White Online-Chapter 706: The Tales of White Online.

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"Oliver..." Isaac looked at the explosion. "So, this is how you wanted to go out? What a showoff."

"I guess I can't let your sacrifice go to waste." Isaac vanished into a glowing particles of green light and appeared inside the explosion. The sea of flames surrounded him with thick black smoke.

However, that didn't bother him because he could still see perfectly around him.

In the middle of the explosion, a charred skeleton was hovering lifelessly, the tips of his fingers slowly starting to have flesh.

"Still alive, hmm." Isaac was impressed by Lucifer's will to stay alive. Oliver's body was already gone, and not even an ash of it would be discovered. He was truly gone.

But Lucifer barely stayed alive.

Isaac stopped before the skeleton and grabbed the skull with his palm. The skeleton was very durable, durable enough to survive that explosion. However, the explosion was nothing compared to his strength.

With a tight squeeze, he shattered the skull, and the rest of the skeleton stopped moving. Demon King of the First Heaven, Lucifer, was dead just like that!

Isaac then appeared out of the explosion and saw the Demon Kings and Lords barely resisting the all-out attacks of Primordial Gods.

"Aghh!" Tartarus was sent flying backward from the White Paradise. He was chased by angry-looking Gaia. "W-wait, I surrender!"

"Shut up!" Gaia smashed her fist across his face. Tartarus gritted his teeth in anger and summoned hundreds of the demonic gates. He laughed madly while Gaia looked wary.

However, then hand burst through Tartarus' chest.

"E-eh..." Tartarus' eyes shook as he turned around to look at the person who attacked him. Isaac stood calmly, his arm inside Tartarus' body.

"W-Who... the... hell..."

Isaac pulled his hand away and kicked Tartarus towards Gaia. The beautiful goddess pulled out her sword and slashed through Tartarus' throat, beheading him with a swift strike. Tartarus fell down to the ground while slowly dying.

Gaia sheathed her weapon and turned to Isaac with emotions flashing across her eyes.

Isaac smiled slightly and bowed at the goddess. "This is first time we met, right?"

"Yes, it is." Gaia moved the long strands of silver hair out of the way of her eyes and revealed her inhumanly beautiful face.

"Thank you for everything." Isaac spoke and placed his palm against his chest. "Without this legacy, I would have become powerless to do anything."

"No..." Gaia shook her head. "I... no, we all need to thank you. Without you... we all would have died."

In the air, Gaia softly kneeled, her palm gently touching her breasts. "We all... will always be indebted to you, Isaac Whitelock."

Out of nowhere, all the soldiers of Stronglord army knelt on the ground with fists against their chests. Following that, all chain breakers, except Luna and Alice, kneeled. Luna and Alice looked at the scene with disbelief.

Then Isaac saw the rest of the Demon Lords and Kings being killed. In each second, a galaxy-level creatures were killed. After all of them died, the rest of the Primordial Gods and Gods knelt on the ground towards Isaac.

Isaac sighed and turned to the dark sky and started slowly flying towards space.

"Isaac, where are you going?" Gaia raised her chin, and the rest also looked towards the white-haired man.

"There are still demons and certain someone... that need to be erased." Isaac softly smiled and looked across the sea of people, until landing on Luna. She was screaming something at him with tears brimming in her ears. She was trying to tell Isaac something, and Isaac realized what after seeing her stomach, which looked like a normal, flat stomach, but there was a new life blooming inside.

"It's a girl!" Isaac's voice stunned Luna. "Our child is a girl."

Luna's eyes shook and tears fell down her face as she caressed her stomach softly with a smile.

Isaac turned to the sky and vanished. He traveled across countless known and unknown universes. His journey to the center of the universe took a single day while the flying camera was still following him, with the view count already reaching hundreds of millions.

Then, everyone watching, was frightened as Isaa arrived in a dark spot of the universe, where countless monsters lurked. They saw the pure red eyes and were frightened.

Isaac casually entered the darkness and soon saw the pale-skinned man. He seemed to have been waiting for Isaac.

Demon didn't speak a word. Instead, he clenched his fist and released his punch.

Isaac screamed and threw his own punch.

As the two punches collided, all the dangerous creatures lurking in the darkness exploded, and this part of the multiverse vanished.

At the blank void of space, Demon and Isaac fought, with each punch destroying universes. Their battle was witnessed by the entire human race. It was the longest month of the entire history until the fight finally ended in Isaac's victory.

Following Demon's death, all the demons in all the multiverse were killed after their forefather died.


Ten years later.

Winterland, Snowstar.

Inside a cottage built on top of Snowstar Mountain, a young girl with beautiful white hair played with dolls while humming merrily.

"Ina?" Luna knocked on the door and looked gently at her daughter. She looked much more mature than ten years ago, but more beautiful than ever before.

"Mommy, where is daddy?" Ina tugged the dolls away and hugged her mother while clinging to her leg.

"He is writing, remember?" Luna patted her daughter's head with a chuckle. "Come on, lets go make dinner."

"He is again writing?" Ina pouted.

"Hehe, he is writing a fairytale for you, the best one!" Luna gently squeezed Ina's cheeks, causing her to pout.

"R-Really?" Ina asked with her round eyes widening.

"Yes, so let's not disturb your daddy." Luna started to carry her daughter and walked out of the room.

Inside a cozy-looking office, a fireplace was burning strongly.

A handsome white-haired man scribbled on a book. Words "The Tales of White Online" appeared at the book cover and then, he turned the final page and started writing the final paragraphs.

The current tale might have ended, but the world and universe was still full of mysteries, waiting to be discovered.

The End.