Venerated Venomous Consort-Chapter 3068 (END) - Anecdote 3 – The Firmament Stone

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Chapter 3068 Anecdote 3 – The Firmament Stone

From the very beginning, I always knew that I was a unique piece of jade.

Other jades were just regular green stones, but I used to be a star stone that regulated the balance for all lives. The Master of the Heavenly Law used the stars to exert control over everything. The number of star stones corresponded to the number of continents that he had under his command. All these star stones worked together as messengers to deliver law and order to the guardians of the heavenly law to be carried out, respectively.

I had many siblings, each with a special talent, and each owned by an independent guardian. I was the latest one that came alive. When I was born, the Master of the Heavenly Law was still recovering from a catastrophe. He seemed weak, delicate, and vulnerable. He was attempting to channel a fragmented piece of his soul into my body.

I was confused. As far as I could tell, I was in the Forbidden Land of God. The place was covered heavily with many star stones, but the Master of the Heavenly Law looked completely out of strength as he stood at the altar.

He was caressing me while addressing me as Xijiu. “Xijiu, I will not let you fade into oblivion. You have to come back! I will do everything that I can to make sure you come back!”

That was how I found out that the soul that I was obliged to carry was called Xijiu. However, the soul was too severely damaged to the point where its fragments were made up of thousands of little fragments. It was incomplete even if all those pieces were combined together. Besides, it did not contribute to the soul’s consciousness, or at least that was what I thought.

The Master of the Heavenly Law put a drop of blood on my body, stating that the blood was, in fact, extracted from his heart. The blood had the spiritual resources that could nourish the soul’s fragments back to a whole. Also, he secured a perimeter around me so that no one could interfere with the recovery. He wanted me to focus on the recovery of the soul to make sure nothing would go wrong.

According to him, he needed some time to recover too, but by the time he was ready, he would perform a spell to bring the fragments together into a complete soul and revive it. In a hundred years, he promised to bring her alive.

However, plans changed all the time. Right after he kept me under his sleeves, he came across Fan Qianshi, who was already on the verge of breaking down. The mad man insisted on trespassing the Forbidden Land of God. Knowing how much Xijiu cared about her only disciple, the Master of the Heavenly Law decided to go after the mad man into the Forbidden Land of God to save him.

However, the use of a forbidden spell to gather her fragmented soul had crucially drained off most of his spiritual power. Furthermore, he had to use his remaining strength to bring me into existence and grant me the special ability to secure her soul. With that said, he was already a spent force.

Perhaps Fan Qianshi was too driven by his grief and indignation, so he did not think twice before stepping into the grand hall of the Forbidden Land of God. The hall was shut right after his abrupt entry, so not even the Master of the Heavenly Law was permitted to enter.

He did not plan to follow his footsteps, anyway, and took his time to focus on his recovery instead. When the hall was finally opened again, Fan Qianshi could be seen slowly reemerging from the inside.

The events that followed were baffling. Both Fan Qianshi and the Master of the Heavenly Law forgot about the existence of Xijiu. I, too, forgot about her. I even forgot that I still kept a piece of her fragmented soul in my body.

The Master of the Heavenly Law used a secret spell to keep her soul hidden in my body such that without a unique method of revelation, the soul would remain sealed and undisclosed. Upon rediscovering his identity as the Master of the Heavenly Law, he regained access to many other star stones. But as for me, I was kept away and forgotten in the very corner of his storage bag.

I was not ready to waste my life away, so I waited for an opportunity to break free from the confinement. One day, I fell out of his bag and onto his chessboard during an ongoing game with Fan Qianshi. My unwelcomed arrival on the board was announced with a loud bang. Coincidentally, I broke a chess piece on the board.

The Master of the Heavenly Law picked me up to have a better look at me. “This stone looks fancy.”

Fan Qianshi teased, “I did not expect that we would find something so fancy from you, Divine Lord. From the look of its vivid colors, it looks different from other stones.”

The Master of the Heavenly Law put me on the board as he said, “It has unfortunately broken one of my pieces here, so it has to replace it.” I was obviously better than that chess piece. In fact, it was a downgrade for me.

To make matters worse, he even offered to give me away. If Fan Qianshi won the game, I would be given to him as a gift.

Fan Qianshi liked me, so he agreed to the offer and started to play with more effort. However, Fan Qianshi’s skill was incomparable to that of the Master of the Heavenly Law. He was defeated eventually, though he had tried his best. As a result, I stayed on as the Master of the Heavenly Law’s possession.

I was frustrated by his lack of courtesy, for he had clearly underestimated my value as a stone of the heavenly law. One day, I decided to leave him and embarked on a voyage of discovery in the universe. I also got myself a great name – the Firmament Stone.

Many years passed to the point where I lost track of time and started to forget where I actually came from. All I could remember was that I was extraordinary and that I needed to safeguard something precious. Sadly, I could not remember what it was about.

Fan Qianshi and I crossed paths again, which was purely coincidental. He still remembered me. “Hey, isn’t this the lucky stone?”

I was offended by his terrible remark. He was the lucky one to have crossed paths with me.

Fan Qianshi took me away, saying that my shimmer attracted him. He wanted to turn me into a night lamp to decorate his room.

I could not fight him, nor could I accept my fate of becoming a night lamp. Therefore, I decided to keep all of my charms away and became a regular grey stone with a rough surface.

Fan Qianshi knew that I was reluctant to belong to him, so he started to check on me in an attempt to restore my charm. A strange combination of circumstances led him to discover the fragment of the soul that was hidden in my body.

Abruptly, he turned me off, but when I regained my consciousness later, I suddenly became a bracelet on the wrist of a mad scientist – Long Fan.

I felt lost, like something in me was missing. I looked into every corner of my body, but everything was still intact. I sat pondering what had happened as it felt as if I had lost the true meaning of life.

Meanwhile, life went on with the mad scientist. I had learned many skills and met many people, but nothing could bring me back the memories of my past. I had a feeling that I was meant to be a guardian for someone, but I could never remember who that person was.

Long Fan said that I was a very advanced version of artificial intelligence. Being a stone of the heavenly law, I was told that I had the ability to access the heavenly laws as well. Therefore, he assigned a mission to me. He brought me across the universe and gave me a lot of information about the Feixing Kingdom. My target was to find a woman named Gu Xijiu and stay by her side as her indispensable helper.

When I first saw Gu Xijiu at the auction, my cold, cold heart was immediately overwhelmed with emotions. It was her! It was always her! She was the one that I was supposed to guard.

It felt like a reunion after being apart for a long time. My life was finally complete.