The Spirited Daughter-in-law and the Mountain Man-Chapter 167 - : 167 Low requirement

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Chapter 167: 167 Low requirement

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At that time, the clothes he made for her must not have been ready yet.


Let them be for his real wife in the future. With his needlework skills, if his wife were too big for the clothes, they could be altered. If they were too small, a woman who could marry into this family probably wouldn’t be too particular, so she could just squeeze into them.

“Wife, I think your willingness to listen to me is already treating me very well.” He smiled slightly, his neat white teeth set against his handsome brows and eyes, a touch of tenderness mixed with his good looks, making her somewhat dazed.

His words, however, unbearably saddened her heart.

It seemed that his demands on her… were very low.

Yuchuan stood up, put away the needle and thread basket, carefully wrapped up the cut cloth, and put it all back into the cloth bag, which he stored in the wardrobe.

She observed his careful movements in storing the clothes, sensing his intentions to help her make the clothes wholeheartedly.

Xiao Yishan couldn’t help but look sideways at his wife. Seeing her concern for his third brother and watching her stare at him making clothes, he didn’t feel good inside.

If he could, he would also like to make clothes for her, but he’s a rough man, his heart not as delicate as his third brother’s. A long time ago, he had tried using a needle and thread a few times, breaking many needles and not even being able to sew up a tear in the clothes.

He couldn’t do needlework with his clumsy hands.

If she liked men who could do needlework… he… could also learn from his third brother.

Xiao Yuchuan blew out the lamp, resisted the urge to go to his wife’s bed, and rested on the kang.

The three of them lay on the long bed in silence, none of them speaking.

But they all knew very well that no one fell asleep.

Su Qingyue waited for a long while until late at night when she felt the two men had fallen asleep. She then flicked stones with her hand and pressed the sleeping acupoints of the two men.

Just like last night, she began to give herself acupuncture with silver needles.

As she passed the secondary bedroom with the water bowl for washing the silver needles, she could still see that Xiao Qinghe was awake through the half-closed window.

Since he said nothing, she didn’t say much either.

Like last night, she only released the sleeping points of her second and third brothers before going to sleep after her acupuncture session.

Acupuncture for herself took too much effort and energy. She slept heavily, and when she woke up the next day, it was already noon.

She didn’t see her second brother on the bed and saw Xiao Yuchuan sitting on the bed, his hands flying with needle and thread, continuing to make her unfinished clothes.

“Wife, you’re awake? I’ve had breakfast. I’ve prepared your lunch, which is in the kitchen, warming over a slow fire.” He put down the needle and thread.

“Hungry, right? I’ll go serve you some rice.”

Su Qingyue understood that he meant he wouldn’t have lunch with her, as he never usually ate lunch. She sighed, “I’ll go eat myself.”

“Then you come right away, I will scoop the rice for you first…” He said and walked out.

She looked at his retreating figure and felt that he was not a bad man.

When she stepped out of the room, she saw Xiao Qinghe sitting under the eaves in the yard, right where he was yesterday.

It seemed that he had been staring at the master bedroom all this time. She noticed that as soon as she had come out, he had hurriedly diverted his gaze.

This made her feel… he…

She couldn’t put it into words.

Xiao Qinghe restrained his expression, and his elegant gaze met hers, as he nodded slightly to her in greeting.

“Hello,” she said in a polite modern greeting.

Xiao Qinghe felt her greeting was a bit peculiar, but he didn’t say anything and only said, “You’re up..”

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