Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws-Chapter 1818 - Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill, Moonlight Fox’s Changes, Restricted Area Young Overlord Lan Haifang

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1818 Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill, Moonlight Fox’s Changes, Restricted Area Young Overlord Lan Haifang

Inside the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield, Chu Kuangren was reunited with Ye Zhu, and they were chatting.

Then, two streams of light came.

They were two beautiful ladies, one with a noble presence and the other with a harmonious presence.

“It’s Yu Zhi and Shi Ying.”

Chu Kuangren was surprised to see the two of them.

“Brother Chu, how have you been?”

Yu Zhi spotted Chu Kuangren and greeted him. She looked happy to see him again.

Then, when she spotted Gu Linglong, she bowed respectfully.

“Brother Chu, Shi Ying and I heard of the appearance of a Source Rejuvenation and were going to have a look, but who would have thought that we would run into you? Why don’t you join us?”

Yu Zh invited Chu Kuangren.

The Source Rejuvenation was the name of an Opportunity of Fortune from the Source Realm.

All Immortals, be they comprehending the Arch Gilded Intent or the Dao they cultivated, everything was connected to the Source Realm.

The Source was everywhere, but some were strong while some were weak.

The Source Rejuvenation was an overflow phenomenon of a strong Source. A large amount of Source had overflowed and leaked from the Source Realm, hence its appearance in the Immortal World.

It would also produce Source Supreme Treasures at times.

“The Source Rejuvenation is rather interesting. Let’s head there together,” Chu Kuangren agreed.

On top of a grand mountain peak in the Thalassic Mountains Battlefield, tens of thousands of sky-prides gathered around the lake on the mountain.

The lake was colorful and had mysterious Daoist Rhymes ringing from within. It seemed to be carrying some astonishing Source Rejuvenation.

“I wonder what kind of Source Rejuvenation the lake will produce.”

“Yeah. I’m looking forward to it.”

The crowd stared at the lake with utmost anticipation.

Then, the water in the lake rippled, and colorful light shone. The water splashed, and beads of colorful pearls flew out.

“Those are the Source Rejuvenation Pill!” someone cried in shock.

Those who took the pill could enhance their insights into the Arch Gilded Intent.

When the crowd saw the pill, they got so excited and eager that all of them jumped forward to snatch the pills for themselves.

Multiple fierce battles erupted around the lake.

Blood splashed and spilled into the lake.

In the center of the lake, colorful light swirled, and a pill the size of a human fist and countless times more mystical than a common Source Rejuvenating Pill was forming.

When the giant pill formed, the conflict around the lake reached its climax.

Water pillars burst into the air like dragons rising to the sky, and the water dragons surrounded the pill, forming layers of restriction seals.

The fighting crowd saw the unusual phenomenon and forced them to pause the battle.

“That pill, if I’m correct, is the Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill! Common Source Rejuvenating Pill can help gain insights into the Arch Gilded Intent, but this Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill can increase one’s Arch Gilded Intent to the next level! Some have even used it as a treasure to ascend into Embodier Realm!”

“If I can get my hands on that, my Third Step Arch Gilded Intent will increase to the Fourth or even Fifth Step!”

“Haha! That’s mine! No one can snatch it from me!”

All the cultivators who were already fighting for the Source Rejuvenating Pills switched their targets to the Supreme Pill and dashed over to it.

However, the Supreme Pill had restriction seals surrounding it, preventing them from getting close.

Just then, a streak of light flew over.

A pink and petite girl emerged from the light. She looked adorable with her red lips and white teeth, but despite her cute facial features, she had an alluring figure and fair skin.

More importantly, the girl had a crescent moon mark on her forehead that emanated an unusual Daoist Rhyme.

The restriction seals were ineffective against her!

“It’s the Moonlight Fox!”

“Hmph! How dare a fox snatches the Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill from me! No way!”

Everyone switched their target to Lil Fox and hurled all kinds of Immortal Techniques and divine abilities at her.

Lil Fox raised her hand and unleashed an even more domineering yokai qi at the incoming attacks. The yokai qi swirled in the air and transformed into restrictive murderous rays.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions erupted in the void, sending the sky-pride and Prodigies who attacked flying away.

Lil Fox smiled. She was no longer the weak Lil Fox as she had mastered the power of the Moonlight Fox.

Common sky-prides and Prodigies were no longer her matches.

“I’m getting the Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill, and I’d like to see who can stop me!” Lil Fox was full of herself.

Right before she could touch the Supreme Pill, domineering black qi erupted and transformed into many vicious evil ghouls and souls.

“What the hell?!”

Lil Fox was frightened by the vicious evil ghouls.

She channeled her Immortal’s Core energy and converted it into the restrictive murderous ray.

The vicious evil ghouls were killed easily, but there were countless more of them.

Then, a woman in blue emerged from the evil ghouls. She looked beautiful but carried a frosty killing intent and looked rather vengeful. She looked as vicious as the evil ghouls around her.

When the crowd saw her, they had chills all over their body.

“It’s the Restricted Area Young Overlord, Lan Haifang!”

“The Restricted Area Young Overlord!”

“What a strong aura!”

Everyone swallowed nervously when they saw her, and their hearts pounded.

Even Lil Fox looked troubled.

“Mount Tu’s Divine Maiden, the Moonlight Fox, I know you. You’re quite close to Chu Kuangren,” Lan Haifang said with a grin.

“What does that have to do with you?” Lil Fox frowned. She hated the vengeful aura from Lan Haifang.

“Everyone related to Chu Kuangren must die!” Lan Haifang chuckled. She lifted her hand, and the endless rage qi transformed into a spear, which she hurled at Lil Fox!

“Thousand Feathers Restriction Seals!”

Lil Fox channeled her yokai qi and summoned runes from the void. They transformed into countless golden feathers that danced along the storm, and she channeled them to counter the spear.

After a deafening blast, Lil Fox was blasted more than a dozen meters backward.

Lan Haifang, on the other hand, remained unfazed.

The Restricted Area Young Overlord ranked high among the seventy-two Immortal Prides.

Even though Lil Fox had undergone a drastic change, she was still not strong enough to face someone as strong as Lan Haifang.

“Hmph! Try this!”

Lil Fox refused to back down. She lifted her hand and summoned countless streaks of light around her hand, forming a massive sword shadow consisting of restriction seals.

It was a sword of restriction seals! It contained the power of the mountains, rivers, sun, moon, and even Yin and Yang. All kinds of restrictive murderous rays were swirling inside.

As the sword swung down, the realm exploded.

“Hmph! Myriad Ghoul Shriek!”

Lan Haifang bellowed, prompting the evil ghouls around her to charge forward like the rising tide.

The two powerful attacks clashed, shaking heaven and earth.

Both of them were blessed away. Lil Fox’s face paled, and blood dripped from the edge of her mouth.

Lan Haifang, however, remained strong and tall.

“Die!” Lan Haifang raised her hand.

Then, her eyes suddenly widened and overflowed with anger as she spotted a figure in white behind Lil Fox.

Everyone else was shocked as well. 𝙗𝙚𝙙𝒏𝙤𝒗𝒆𝒍.𝒄𝙤𝙢

“Since when did that person appear?”

“We didn’t notice him at all!”

“It’s him!”

The crowd was stunned, and they instantly recognized the person.