The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability-Chapter 510:1 Support You

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Chapter 510:1 Support You

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Zhang Kun had been waiting for a while, but when he heard Li Xu’s voice, he quickly went forward and said, “What’s wrong? Did she not do well?”

When he stepped forward and saw the score on the computer screen, he gasped.

Seeing this, the others also went over curiously.

However, the computer screen was so big that Zhang Kun, Hu Chunli, and Li Xu blocked their view.

The others couldn’t see her from behind, so Yang Jingyi couldn’t squeeze in no matter how hard she tried. She shouted anxiously, “How much? How much exactly is it? Say something…”

“723 points!” Hu Chunli straightened her body and looked at Ji Yuanyuan in disbelief, “Yuanyuan, you’re amazing.”

Li Xu didn’t seem to believe it. After Hu Chunli finished speaking, she rubbed her eyes hard.

Fang Xinyi looked at Ji Yuanyuan in surprise.

Ji Yuanyuan’s college entrance examination results were more than 60 points higher than the third mock exam.

However, there was only admiration and surprise in her eyes, not jealousy.

Li Xu finally regained her senses. She clutched her chest and muttered, “Our family’s ancestral grave is smoking. These are two students who gets into the 13 University.”

The girl who had commented on Yang Jingyi’s score said, “With this score, Yuanyuan will probably be the top scorer in science this year.”

“Top scorer in science?” Zhang Kun gasped again. “The top scorer in science usually has a reward, right?”

Li Xu looked at him happily, “Hurry up. Call your family. 1’11 call mine.”

The husband and wife went to look for the phone.

Yang Jingyi stood beside Ji Yuanyuan, her face full of admiration, “Yuanyuan, you’re amazing.”

Ji Yuanyuan poked her forehead helplessly, “Have you understood the key points and questions that I drew for you before the exam?”

Obviously not. If Yang Jingyi had understood it, it would definitely be more than her current score.

The main points and questions were all discussed by her and Ji Zixuan.

He had bet on a few questions, and almost all the key points he drew had been answered.

Fang Xinyi was able to perform exceptionally well, and these key points and questions also made contributions.

Yang Jingyi stuck out her tongue and said helplessly, “I’ve read it, but 1 don’t quite understand it…”

“Then are you planning to go to 13 City too? Do you want to apply to B University or Hua University? When the time comes, I’ll sign up for a school that’s closer to you.” Yang Jingyi chattered.

“I haven’t thought about it yet,” Ji Yuanyuan whispered.

After ending the call in the office, Li Xu and Zhang Kun brought Ji Yuanyuan home.

After sending Ji Yuanyuan off, Li Xu and Zhang Kun went out again. The two of them were going to buy some seafood and cook a big meal to celebrate.

Li Xu and Zhang Kun went out. Ji Yuanyuan turned on her computer and logged into QQ.

When she entered the chat interface, Qin Mucheng was at the top.

His avatar was lit up, and there was an unread message.

Ji Yuanyuan clicked on his profile picture in surprise.

“Are the results out yet?”

There were only five simple words, and the time it was sent was half an hour ago.

There was a twelve-hour time difference between Qin Mucheng’s place and CityW.

It was past four in the afternoon here, which meant that it was past four in the morning on Qin Mucheng’s side.

It didn’t make sense that he was still online at this time.

Even if he stayed up all night, it was impossible for him to last until this time.

It was also unlikely for him to wake up.

Could it be that he was waiting for her because he had predicted the results today?

Ji Yuanyuan sent Qin Mucheng a message, “It’s out!”

In less than half a minute, the QQvideo interface popped up.

Ji Yuanyuan quickly removed the rubber band from her ponytail and pushed her hair forward to cover her face slightly.

In her third year of high school, her father cooked delicious food for her in various ways, and she gained weight.

Therefore, every time they were on the video call, she had to move her hair to the front to cover her face.

After she was done with her hair, she adjusted the angle of the computer and clicked confirm.

Qin Mucheng appeared on the computer screen.

The 21-year-old Qin Mucheng’s face had completely lost the youthful innocence and childishness of a teenager.

What replaced it was maturity and steadiness.

He was wearing a white T-shirt, and there was no haziness between his eyes.

Obviously, he was very clear-headed at the moment.

“Did you stay up late or did you just wake up?” Ji Yuanyuan asked softly.

“I set an alarm for four o’clock. I plan to sleep for a while after having a video call with you. Class starts at nine in the morning, so I can sleep until eight.” Qin Mucheng reported his schedule to Ji Yuanyuan in detail.

“You were waiting for me?” Ji Yuanyuan asked, knowing the answer.

“Of course!” Qin Mucheng said softly.

Ji Yuanyuan could not help but want to laugh. She pursed her lips and looked at Qin Mucheng on the screen.

Qin Mucheng also looked at her. After a moment, he swallowed and asked, “How many points?”


Qin Mucheng smiled, “You’re very impressive. You scored higher than me back then.”

“You didn’t give it your all back then. If you had given it your all as I did, you would definitely have done better than me.” Ji Yuanyuan said.

During his third year of high school, Qin Mucheng spent the rest of his time preparing to go abroad, except for a period of confusion.

He did not put all his energy into the college entrance examination at all.

“Are you planning to apply to B University or Hua University? You, this score, these words, these two schools, they should be snatching, they should be. Perhaps, in a few days, you will receive a call from the school’s recruitment teacher.”

Ji Yuanyuan thought about it, “1 haven’t decided yet. 1 want to study medicine. The strength of the two schools is about the same, but my brother is in B University.”

“So you’re more inclined to B University? Because of Brother Zixuan?”

“On the contrary, because of my brother, I’m more inclined to Hua University! But my parents will definitely let me choose B University. I’m thinking if I should go against them.” Ji Yuanyuan said mischievously.

Ji Zixuan was now a popular figure at B University, so she did not want to be labeled as such the moment she entered the school. Ji Zixuan’s sister.

At that time, no matter what he did, there would probably be people watching.

Qin Mucheng was silent for a moment before he asked, “Why do you suddenly want to study medicine?”

Ji Yuanyuan did not seem to have any interest in this since she was a child. Why would she suddenly apply for the Medical Department?

“It’s not sudden. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.” Ji Yuanyuan explained, “I just want to realize my value. 1 can’t let myself live in vain. If I can help more people and save more lives, then it won’t be a waste for me to come to this world.”

God gave her a second life, and she wanted to give more people a second life.

She felt that she was born to be a doctor.

She knew that becoming medical students were hard and tiring, and they often didn’t have enough time. It just so happened that she had space.

With the space, she had more time to study and rest.

“Great ideals!” Qin Mucheng chuckled and said in a low voice, “I’ll support you. 1’11 take care of the family in the future, while you go save the dying and heal the wounded..”