The Spirited Daughter-in-law and the Mountain Man-Chapter 168 - : 168 Catch poisonous spider 1

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Chapter 168: 168 Catch poisonous spider 1

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“Mm.” She nodded slightly.

She had originally intended to invite him to have lunch, but she had persuaded the petty cat and second brother several times, and they simply refused to eat lunch. She guessed that fourth brother would not agree either, so it was better not to mention it at all.

For a man with such a large appetite in this family, having an extra meal would be a burden.

She looked around and didn’t see second brother at home.

Xiao Qinghe, perhaps noticing she was looking for something, said indifferently, “Second brother went hunting in the mountains early this morning. ”


“Yesterday, second brother didn’t get any prey… Hunting depends on luck, and when luck is good, the harvest is good; when luck is bad, returning empty-handed is inevitable.” Second brother was probably afraid of her minding; his face was even rigid when he left this morning.

She said nonchalantly, “I know.” Staring at his handsome face, “Do you think

I’m mad at second brother for not getting any prey yesterday?”

His handsome face turned slightly red, “…?I‘

Seeing his reaction, she shrugged, “I don’t even care.”

She walked up to him and looked down at him sitting in the chair. Even though his legs were disabled, it was undeniable that he was still an attractive scenery.

As clear and tranquil as a quiet river.

She resisted the urge to help him examine his legs.

He lowered his eyelids slightly, his lips pressed together lightly.

For a moment, she felt like a man-eating tiger. He seemed… a little afraid to look her in the eye. She wanted to ask, apart from being ugly, does she eat humans?

Forget it. Although they had been living in this house together for more than ten days, she and he were completely unfamiliar. Her ears were not convenient, and no one knew she had medical skills. If she rashly diagnosed him, who knows, others might think she was going crazy.

“Well… I’ll go eat first.” She pointed to the kitchen and quickly ran over. Sigh, eating alone and not being able to invite others to join was really not kind-hearted.

Xiao Qinghe watched his wife’s back running like a rabbit and found her quite interesting.

The sun was a little scorching.

But the sunlight could not warm his icy heart.

Knowing he shouldn’t have any expectations, his gaze kept drifting in the direction of the kitchen, just hoping that when she came out, he could sneak another look at her.

The table in the kitchen had a bowl of stir-fried vegetables and a bowl of fried tofu, just like last night.

Su Qingyue looked at the fried tofu, which was a little burned. She really wanted to say to the petty cat, “Can’t you put more oil when frying tofu?” This food was barely cooked and not delicious at all, only not bad-tasting at most.

Forget it, these two vegetable dishes were both bought. She knew that this household had to save on everything. If they wasted money usually, they might not make it through the winter when second brother couldn’t hunt, and it was inconvenient for the petty cat to go out and sell goods during the cold weather.

After washing up, she obediently sat at the table while Xiao Yuchuan happened to bring the rice to the table for her. She saw his hand holding the bowl was somewhat stiff and the drooping sleeve seemed to be deliberately covering his palm.

She casually lifted his sleeve to see an inflammation around the ‘tiger’s mouth’ area of his right palm. The swelling and redness almost spread over the entire back of his hand, “It’s a poisonous spider bite!”

Sitting down, she looked up at him, “Xiao Yuchuan, did you go to the river bank?”

He nodded, a little surprised that she could tell at a glance that it was a poisonous spider bite. ‘You eat first.”

“You said someone in your village had been bitten by that kind of poisonous spider, didn’t you? Knowing it’s poisonous, how can you be so careless?” She checked his pulse with her index and middle fingers..

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