The Steward Demonic Emperor-Chapter 1296: Stalling

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Chapter 1296: Stalling

Writer: StarReader

Proofreader: Silavin


As the shaking grew stronger, black cracks spread across the sky.

Shangguan Qingyan was shaking in worry, “What kind of array did Zhuo Fan tell you to activate? Why does it look different from the ones he used? It’s hundreds of times stronger! The world is about to be destroyed!”

“I don’t know either. Palace Lord only told me how to activate it!”

Wu Randong was clueless, but determined, “Don’t worry, Palace Lord won’t harm us. Once the array finishes, we can just look for him.”

Shangguan Qingyan nodded. Despite the huge changes, they still went with it for they trusted Zhuo Fan. He always did something for a reason.

The three sacred beasts noticed the sudden changes.

In the Allbeast Mountain Range, Kunpeng looked at the eight pillars of light, “He met Heavenly Sovereign and all the suspicion he had on us is removed. He now needs our help. After years of planning, we’re about to attack. It all comes down to who the final winner is, ha-ha-ha…”

“Spiritual beasts of Allbeast Mountain Range, I, Vaulting Kunpeng, am leaving to fight for the world’s survival!” Kunpeng spread his arms and roared.

The shivering spiritual beasts lowered their heads before him…

In the Ultimate Clarity Sect, where Decimating Dragon Ancestor was kept, he looked excited as well.

[Is the mortal domain finally breaking?]

But then he recalled Zhuo Fan’s last trick and slumped back, “Humph, getting thrilled for nothing. Those humans are nothing but ungrateful bastards, caring only about themselves and leaving me here in misery. I won’t fall for it a second time and get disappointed. Maybe I should raise another human to activate this array completely? But after all these years, not one human I found is useful.”

Zhuo Fan read him like a book and told Wu Qingqiu to make this place forbidden. So, he would not see even a ghost about.

When he took Ye Lin, he at least had a choice, but that was now gone as well.

If he knew he’d slap Zhuo Fan to death. [I’m here using all I have to help and you’re burring me instead? What gives? Is this a game to you?]

Zhuo Fan wasn’t to blame, though. Since they weren’t kin, he needed to know the savage beasts’ intentions first. What would he do if the beast would’ve run amok the minute they got out?

In North Sea, Heaven Sealing Sea Ao sent huge waves as he came out to look at the sky.

Sea Ao’s lone eye blinked, sneering, “Another human wants to go to the Sacred Domain? The kid had to go either way, or he’d be just waiting for the big guys to come take his life. As for the others, they must be bored to death. The Sacred Domain has many powers, you’re a lord here, but an ant up there. Ha-ha-ha, so go and die to your heart’s content.’

Sea Ao sunk back beneath the icy waters.


The heavens shifted as the eight pillars grew stronger with the array grandmasters shifting their gestures. The other seven World Wind Tunnels turned into seven meteors and converged on Thunder Pavilion.

The power of the pillars united and the pillar from the Thunder Pavilion exploded in size and power. The heavens couldn’t take the pressure and broke apart, revealing a large pitch-black abyss, with cracks extending in all direction as pieces crumbled.

All of heaven was peeled away like an egg.

The pillar kept expanding, forcing Shangguan Qingyan’s group back. The pillar grew so fast it enveloped them and the sky boomed once more.

Once everything settled, the people looked up in shock. The sky was now all black, an abyss without survival.

“W-what have we done? The sky is gone!” Shangguan Qingyan gaped.

Wu Randong was just as shocked.

“Why is it like this? Just what is this array Palace Lord has placed… look there!

“T-the sky is back!”

They all looked to see the sky healing and become its usual blue self.

Sea Ao was dumbstruck, with his lone eye flashing in immense joy, “The mortal domain’s barrier is gone at last. Heavenly Sovereign’s realm is broken. I can see the real sky, the Sacred Domain, ha-ha-ha…”

With a boom, Sea Ao slapped with his claws and shot into the sky, breaking the North Sea’s barrier and reaching out. His huge body shifted and became a pudgy old man, flying around like a child.

“The array broke Heavenly Sovereign’s barrier and damaged space. But due to the world’s laws, it will heal. However, once it does, the mortal domain and Sacred Domain will be one. This place is no longer the mortal domain, ha-ha-ha…”

Vaulting Kunpeng shoot up as well.

Decimating Dragon Ancestor was stumped then exploded in joy as he turned into a golden fiery dragon that circled the area before withdrawing all the flames to turn into a middle-aged man in golden robes, “I’m out at last. Rotten brat, I’ll get you for toying with me, mark my words! Humph!”


Dragon Ancestor vanished.

The three sacred beasts were free from their prison, now looking for Zhuo Fan.

A sudden low rumble echoed from all around, catching the attention of the sacred beasts. One of the World Wind Tunnels dimmed and then stopped altogether, causing the sky to try and patch up, resulting in a dark hole.

Kungpeng’s voice cut through the tension, “No! Someone’s messing with the array!” He hurried in that direction, shooting through the air at top speed.

The Decimating Dragon Ancestor and Sea Ao, sensing the change in the array, followed suit, moving towards the disturbance.

Having just tasted freedom, the sacred beasts weren’t willing to risk being trapped again, not even at the risk of death.

Sword Sovereign hovered near the sealed World Wind Tunnel, looking up at the sky. “I managed to slow down the mortal domain’s collapse, but it’s not enough. I need to seal the others to make sure it won’t break. The sky is trying to heal, but it’s just a temporary fix from sealing one tunnel.”

He glanced towards the approaching sacred beasts. “Can’t let them slow me down. Any delay will make Heavenly Sovereign’s situation worse.”

Sword Sovereign dashed towards another World Wind Tunnel, determined to do what needed to be done.