The Primordial Record-Chapter 643 The Price Of Power

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Chapter 643 The Price Of Power

?Rowan felt a tremor that erupted below his feet and spread to the rest of the Destroyer. He steadied himself as he nearly fell to his knees, as the connection he had between the blade and himself deepened.

The Destroyer had connected with his fleshy body which was his Ouroboros Bloodline, and to truly begin purging his Body from The Stench of the Old Ones, just merge his Mental Space with the Battlw Fottress, making it truly his own.

His consciousness seeped into the ground, and he noticed that it was not enough, to truly bond with The Destroyer, the price he would have to pay was devastating, and Rowan panicked for a brief moment before he resolved himself to go along with this arrangement.

This change most likely came about because of the Will he chose. This was unprecedented, for a Will was something that existed from the Fifth Dimension, but somehow he had managed to create a Will that began its growth from something as lowly as the First Dimension, even the simplest cell existed in Three-dimensional space.

There were of course repercussions to this change. He had been granted a power with infinite potential, now he had to pay the price for that power.

He released ninety percent of the consciousness power inside this body he created and another massive tremor rocked the weapon, and a great change began to arise from all around him.

Behind him, a vast multitude of people arose from the ground, billions upon billions of individuals, most of them were malformed, their bodies covered in cocoons that shivered with unlimited potential, Rowan recognized this potential as his Eruption Technique and these people as the inhabitants of the Seeded Worlds.

All manners of beasts of the air and the sea began to arise from the ground, all of them in the process of transformation that had been halted and was shifting towards something different.

Rowan turned around and at his front, countless amount of people and creatures began rising from the ground, these were all the individuals from the Mountain and Sea Realm, they looked around confused and in awe, this place they appeared in was different from the Realm they had known, nevertheless they could sense the amount of power here and it staggered their imagination.

The only thing to compare was the difference between a match flame and the sun in the sky.

The crowd was suddenly shaken and screams rang out from them as the heavens above opened and his Angels and all the three Great Sages appeared above him, before a great force slammed them all into the ground, except for the Sovereigns and Eva who remained on a single knee, everyone else was pressed to the ground, they all laid prostrate, like a devout worshipper before their god.

Inside the Destroyer, Rowan was God and everything else would bow down to his authority. Rowan looked at all his children, the memory of those that were gone, and recognized the fatigue in their bodies, and the blemishes on their armor.

They had gone through a tough trial, but it did not stop the air of excitement and the love and faith in him from shining through. Every Angel here was proud of their creator.

Rowan smiled, for such a simple expression, it carried endless complexities,

"My Children, I hold you all dear to my heart."

Eva stepped forward and she suddenly froze as if time had gone still, this could as well be the truth because everything else here had gone still, even the planets shooting across the skies had gone still.

Rowan stood alone in a world that had gone silent and knew that everything that just transpired was because he placed this consciousness pillar inside the Destroyer, it was enough to power this weapon for a few seconds only, but that was not the right method to use the Destroyer, and the price would have to be paid.

He watched in fascination as his body began to freeze up, and he went still. His consciousness erupted from this body and ascended like a bolt of lightning, leaving the body he created behind.

Rowan's eyes opened in fascination, as the Great Sword spoke to him.

Apollyon's first and only words to its creator were brief, "I am your sword my Creator and you are my sheath. Taste my sharpness and marvel at the work of your hand." novelbuddy .com

The voice of the weapon shook this strange space Rowan found himself, his suspicion had been growing a while back about where he found himself but he focused back on his Destroyer. Its voice was deep, sounding like a mountain given life.

Rowan's eyes were focused as this was the last part of his Destroyer Creation, which was bonding with the weapon.

He replied Apollyon, "You are my Weapon, and I shall taste your sharpness and that power would be held over the entire universe. You shall be my sword… Everything that is, was, and is to come shall fall before your might."

The weapon vibrated in excitement and went silent, it would make no more sound until the end of creation and Rowan would be the only one that would ever hear its voice. 𝒻𝑟𝑒𝑒𝑤𝑒𝘣𝑛ℴ𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝒸ℴ𝑚

It was part of the price to pay for power.

Rowan turned the blade and held it by the middle, grasping the blade tight and disregarding the great pain he was experiencing as the sharp edges dug into his hands,

"Apollyon… my Destroyer, with you my Will shall remain until the end of everything."

With a grunt Rowan stabbed himself in the chest, sinking more than three feet of the blade into his body, he grasped the hilt of the blade while gasping in pain and shoved the remaining into his body, leaving only the hilt hanging outside, strangely the blade did not emerge from his back.

Rowan fell to his knees and began to scream, he could not help it, for he was experiencing a unique sort of pain that he had not experienced before.

This entire space began to be sucked into his chest and his body followed behind, as the frightening suction force increased and Rowan began to collapse into himself.

The last echoes of his screams vanished and the darkness in this place faded away, and nothing was left, except a single white line hanging in the air that arose from the underverse and fell into the material universe.

That line slowly drifted away into the darkness of space, carried by space wind and Aetheric Tides that pushed the line deeper into space.

This Line would sail in the darkness for thirteen years.

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