The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old-Chapter 623: Where is my daughter-in-law?(l)

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Chapter 623: Where is my daughter-in-law?(l)

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“Lulu, will you be my adopted daughter?” she asked.

“How good is it to be a little princess. Bengong just happens to have no daughter, so raising a daughter by my side can help solve problems.” The Empress also wanted to get closer to her and the Crown Prince.

Lulu waved his hand dismissively.

“I can’t, I can’t, Lulu has too many mothers. Lulu’s mother will be angry.” Lulu had a godmother and her birth mother in the human world, the Xia family. However, her real mother had never enjoyed her calling her mother.

If she acknowledged her mother again, her mother would not be happy.

The Empress thought for a moment and thought it was the Xia family.

Thinking about it this way, it made sense. Lulu was just a child. How could he make decisions? He temporarily gave up on this thought.

“Alright, alright, I’ll do as you say. Lulu, this Prince has to thank you for your golden mouth. Noble consort Lin hasn’t been smug in front of this Prince for a long time.” The Empress held Lulu in her arms, as if she owned the world.

This was a real treasure.

No wonder the Crown Prince doted on her so much.

“You, ah, ever since you’re here, the Crown Prince’s body has recovered. Recently, the Crown Prince seemed to have killed very few people, and the officials who impeached him had decreased. You really are the Crown Prince’s little Lucky Star, little Lucky Star.” The Empress hooked her little nose.

Such a good child, but she couldn’t be recognized as a daughter. It was really a pity.

Lulu wrapped his arms around the Empress’s neck, his expression rather intimate.

She could feel the closeness and distance between her and others.

“Of course I’m your little Lucky Star. I can’t be your daughter, but I can be half your daughter.” The little girl counted on her fingers. If she was a daughter, her mother would be angry.

“How can a daughter be half a daughter?” the Empress laughed.

“Bengong would like to ask you some questions. Can you tell Crown Prince Gege if you are willing to hide it for the Empress and yunyi?” The Empress’s eyes flickered as she lowered her voice and said carefully.

“Ask away!” Lulu smacked his chest.”Why does Lulu know about the Empress and aunty?” Lulu knows everything about Jiang Jiang.” The little girl patted her chest.

The Empress coughed lightly.

When a son grew up, he couldn’t be controlled by his mother. During the new year, she wanted to take in two maids for the Crown Prince, but now the Crown Prince was getting older.

The Imperial court ordered the wives to frequently enter the palace to inquire about the Crown Prince’s marriage. How could she not be anxious?

“Do you know if the Crown Prince is familiar with any young ladies? Do you usually talk a lot?” The Empress looked on with eager eyes.

Which one could be her daughter-in-law?

Lulu rubbed his chin and thought, ‘does miss Ming count? Sister Ming su. He might have said the most.”

The Empress’s eyes brightened. Was it the Ming girl who had entered the palace to pay her respects some time ago?

Legend had it that the Ming family only produced empresses. If they had not faded out of the public eye these years, the Ming family would probably still be a top noble.

“What did the Crown Prince say?

Jiang Jiang said that she was lusting after his body. She said that she was cheap and ugly. She told her to get lost. Lulu grabbed the snack and bit into it, making crunching sounds.

The Empress …

“Your Highness, are there any other girls you are familiar with?”

“A familiar girl? There’s no one else in the East Palace other than the cat and


“There’s no one else but Lulu …” Lulu pouted and shook his head.

Other than Lulu, there was no one else.

Not to mention the palace servants. Other than taking care of Lulu, they couldn’t even get within three meters of the Crown Prince.

The Empress’s expression was dim,”my daughter-in-law, where is she?” He had heard that the Crown Prince often collected female accessories … If it’s not to please someone, what else can it be?” The great prince was getting more and more cheerful, and the Emperor was getting more and more dissatisfied with the Crown Prince.. What was he going to do in the future?

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