The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability-Chapter 511: I’m the Only Trash

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Chapter 511: I’m the Only Trash

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When she heard Qin Mucheng say the words ‘future’ and ‘family’, Ji Yuanyuan’s face turned slightly red.

She combed her hair uncomfortably and said in a low voice, “You’ll definitely be busier than me in the future. Where will you find the time to take care of the family?”

On the other hand, she would definitely be able to squeeze out time to take care of the family.

“Don’t I still have my parents?” Qin Mucheng said, “1’11 have to trouble them to pay more attention to the company’s matters. That way, I’ll have more time to spare.”

He was thinking about the future.

His parents were still young. It was not good to retire at such a young age.

When they retired at the age of 60, he would be 36 or 37 years old, and his children would probably graduate from primary school.

At that time, he would take over his family’s company.

Before that, he could take care of his family and career.

Qin Mucheng was thinking about these things and did not see Ji Yuanyuan’s expression.

Thinking of Qin Haowen’s stroke in the future, Ji Yuanyuan felt uncomfortable and could not maintain the smile on her face.

She stopped laughing and asked tentatively, “How are Uncle and Auntie recently? How’s your body?”

Qin Mucheng came back to his senses and felt Ji Yuanyuan’s question was a little strange, “My parents are fine. They are in good health.”

Why did she suddenly ask about the health of his parents? If she wanted to ask, she should be asking about his grandfather’s health, right?

“Don’t forget to call Grandpa later. He’s always at home at this time. A few days ago, he asked me about your college entrance examination. He was afraid you would be nervous and didn’t dare to ask you.” Qin Mucheng reminded her.

“Got it. Hurry up and sleep for a while. Don’t delay your morning class. We’ll talk after class at night. I’m fine at home.” Ji Yuanyuan felt sorry for Qin Mucheng and urged him.

Qin Mucheng smiled, “Congratulations…”

“Also…” Seeing that Qin Mucheng was about to hang up the video call, Ji Yuanyuan thought of another question and quickly interrupted him.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Mucheng raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

“Are you coming back for the next holiday?” Ji Yuanyuan asked.

In order to finish the course as soon as possible, Qin Mucheng rarely came back for the past two years.

After some thought, Qin Mucheng nodded firmly, “Go back! I’ll go back and spend Christmas with you!”

Ji Yuanyuan smiled and waved her hand, “Alright, Brother Mu Cheng. Bye bye!”

Qin Mucheng nodded with a smile and turned off the video call.

After hanging up the call with Qin Mucheng, Ji Yuanyuan called Qin Junshan.

Qin Junshan was naturally very happy. He said that he would give Ji Yuanyuan a big red packet and give it to her when school started.

In the evening, Li Xu and Zhang Kun prepared a table full of delicious dishes for Ji Yuanyuan.

While they were eating, Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang called.

Ji Zixuan and Ji Zi’ang were both studying in B City, so when they had nothing to do, they would stay in their own house.

For convenience, Li Xu equipped the house with a phone and computer.

“Mom, Yuanyuan’s college entrance examination results are out, right? How was her result? How much was it? 600? Do she have any hope of getting into B University?” Ji Zi’ang’s voice was somewhat anxious as he asked.

“You guess!” Li Xu made a shushing gesture at Zhang Kun and Ji Yuanyuan, deliberately teasing Ji Zi’ang.

“Around 690?” Ji Zi’ang boldly guessed.

“Higher!” Li Xu said while holding back his laughter.

“Over 700?” Ji Zi’ang asked at the top of his voice.

Because he was too shocked, his voice broke.

“Yes, over it!” When Li Xu heard Ji Zi’ang’s voice, she gritted her teeth to stop herself from laughing.

“F*ck, Ji Yuanyuan, what’s wrong with you? How did you do so well? In that case, am I the only trash in our family?”

As soon as Ji Zi’ang finished speaking, he heard Ji Zixuan say disdainfully, “If you know you’re trash, then stay away. Seven hundred what?”

The last sentence was directed at Li Xu.

“723 points!” Li Xu said with a smile.

After she finished speaking, she heard a gasp from the other end of the phone, “As expected, I’m a good-for-nothing in our family!”

“So high? What’s the ranking?” Ji Zixuan was also surprised.

He did not expect his younger sister would score so high.

If she had taken the college entrance examination back then, he might not have been able to get so high even if he did not take into account the various bonus points.

Out of a total of 750 points, only 27 points were deducted.

“Ranking? What ranking?” Li Xu was a little confused.

“Didn’t you see the rankings when you checked the results? There’s a ranking number at the back,” he said. “That’s the provincial ranking.”

Li Xu slapped her thigh, “I seem to remember now. When 1 checked, there was a ranking number. 1 was too focused on looking at the score and didn’t pay attention to it. 1 thought it was a serial number or something.”

After all, Ji Zixuan was guaranteed entry back then and did not have any college entrance examination results. Since Ji Zi’ang did not score well, his ranking was not important, so they did not pay attention to him.

“Quick, go check again and see what the ranking number is.” Li Xu slapped her thigh and instructed Zhang Kun.

Zhang Kun quickly went to Ji Yuanyuan’s room and took out the laptop.

Ji Yuanyuan, who was standing at the side, also started to get nervous.

To be honest, she wasn’t too sure about the ranking.

After all, she did not do well in the college entrance examination in her previous life. She did not even know what her ranking was.

This was their first time taking the college entrance examination, and the teacher had never told them about the ranking.

Ji Yuanyuan was feeling nervous when Zhang Kun turned on the computer and opened the webpage, entering her information.

“How is it? How many?” Li Xu sat on the sofa, hugging the phone, and asked excitedly.

“It’s the first place. The ranking number is first!” Zhang Kun raised his head and looked at Li Xu. His entire face was flushed with excitement.

When Li Xu heard this, her eyes widened and her hand that was holding the phone trembled, “It’s the first place, the first place…”

Ji Yuanyuan stood at the side and felt a little guilty as she watched her parents ‘excited expressions.

The combination of her rebirth, the difference in time and space, and the tutoring of Ji Zixuan was the reason why she could score so high.

In her third year of high school, she often went to the space to study for a few hours before going to bed.

Ji Zixuan would also tutor her through video calls when he was free, let alone during the winter and summer vacations.

“The top scorer in science. The school and the city should have rewards, right? It must be a lot of money, right? Would there be reporters coming to interview her? We’re done with our final exams. Why don’t 1 ask for leave from the instructor and go home?” Ji Zi’ang sounded a little excited.

“Even if there are reporters, they are only interviewing Yuanyuan. What does it have to do with you?” Li Xu said, “You better stay in school. You can come back whenever the school is on vacation.”

Ji Zi’ang unwillingly acknowledged.

Li Xu said again, “Forget it, forget it. I won’t talk to you guys anymore. Let’s hang up. I want to call your Grandparents to tell them the good news..”