Reincarnated With The Strongest System - Chapter 634: The Heart Moves Where The Heart Wills [Part 2]

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Chapter 634: The Heart Moves Where The Heart Wills [Part 2]

Within the Temple of the Ten Thousand Gods, a squeal of happiness broke the peace.

The Loli Goddess, Lily, touched her cheeks as she looked at the projection in front of her. She was fangirling so hard because William’s vow of love, and Chiffon’s assertiveness made her feel as if the one getting married was her and not Chiffon.

The little loli then jumped and gave the fat Goddess beside her a high five. 

Adephagia had tears streaming down from her eyes, but that didn’t stop her from celebrating with Lily. 

“Now William finally has a loli as his wife.” Lily laughed happily. “Big Brother really won the lottery this time.”

“Of course he won the lottery.” Adephagia laughed as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “That bastard used all the karma in all of his past lives just to marry my daughter. Hmp! If he dares bully Chiffon, I will descend to Hestia and sit on his head!”

Lily giggled because she knew that the Goddess of Gluttony was only half joking. She truly believed that if William really did treat Chiffon badly, Adephagia would stay true to her word and give William a piece of her mind.

Issei and David, who were standing a few meters away from the two Goddesses, exchanged a knowing look at each other. 

In a small hut outside the outskirts of the Temple, Gavin looked at the projection in front of him with a smile on his face.

He was still not fully recovered, but when he felt William use the blessing that he had given him in the past, the God of All Trades woke up from his slumber and watched as William battled for his lovely young bride, who was currently showering him with kisses.

“That’s my boy,” Gavin chuckled. However, his chuckle didn’t last long because of the sudden pain on his chest. Even so, he was truly happy because the boy had made him proud. He then laid back on the bed as he closed his eyes.

Gavin hoped that the next time he opened his eyes, William would have reached greater heights.

Also, he wished that his other disciple in Hestia would come and meet the boy. He believed that William would learn a lot from his Senior Brother. 

“Why are both of my followers so shameless? Is this a trait of those who follow my path?” The Jack of All Trades sighed before he closed his eyes to sleep. He didn’t know what would happen once his two disciples met. 

He could only hope that his two shameless, and arrogant, disciples would not band together to destroy an empire or two.


Chiffon kissed William lovingly. 

This was the first time that she had kissed someone, and for her, it tasted very sweet.

It was sweeter than the lollipops that the Half-Elf had given her. Perhaps, it was due to the overflowing love that she was feeling for William, and the latter’s overflowing love for her as well.

The two kissed, and kissed some more.

At first, the Priestess was smiling, and the clones were smiling. 

However, the two continued to keep kissing, not caring that the world around them was starting to become malevolent.

The Priestess cleared her throat, and decided to put an end to the newlywed’s public display of affection. There was something more important to take care of, and the two could continue kissing after they had survived the calamity they were about to face.

“It is best that you save your kisses for later,” the Priestess said. “The Guardian has decided to go all out and use the full power of his Domain to crush the two of you.”

The first to pull back was Chiffon.

She stared at the Priestess for a few seconds before giving William one last peck on the lips. After that, she held her cheeks in embarrassment, and averted her gaze. 

It was also at that moment when two figures fell from the sky and crashed at the base of the Pyramid. They were none other than B1 and B2, who had been slapped by Belial from the sky using his full power. 

“YOU PUNY MORTALS DARE TO DEFY THIS GOD?!” Belial’s hateful voice descended from the sky making the entire world tremble. “I WILL CAPTURE YOUR SOULS AND TORTURE THEM FOR ETERNITY!”

Suddenly, the world trembled for the second time. The eyes of the monsters around the pyramid glowed bloody red, and their bodies increased in size. 

The meter-tall Yara-ma-yha-whos became two meters tall, and the towering Cockatrice and Basilisk stared angrily at those who had defied their Master.

Belial transformed into a hundred-meter tall giant demonic creature with two pairs of bloody wings at its back. His two curved horns glowed in a crimson hue, and his eyes shone like the flames from hell.

Just like the Priestess said, Belial was now going all out. It seemed that he had reached the requirement to unlock his true form after William successfully married Chiffon. 

“Chiffon, let’s teach that Guardian a Lesson,” William said as he summoned his staff. 

“Un!” Chiffon replied as she stared at the Demon who tried to make her his wife. “B1, B2, let’s fight together!”

The two dumb birds forcefully propped themselves off the ground, before transforming into two beams of light. 

They merged together and entered Chiffon’s body.

