was covered by leather, making it difficult for Li Qiuxiang to see her face clearly!

“Xiaoran, don’t talk here. Let’s go in quickly! The rain is getting heavier!” Shu Ruyue quickly reminded her.

Li Xiaoran came back to her senses and quickly ran towards the house.

Although Li Qiuxiang was very puzzled, she also ran in.

Soon, the group entered the living room.

This time, Li Qiuxiang recognized Li Xiaoran.

“It’s you! Xiaoran, I really didn’t expect to see you again today!”

When Li Xiaoran saw that Li Qiuxiang recognized her, she immediately smiled.

“Sister Qiuxiang, I didn’t expect to meet you here either! Why did you appear in the deep mountains?

“It’s a long story! Actually, this belongs to my husband’s family. I got married!” Li Qiuxiang said with a smile.

Li Xiaoran was shocked and quickly asked with concern, “You’re married? Does your husband treat you well?”

“Look at me. I look so radiant.. How can he be mistreating me? You also know that after experiencing that sort of thing, it was very difficult for me to open my heart! If my husband didn’t treat me sincerely, I wouldn’t have married him!”

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