The Primordial Record-Chapter 642 Entering The Destroyer

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Chapter 642 Entering The Destroyer

?The color of the double-edged GreatSword was silver, and the edge of the blade was so razor sharp it was leaving incisions in this strange Dimension that he found himself in. Rowan shifted the blade to his left hand and ran a finger down its edge and he gasped in pain as the blade tore through his Energy Body, eradicating a massive portion of his power.

He brought back his finger in amazement, there was no Will of Destruction inside this Battle Fortress but its powers had transformed into something else, and he was eager to find out. He brought the blade closer to his eyes and examined it closely.

From the hilt to the tip of the sword, it was seven foot six inches long, and there was no adornment on the blade, it simply resembled a sparkling piece of silver, with its color closer to that of Adamantite. What was a bit special about this Battle Fortress was the hilt, which resembled six serpents twisted together to create a single rod.

Yet it would be a mistake to consider the Destroyer nothing but a blade, to see the true scale of this weapon, you would have to get much closer, and that was what Rowan did.

He released a single wave of consciousness and sent it into the Destroyer, and he was amazed that he felt a bit of restriction before his consciousness could enter the weapon, if he could feel this barrier and he was the owner and creator of the Destroyer, then anyone else would have to face something more difficult to withstand.

Rowan felt a heavy metaphysical curtain part before his consciousness and realized that more than ninety-nine percent of the Destroyer security systems had allowed him easy access. The amount of power he had felt when he passed through this curtain was so tremendous, that it would have burnt his consciousness to a crisp in the blink of an eye.

This realization staggered him because he knew he had not yet activated the Core for his Destroyer at this time, and it was most likely running on the residual powers left after its creation. What sort of Destroyer has he created?

His consciousness pierced deeper into the weapon and it was then the full depths of the Destroyer were beginning to reveal itself, because, unlike any treasure that Rowan had used before when his consciousness could have reached their core from the inside, the Destroyer was different, he could not access it from inside, but instead, it was from the outside.

He found his consciousness falling from a great height as if he was a meteor being drawn towards a world, and he glanced below at the Destroyer getting larger in his sight until it was bigger than an entire planet, and he could hardly see the edges of it.

His consciousness suddenly felt pain as it slammed against a layer of dense white clouds and as he went past it, his consciousness began to burn with a bright flame because the atmosphere was now filled with so much energy that his descent was leaving long trails of energy behind like a comet.

A frightful gravitational power suddenly exerted itself on his consciousness and he was dragged down like a meteor a hundred times faster like he was teleporting, his descent creating massive shockwaves until his consciousness slammed into the ground.


A massive mushroom cloud erupted from his position, and a large burst of wind blew it aside as Rowan created flesh for this consciousness using his Lost flames, this was the first time he was using this power to create his flesh and it went more smoothly than he anticipated.

Divergence was a nurturing ability and it wrapped his consciousness with a powerful flesh that was filled with potential, and he nearly laughed aloud to finally be able to feel the touch of flesh again. His Energy Form was powerful, but he was not ready to do away with the feeling of his body for the time being.

His hair was made to be waist length and white like the clouds, and his eyes were no longer those of a serpent but were also white, so he appeared with no pupils, resembling a blind man, but he could see… oh the things he could see.

When he first looked at the ground, his descent had not even ruffled a single blade of grass.

Rowan appeared in an endless field, with silver grasses that were filled with energy. Countless lightning bolts jumped from one stalk of grass to another and the energy being generated in this field was so massive it could light up a star…

There were a million of such fields as far as his eyes could reach, filled with the energy of lightning alone….

Another million fields and more filled with the energy of fire… Another million filled with frost… Another filled with darkness… His consciousness could not wrap around everything and he would need to move across the entire surface of the Destroyer to find the remaining fields of power.

This… this… was just the tiniest portion of his Destroyer… This was the surface of the Destroyer, below the surface were countless levels, and the true battle capabilities of the Destroyer could be found underneath its surface.

Above him, there were thousands of worlds that moved around at blinding speeds, all these were his Seeded Worlds that were moving at 300,000 mph, and as a result, the time acceleration on those worlds was thirty-five times greater than normal, any creature living on those worlds would experience time thirty-

five times higher than the rest of the material universe! freew ebnove

Rowan could imagine how helpful this power would be to him at this time when the greatest resource he needed was time, although he did not know if it would be enough to affect him. His Primordial nature made such powers largely ineffective against him. He enjoyed the benefits of near elemental immunity, but that also had its drawbacks.

The passing worlds resembled shooting stars and left golden trails in the atmosphere that was charged with so much energy and Aether that it resembled a vast ocean of liquidized light, making them burn like stars…

Rowan spent a long period of time watching the light flash through the air, his heart was content.𝒇𝓻𝒆𝒆𝒘𝒆𝙗𝓷𝒐𝙫𝒆𝓵.𝙘𝒐𝒎

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