World Defying Dan God-Chapter 3816

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Chapter 816 - Returning to the Divine State

Oldest Tree and his subordinates were all very strong. Now that First Beast-creation Ancestor was able to come here, it seemed like their relationship was not bad. f𝑟e𝒆𝘄𝐞𝚋𝚗oѵ𝐞𝗹.c૦𝑚

"What’s the situation outside now?" Oldest Tree said: "We have never left this place and have always been waiting for someone to come here."

"Originally, we were waiting for the Hell Divine Lord. I didn’t expect that it would be you." Uncle Shi said.

In Tao-creation Divine Lord’s prophecies, it was already determined that only an ancestor like Hell Divine Lord could survive, and whether or not the First Beast-creation Ancestor could, was a variable.

First Beast-creation Ancestor was also not very clear about what was happening outside. He looked at Chen Xiang and Long Yue.

"Let me do it!" Chen Xiang then told the two of them about the danger Most Ancient Era was facing.

"Seems like it’s time for us to make a move. Let’s go find Hell Divine Lord first." Oldest Tree said: "I’m afraid we can only barely suppress those fellows from Star-creation Race."

"As long as we can deal with them, that is enough." Chen Xiang said: "But the Crystal-creation Race being in control of the Medicine-creation Divine Continent, is what I’m most worried about, I must completely stop them from obtaining the Medicine-creation Divine Continent’s power."

"This is a problem... You have nine Chuangyuan key in your hands, you need to enter this place. (iv). Upon entering the Medicine-creation Divine Continent’s Divine Tree, there is a passage within each of the Divine Trees, and in the end, all of them will lead to the same place, which is where the energy source of the Most Ancient Era is located. " The Oldest Tree said that he was transformed from a divine tree, so he knew about these things.

"I’ll go right now!" Chen Xiang said.

"I’ll go with you!" Long Yue said, "There are many beasts in the Medicine-creation Divine Continent, and they should all be used by the Crystal-creation Race to absorb the energy from the Nine Divine Tree. Once I enter, I can make them quickly leave."

"Alright!" Chen Xiang nodded.

Chen Xiang and Long Yue left the valley together, and quickly flew to Medicine-creation Divine Continent on top of the Six Realms mirrors.

"Where’s the Smoke Charming? Has she come to the Most Ancient Era with you? " Long Yue said.

"We’re here. I’ll put her in a place to concoct pills, so you don’t have to worry about her." Chen Xiang said: "We will enter the Medicine-creation Divine Continent first, if our strength is insufficient, then we will need the help of the Smoke Charming."

"The enchantment around the Medicine-creation Divine Continent is very strong. I’ve been there before, so it’s hard to break through." Long Yue frowned: "I don’t know if Sister Xiao can do anything, she’s so amazing, there shouldn’t be a problem right?"

"She’s refining the array disc. It will be completed soon." Chen Xiang said: "As long as it’s not that violent, we can sneak in secretly."

Chen Xiang had already let Xiao Xianglin refine an array disc to break the barrier, so that they could enter with the slightest of movements.

"If that’s the case, after I enter, I’ll be able to quickly find out what’s going on inside through the Creation Beast." Long Yue said: "If the movements are too loud, alerting the people inside will inevitably cause a fight. The people from Crystal-creation Race are not weak, so I have to try my best to avoid fighting with them."

"Also, the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord is definitely inside the Medicine-creation Divine Continent."

If the son of Golden Fire Arrogant Lord was killed, the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord would definitely be furious. Thinking of this, Chen Xiang also became vigilant secretly. After entering the Medicine-creation Divine Continent, there were too many opponents he would have to face.

Chen Xiang and Long Yue arrived outside the Medicine-creation Divine Continent, and upon seeing the situation inside, they discovered that the light emitted by the big tree had dimmed quite a bit.

"Maybe the Tree soul has restrained its energy!" Then, he took out the formation plate Xiao Xianglin had just finished refining. He turned on the formation plate and faced the invisible barrier that enveloped the Medicine-creation Divine Continent.

When the power of the formation plate was released, Chen Xiang and Long Yue could feel a very bizarre and powerful strength that seemed to have already penetrated the barrier.

At the same time, the barrier also faintly trembled, causing "Hu hu" sounds to be heard all over Medicine-creation Divine Continent.

"We’ve already opened up a path, let’s quickly go in." Long Yue shouted, and then anxiously pulled Chen Xiang along as he rushed towards the gap in the barrier.

Not long after they entered, the gap in the barrier closed.

"If the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord was here, would he have noticed us?" Chen Xiang had been followed by the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord and the Crystal-creation Race before.

Now that he had cultivated the World Defying Stage Divine Source, he could hide more auras.

"This is not good. In short, I will be easily discovered by them." Long Yue had already closed his eyes, and wanted to establish a telepathic connection with the Creation Beast inside.

This telepathy allowed her to read the memories of all the beasts, and to see what they saw.

"Many of the Creation Beasts are gnawing on the trunk of the divine tree, digging it down from the top to the bottom like they are digging out ores." Long Yue said: "I have already stopped these beasts. If we continue digging, the divine tree will definitely fall down."

"Can you tell me where Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng are? I want to find them! " Chen Xiang did not dare to contact Chu Jinfeng right now, as the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord and the Crystal-creation Race definitely knew of his relationship with him. They had closely monitored Chu Jinfeng, so if he contacted Chu Jinfeng, it was extremely possible that they would harm Chu Jinfeng.

"Found it!" They are all within the Purple fire tree and currently, only the Purple fire tree have not been affected. Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng had to use a lot of power to make the Crystal-creation Race give out the Purple fire tree for them. " Long Yue said. 𝘧𝘳𝐞𝚎𝑤ℯ𝘣𝗻𝘰ѵℯl.c𝐨𝚖

"Alright, let’s go to the Purple fire tree now." Chen Xiang said.

"I won’t be going, I want to control the beast creator to deal with the Crystal-creation Race." After Long Yue closed his eyes, he saw many things, and said, "There are also quite a few people from the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord here, but they are not considered strong, so you don’t need to worry about them."

Chen Xiang immediately headed towards the Purple fire tree.

After the Crystal-creation Race took over the Medicine-creation Divine Continent, many people here complained because the Crystal-creation Race and the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord were oppressing them, especially the Alchemist, who were being forced to refine pills.

The pills he refined were made from the flesh and blood of the Creator of the Beast. The Creator gnawed on the Tree God and was able to obtain the strength of the Tree God. As long as he extracted the heart and flesh of the Creator to refine the pill, he could concoct an extremely high quality pill.

"Even if these fellows from the Crystal-creation Race possess a large amount of Tao-creation Divine Crystals, they would still not be able to refine pills that would allow them to break through their bottleneck." Chen Xiang sneered in his heart: "We can only do this kind of thing!"

He quickly arrived at the bottom of the Purple fire tree. Right now, only the environment of the Purple fire tree was better.

Chen Xiang entered the divine tree and immediately took out a leaf. This would lead him to Zuo Xingfeng.

Zuo Xingfeng lived in a place with a relatively higher Purple fire tree. After Chen Xiang flew here, he entered a tree hole and saw Zuo Xingfeng and Yu Weizhou.

"Elder Yu, Elder Zuo!" When Chen Xiang appeared, he could sense their auras even more clearly. This was because they had noticed that someone had suddenly appeared.

Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng had already cultivated and produced World Defying Stage Divine Source, so it was a very strong force here. Furthermore, it was protected by the divine tree, so Crystal-creation Race and the rest of the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord were very wary of them.

"Chen Xiang!" Yu Weizhou was both excited and surprised to see Chen Xiang.

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