Wedding Night: I Became the Female Supporting Character and Married the Villain!

Authors : Please Give Buff

Status : OnGoing

Genres : Romance , Psychological

Chapters: 360

Last update: 6 months ago

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"Congratulations! Your divorce process will soon be complete. You can finally be rid of that pervert and go looking for true love. Aren't you happy?""What's there to be happy about?" As a top-notch female celebrity and popular actress, Luo Ying had always been admired by countless male and female fans alike. After waking up, not only did she have to face the reality of transmigrating into a novel, but she also had to get a divorce from the villain in the novel. Her nightmarish life would soon begin!In the novel, Luo Ying had feelings for the male lead. After getting a divorce from the villain, she did everything she could to set the female lead up. In the end, the male lead locked her in a mental asylum and tortured her until she died.Luo Ying shivered at the thought of such an ending. She didn't want to die young. She wanted to stay alive!To protect herself, the top-notch actress with a sweet voice began igniting flames of passion in the villain's heart."Honey, I'm tired. Please hug me.""Are you sleepy? Do you want me to sing you a lullaby?"Luo Ying thought she had turned off the livestream camera. Little did she know, it was still on. Her husband picked her up and looked at her gently. The way he coaxed her was broadcast on the livestream. On that very day, the entire internet crashed!Netizens: Is this the content I'm supposed to see without paying? God, please give me a husband like him. Please give me a wife like her!