When I Saw The Returns, I Invested In My Future Wife First

Authors : Elite Classroom

Status : OnGoing

Genres : Fantasy , Romance , Slice Of Life

Chapters: 997

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Luo Feng was reborn back in his high school years. From the start, he acquired the Return On Investment System.[Invest in this coffee shop and you will be able to open many branches in the future. It has an ROI of 100%.][Invest in Bitcoins and the price will skyrocket in the future. It has an ROI of 10,000%.][Invest in the cute girl who is the deskmate in class and she will become your wife in the future. It has an ROI of infinity.]Luo Feng decisively chose to invest in his future wife.Many years later, during a press conference, a reporter asked, "Mr. Luo, your White River Investment Company has surpassed Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, becoming the most famous investment management company. In your opinion, what is the most successful investment you have made in your life?"Luo Feng looked at his wife fondly as he replied, "Don't ask me. I just live off my wife."