The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce-Chapter 2325 - 2328-Speculation

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Chapter 2325: Chapter 2328-Speculation

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As the emperor of Longfeng Country, Planet Longjin was confident that he could control the entire country.

However, after learning that he could not have children, he realized that the situation had changed subtly.

The people below began to move.

Of course, these abnormal movements were not too big of a problem for him. As long as he spent some effort, he could suppress them.

However, he still couldn’t help but feel sad.

After all, as an emperor, it was simply too tragic that he could not have any descendants.

However, his previous children had all died because of various things.

Now, no matter how much medicine he used, he could no longer have children.

After so many years, he was already in despair.

Therefore, when Xu Qing Quan told him that he had one or two fifteen-year-old children, he was stunned.

His Majesty, who had always been confident of victory, almost fell off his chair!

“What did you say? Say it again?”

Long Jinxing looked at his trusted aide, feeling that he might have heard wrongly.

Or perhaps, he was lying to her!

Long Jinxing’s face darkened at the thought, and his aura changed.

“Your Majesty, I found a few children with dragon patterns on their bodies. They were both fifteen years old, but according to them, their mother…lt should be Li Qinghe, whom you favored sixteen years ago.”

Xu Qing Quan immediately said in a deep voice. His attitude was correct and his expression was serious. He did not seem to be joking at all.

Long Jinxing took a deep breath and suppressed the shock in his heart.” How many children?” What do you mean?”

As the emperor, he quickly recovered from the initial surprise. After all, he had experienced too many things.

Although he was happy that he had a child, he could not be careless about his children.

He also noticed that Xu Qing Quan’s reaction was a little strange.

“This is exactly what I wanted to say.”Xu Qing Quan cupped his hands and slowly told him what he had encountered.

His tone was gentle and clear. He told her everything that had happened in the past two days without hiding anything.

After listening to his explanation, Planet Long Jin’s mood changed from shock and joy to confusion.

He actually had three children.

But from what Xu Qing Quan said, there must be one party that was fake.

Planet Longjin understood this as well. After calculating the time, only Li Qinghe’s time matched.

She should only be able to give birth to one or two children. It was impossible for her to have three children.

“Then which side do you think is fake?”He asked in a deep voice.

“I dare not make wild guesses.” Xu Qing Quan lowered his head.” That’s why I told you about this, Your Majesty.”

Long Jinxing understood what Xu Qingquan meant.

This matter was of great importance and was not something that Xu Qing Quan could decide alone.

“Then tell me your opinion.”

“I feel that the twin sisters are more like the real thing.”

“Oh? Why?”

“There are several reasons. First of all, I found them myself. Even if I wanted to fake it, it wouldn’t be such a coincidence.”

“Won’t they know your identity and put on an act in front of you?”the Emperor asked.

“That’s possible. After all, that’s what the young man did. However, when I met the sisters, I was disguised. No one could recognize me.”

Long Jinxing immediately understood.”

“Secondly, I feel that if I want to harm Your Majesty, I shouldn’t have brought out the sisters.. After all, it would be troublesome if the two of them had to speak the same words!”

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