Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack - Chapter 585 - The DNA Trick

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Chapter 585: The DNA Trick

Fang Xinxin then brought several DNA documents out and tossed them on the ground. “These DNA tests clearly clarify that Long Shuhai, oh, I mean Yang Xueyao, Fang Liyin and Fang Manxue are a true family of three.”

Fang Liyin refused to give in. “Xinxin, we’ve done a DNA test together. The results from that test clarified that we’re mother and daughter. I didn’t do anything to tamper those results…”

“It’s true that you didn’t tamper with those results. However…” Fang Xinxin continued coldly. “I’ve already investigated this situation. Fang Liyin, you are identical twins with my mother, Fang Lilan. Both of you were born with identical genetic information. That is also why the DNA test concluded that you are my birth mother. However, despite sharing the same genetic information at birth, these things will change given the experiences the both of you had. The problem is that in a small town, most of the equipment is less updated and they were unable to recognise these small changes. Such a situation can be considered as a mistake that only has a one percent chance of occuring.”

Fang Xinxin could not help but applaud her. “Fang Liyin, you were indeed very smart. Although you allowed me to decide the direction to head to at the time, the place you chose was an isolated organisation located away from the city. The organisation had been relying on old equipment and that explains the results they gave us. Fang Liyin, you relied on this one percent chance to solidify your lies. Unfortunately, I took a few strands of your hair to Jia Ya Hospital. and did a new DNA test with their updated equipment. And the rest of you…”

She glared at Fang Manxue and Long Shuhai. “Your shameful connection to each other was finally revealed! Do you still wish to argue against this? If you do, I’ll reward each of you with one hundred rounds of caning! Go ahead and continue to get caned until you’re willing to admit it!”

‘Long Shuhai’, no, Yang Xueyao…

‘Fang Lilan’, who was actually Fang Liyin, as well as Fang Manxue…

The three of them were especially pale and had to hold onto one another to keep standing.

Fang Xinxin sat back down on the couch and leaned back weakly with tears in her eyes. “Seven years ago, when I was eleven, I suddenly felt that my mother seemed to have changed. Three years ago, my father had a coma and was hospitalised, I suddenly had a second uncle, Long Shuhai, who appeared out of nowhere to occupy the Fang home.”

Bai Qinghao listened as his fiancée brought up the Fang family’s history. He held her hand tightly as though to give her strength.

As he watched her, his gaze was filled with heartache.

Fang Xinxin suddenly asked in resentment. “Tell me, were you the ones who put my father in a coma? Where is my mother right now!”

Given that the truth was seen through, Fang Liyin could no longer deny this any longer. She spoke up urgently. “Xinxin, listen to me. I definitely didn’t harm your father. His health was poor and a stroke left him in a coma. As for your mother, Lilan, she is my sister. How could I possibly hurt her? Eight years ago, she suddenly disappeared and none of us could find her. My brother-in-law, Long Yifan, was especially heartbroken. I saw that he had thoughts of taking his own life. That is why I decided to pretend to be my older sister and to enter the Fang home.”

Fang Xinxin smiled. “You speak as though it’s the truth. Why would my father keep such a big matter from me?”

“He kept it from Shaohua and you because he was worried the both of you would be heartbroken.”

“My father and mother’s relationship was very strong. If he did not mistake you to be my mother, he would never have lived for so many years with you!”

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