The Steward Demonic Emperor-Chapter 1269: Vajra and Demon

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Chapter 1269: Vajra and Demon

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Mountain Lord Hes eyes shook as he regarded the familiar clothes and grew outraged, Enchanting Empress, are you mad? Whats with this creepy look?

The Enchanting Empress gave him a coy look, Why, brother Dong, didnt you like me because of my looks? Now

You were a charming lady before but now just an old biddy warped into a monster. What a joke!

He Haodong, you dont get to say that!

The Enchanting Empress bit back, I aged because I scouted Nine Serenities tomb for you and the demonic energy infected me. Ive done so much for you, you ungrateful pig, yet you only ever see me as your lapdog to use and discard. You gave me so many sweet promises back then, saying youd take me to the Sacred Mountains. Yet when I got older, you didnt visit me once. The only reason you ever showed up again was because of Qingcheng a hundred years ago.

He Haodong sneered, Ungrateful? You have some nerve. Didnt you come on to me for something? We simply made a deal. We had fun for a while, and I gave you an earth cultivation method from the Sacred Mountains to get your Emperor title. Im the reason a broad like you got to stand tall among the other vicious men. Stop spouting rubbish!

I wanted more than that. You said youd take me to the Sacred Mountains!

You were the most beautiful in the Sacred Domain, but the Sacred Mountains is a place based on bloodlines. A lowly nobody has no right to enter.

Why did you promise me?

You actually took those pillow talks seriously? Yaner, you were never that naive.

He Haodong held his head high, I was the 6th Sacred Mountain Lord successor, and I was not about to ruin my future over some broad. Ill be honest, you had no chance of stepping on Sacred Mountains even if you were forever as enchanting as your younger self!

Why you

The Enchanting Empress glared at him and she grew more hideous in her rage. Her black energy grew thicker.

He Haodong gave her a look of disgust, Look at you, so vile and ghastly. Im sick just by looking at you.

And what is this?

He Haodong finally got to the point, holding the ashes in his hand, I dont care what abominable art youre into, but you better explain this to me. Why are these the same as the one you left me when my son died? Did you kill him?

Red eyes stared at him with mockery and madness, Ha-ha-ha, what do you think, brother Dong?

You did it? He Haodong grew furious, He was my only son, you stinking broad. How cruel!

The Enchanting Empress sneered, Only son? Ha-ha-ha, thats what you get for everything youve done. You couldve had another son, but you were too savage and heartless, preferring to

The Enchanting Empress rubbed her belly.

None is better than some stinking halfbreed. He Haodong spat.

The Enchanting Empress cackled, Since Lord Saint doesnt cherish it, or me, you couldve killed me then. He Xiaofeng was your only son, so how could I stay my hand from your son? Ha-ha-ha

Did you really kill my son?

He Haodong barked, Die, you bloody hag!

The Enchanting Empress sneered, and flicked her hand, turning into black mist and flying out of the cave, He Haodong, lets fight outside.

Stand still, you hag!


The two flew outside and the Enchanting Empress looked back at him with laughter. She was wrapped in black energy, with two black flowers wearing ghastly faces towering a thousand meters above He Haodong.

Sacred Body?

He Haodong gasped, Youre a Saint? Impossible! You never advanced in thousands of years yet now you succeeded in just a year? The cultivation method I gave you could never have helped you!

Ha-ha-ha, He Haodong, I knew you didnt want me on the Sacred Mountains so how could you give me a good cultivation method? But when man proposes, god disposes. The Sacred Mountains arent the only ones with the best cultivation methods. I found one down here!

Humph, cocky much? A mere early Saint broad cant do anything against a peak Saint like me!

He Haodong shot in the air with a disdainful smile. With a swift turn, thunderous lightning appeared around him, and suddenly, a furious vajra wielding twelve divine swords emerged around him, three hundred meters tall, exuding an imposing and ferocious aura! Just as they appeared, they had already caused the heavens and earth to tremble.

Vajra and the demon faced each other.

Staring at the thunder giant, the Enchanting Empress recalled the past for a moment, then her gaze turned manic.

The demonic body shot forth and two black lotuses on its back flew out turning into bloody mouths biting at the thunder giant.


In a burst of lightning, the two dark flowers turned to nothing before they could strike.

The vajra held a thunder sword with a fierce and imposing aura. As He Haodong watched, he sneered.

He seized the advantage and directed the giant to charge. His other hand grabbed another thunder sword from his back and slashed so fast he unleashed seventy-two strikes in a blink.

When they stopped, a deafening explosion occurred and the demon shattered to pieces. The Enchanting Empress stumbled, falling to the ground and spewing blood. She was pale as her innards were lacerated, her life hanging by a thread.

He Haodong withdrew his Sacred Body and walked over with malice.

He grabbed the Enchanting Empress by the neck and roared, Damn broad, you killed my son and Ill send you to hell for this!

The Enchanting Empress sneered like a demon wanting to send the world into oblivion.

Do you not fear death?

He Haodong raised an eyebrow and taunted, Then I wont kill you, but Ill make you wish I did, ha-ha-ha..

The Enchanting Empress had the same sneer on her face.

He Haodong was puzzled, You mustve lost your mind. You think I cant do it?

Theres nothing a heartless man like you wouldnt do, ha-ha-ha

The Enchanting Empress mocked, Im laughing at you, for you can never make me beg for death.

What was that?

I said, you can never make my life worse for an already dying woman. Ha-ha-ha Her laughter was tinged with sadness and bitterness.

He Haodong felt conflicted, but then he looked down to see the black energy enveloping her and turning her to dust. She was fading faster and faster, starting with her legs.

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Brother Dong!

The Enchanting Empress gave him a taunting look, I knew this would be my end before I even fought you. Its great that I can let go of all the anger and grief for so many years before dying. But you will never get the chance. You will never know who really killed your son, ha-ha-ha


He Haodong barked and shook her, You didnt kill my son? Then who did? Tell me!

The Enchanting Empress closed her eyes as the black energy ate her alive.

In the moment of her death, her mouth formed a bitter smile.

[Steward Zhuo, you were excellent. Everyone fell for your trick. I should have known that the Demonic Emperors cultivation method and He Xiaofengs death, as well as Qingchengs disappearance were related to you.]

[I just wanted a Sovereign cultivation method so badly, that I didnt care about anything else.]

[Of everyone, you are the only winner standing, easily taking over all the lands with us unable to climb out of this damning cultivation method.]

[What a deep mind, what a thorough plan.]

[But I am not going to pass on this cruel cultivation method on my deathbed like you gave it to us. Im sorry to disappoint.]

[I may hate him, but I once loved him, despite him not caring, ha-ha-ha]

Enchanting Empress, tell me now, dammit! Who killed my son?! He Haodong was outraged at her silence.

The Enchanting Empress closed her eyes.

[I wont tell you. I wont let you get revenge for another womans son. Its my last selfish wish.]

Enchanting Empress, farewell.

A familiar voice entered her ears

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