Rebirth of the Strongest Empress - Chapter 1550 - The Situation Changes 3

Chapter 1550 The Situation Changes 3

The Jiang Family did not realize that Jiang Yu’s powers were greatly reduced. They only thought he had cultivated some special technique that hid his powers and changed his physical appearance. But of course, Ye Qingtang knew the truth.

Jiang Yu did not want the Jiang Family to know about his current situation. Although he had lost his powers, he would recover them in the future. Furthermore, his achievements in the martial arts realm over ten thousand years ago were unrivaled. He would be the most suitable person to teach Ye Qingtang.

When the Inner Sect Elder and the Domain Monarch heard that Jiang Yu wanted to personally teach Ye Qingtang, they did not think anything of it and felt that this arrangement would be the most suitable.

“If the Domain Monarch Founder is willing to take the trouble to personally teach Ye Qingtang, then it will be Ye Qingtang’s good fortune.”

After all, over ten years of prime cultivation time had been wasted. The Inner Sect Elder was not sure he could train Ye Qingtang anew. However, if Jiang Yu took over, then it was a completely different matter.

The Inner Sect Elder could not possibly compare in ability to Jiang Yu, who had personally taught the current Domain Monarch.

“Alright, let’s do that then. You go ahead and make the arrangements. When everything is ready, I will bring the girl, and we will go together to Taiyuan Valley, where the Elder Cabinet is situated.”

The Inner Sect Elder accepted the charge and immediately went off to make arrangements.

Ye You remained in her room, filled with worry. But before Tuoba Yao could return, she was greeted by a stunning piece of news.

Ye Qingtang had been chosen by the Elder Cabinet. They would make an exception for her to enter the Elder Cabinet to cultivate, and the Domain Monarch Founder would personally teach Ye Qingtang martial arts…

This news broke on Ye You like a thunderclap, shocking her to the core.

She would never have dreamed that Ye Qingtang, whom she had robbed of her spirit root and dismissed as nothing, would have such a meteoric rise. Ye Qingtang would not only enter the Elder Cabinet, which Ye You yearned for, but she would even be personally taught by the Domain Monarch Founder…

Having fainted from anger, Ye You spent her afternoon in her room.

Jiang Yu and the others had discussed and agreed that Ye Qingtang’s mutated Heavenly Demon Bloodline would not be made known within the Jiang Family. Only the few of them would be aware of it.

Meanwhile, Ye Qingtang was mildly surprised to receive the news.

“The Domain Monarch Founder wants to induct me into the Elder Cabinet and personally teach me?” Ye Qingtang had heard about the Jiang Family’s Elder Cabinet, but she did not expect the Domain Monarch Founder to help her out by getting her into the cabinet.

While Ye Qingtang was well aware that although Jiang Yu favored her somewhat, it was no easy matter to be admitted into the Jiang Family’s Elder Cabinet. Her mutated Heavenly Demon Bloodline was probably the pivotal factor that permitted her to enter the Elder Cabinet.

No matter the reason, Jiang Lang and his wife were delighted by this piece of news.

“Tang Tang, your father and I will be delighted if you enter the Elder Cabinet. But… after entering the Elder Cabinet, you will have to move to Taiyuan Valley… I really can’t bear to let you go.” Mo Yi sighed softly. She was both elated and wistful.

The Jiang Family’s Elder Cabinet seemed to be inside the Jiang House. However, the true Elder Cabinet was not there but in faraway Taiyuan Valley.

All the disciples in the Elder Cabinet had been brought to Taiyuan Valley when they were children. There, they cultivated and were carefully taught by elders.

Since Ye Qingtang had been selected by the Elder Cabinet, she would have to go there too.

“It’s only a temporary separation. It’s a wonderful thing for Tang Tang to be able to enter Taiyuan Valley to cultivate. It’s just a pity that Tang Tang was lost earlier. If she had entered Taiyuan Valley to cultivate when she was young, she might be able to compete in this year’s Martial Arts Championship.” Jiang Xun, who was listening to their conversation, could not help but sigh regretfully.