The Savior is just a 3-Year-Old-Chapter 624: His little devil is right in front of him (1)

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Chapter 624: His little devil is right in front of him (1)

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The Empress was very worried about the Crown Prince’s marriage.

The Crown Prince had become famous at a young age. Everyone in the world and the courtiers had their eyes on him. The Emperor was now afraid of him. The pressure on the crown Prince could be imagined.

The eldest Prince was now married to Lord Zheng’s daughter and had a marriage alliance with Princess Dongli.

No matter how sincere Princess Dongli was towards him, they were still in the same boat. How could the Empress not be anxious?

But the Crown Prince had never been someone she could control.

He had his own ideas since he was young, and the Empress could only secretly inquire about it so that she could have a plan in her heart.

The Empress’s heart chilled when she heard Lulu say that there was not a

single woman in the eastern Palace.

“How is that possible?” The Empress muttered softly.

She looked at the nanny, who nodded affirmatively.

“This servant heard that the eastern Palace spent a lot of money to buy a lot of jewelry and a lot of clothing materials. Those are not for men. Only a young girl in her teens can use it.

“This servant also heard that Your Highness used to light up the lamps to deal with political affairs. Now, he’s even writing love letters to little girls.”

“Every day in the study, after the political matters are settled, I have to write a love poem to make that young lady happy. This servant heard it very clearly, and your Highness often sighed as you wrote. You really are a tormenting little ancestor. ”

you’re even calling her ‘little ancestor’. Other than the person you like, who else would dare to be His Highness’ little ancestor? ”

“No one has ever seen what was written here, and your Highness has kept it a secret. It was only because the palace servants were curious that they said a few words.”

“Also, I heard that His Highness even embroided a handkerchief for that girl. A few Palace servants saw His Highness embroidering under the candlelight. My God, think about it, if you don’t have someone you like, how can you do such a

The Empress’s face was filled with shock. How could this be something that her son could do?

She had been shocked the last time she heard that he had given Lulu an embroidered school bag, but there was something even more bizarre.

“Lulu, did the things that the granny mentioned happen?” The Empress looked at her with a burning gaze.

“It did happen,” Lulu replied. But …” But if he were to do Lulu’s homework in the middle of the night, wouldn’t his cover be blown if others found out? Jiang Jiang said that she was saving the clothes and accessories for Lulu.

Embroidery of handkerchiefs was nothing new to Lulu.

Jiang Jiang had personally embroidered her handkerchief, school bag, and other personal belongings.

“Yes, that’s right!” The Empress only heard half of it before she interrupted her and happily rubbed Lulu’s face. That son of hers was finally enlightened. Good, good!

“When you go back, bring bengong’s Red coral back. It is a reward from the Empress. Bring back some Imperial food and if you want to eat anything, come to the palace to find yiniu.” The Empress was not stingy with her kindness.

She had entrusted her entire life’s glory and disgrace to the Crown Prince, and Lulu was the person who could keep the Crown Prince from falling unconscious.

Just this alone was enough for her to worship Lulu.

“Lulu won’t be polite with you.” Lulu grinned. She wouldn’t hold back on what she wanted to eat.

She did not care about red coral. The Crown Prince had already spoiled her taste.

The key to the warehouse was always around her neck, and it had never been missing.

“Come, come, come. Tell the Empress and aunty, will you get pregnant again in the West?” The Empress asked carefully as she pulled on Lulu.

Noble consort Lin had given birth to a Princess, and the doors of the palace were tightly shut. It had been a long time since she had found trouble with her.

A few days ago, not long after her confinement period, she had used the name of the little princess to invite His Majesty several times.

The Empress didn’t intend to fight for favor, but the Emperor was supposed to come to the kun Yi Palace on the 15th of every month, so he had let go.

It was a slap to her face..

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