A golden flame then started to burn on Chiffon’s forehead. The power of the flame intensified and rose up in the air until it became a foot long. Two pairs of wings sprouted behind Chiffon’s back. One of them was red, the other blue. 

Chiffon then equipped her Devourer’s Gauntlets. She then hovered in the air to match William’s height. 

‘Optimus, please. I’m counting on you,’ William said as he prepared himself to go all out against the Guardian of the 51st Floor. 

< Understood. Leave it to me, Will. >

Optimus knew that William would have no choice but to use the power of his skill, Rulebreaker, in order to effectively fight against Belial. They were at a disadvantage if the Guardian were to forcefully use the power of the Laws of the Tower against them. 

Although the price was steep, it was the price that William had to pay to fight against an opponent that was equal to a Demigod. 

William’s clones also took a fighting stance. Their aim was to annihilate the countless monsters in front of them and deal with the Guardian once and for all.

“Charge!” William ordered as he took the initiative to fly towards the towering Demonic Guardian in the distance.

Chiffon matched William’s speed and flew alongside him.

The thirteen Clones also followed suit, and flanked the two lovers on both sides.

“Kill!” Belial ordered as he unleashed a barrage of fireballs aimed in William’s and Chiffon’s direction. 

His plan, to extract the girl’s heart, was already in tatters. Even if he could capture Chiffon once again, he would no longer have the chance to absorb her power and Divinity. 

If he wanted to use the Heart Devil to corrupt Chiffon once again, he would have to wait a year to do so. That was time he no longer had because he decided to go all out and use the power of the Divinities that he had absorbed in the past.

The Clone that held Soleil sneered as he advanced to face the barrage of Fireballs that Belial had unleashed. 

“Absorb them all, Soleil!” the clone ordered.

Soleil answered his call and the fireballs were sucked into the spear’s blade, further empowering its capabilities.

“Bloom in the battlefield!” the clone roared. “Fleur Du Soleil!”

Soleil was a weapon of mass destruction. William had seen its full capabilities when Lugh, the God of the Sun, had used it during their battle in the Heavenly Domain. 

The flaming spear had long gained sentience and trailed across the sky like a falling meteor, that would burn and destroy everything around it.

The clone didn’t aim Soleil at Belial because he knew that it would be of no use. Belial could use the laws of the world to protect itself from most attacks, and William had to pay with his memories in order to break through them.

William had already communicated with them that it would be Chiffon and him who would fight against Belial. The Clones, on the other hand, would ensure that none of the Guardian’s minions would get in the way of their battle.

A world-shaking explosion took place as Soleil descended on the horde of monsters. It instantly annihilated everything that was several hundred meters away from its landing site, and razed the surroundings in a hellish flames.

“Fools, you forget that I am the God of this world!” Belial raised his hand and the flames that were spreading like wildfire rose into the sky and transformed into flaming wyverns that flew towards William’s group.

William’s clone sneered as he summoned Soleil back to his hands. “Fool, no matter what form it takes, flames will always be flames!”

The clone raised Soleil once again and all the Fire Wyverns were sucked into it like moths to a flame. Although Belial held the Divinity of Flames, Soleil was a weapon of the God of the Sun. 

Clearly, between his feeble flames and the might of the sun, Belial’s Divinity fell far too short.

The thousands of Basilisk that had grown up to twenty-meters long, raised their hands and unleashed a poison spray that was strong enough to kill a Centennial Beast in minutes.

William was about to use a spell to deflect their attacks, but he stopped after Chiffon took the initiative to fly ahead of their formation. The pink-haired girl then opened her mouth and a black rotating sphere appeared in front of it. 

Just like a small blackhole, the poison was devoured until nothing was left.

As if waiting for that cue, William’s clones spread out, and descended to the ground. Each of them unleashed the power of their legendary weapons causing massive destruction in their respective positions.

William and Chiffon zigzagged in the air as they dodged the red vines that Belial had summoned to capture them. They were the same vines that had wrapped around William’s body when he was still inside the Dream World that was made by his Heart Devil. 

Belial’s frenzied attacks didn’t faze the two lovers as they gathered the powers in their hands. The two worked together to deflect the Guardian’s attacks that they couldn’t dodge, as they closed the distance.

When they were only a hundred meters away from the towering Behemoth in front of them, the two glanced at each other and nodded their heads in unison. 

The four elements, as well as the power of lightning merged together in William’s hand creating a crackling rainbow sphere of elemental energy.

“Eradicate,” William roared. “World End…”

Countless red butterflies materialized around Chiffon as she, too, prepared her strongest attack. 

“Shatter the Void!” Chiffon shouted. “Blood Wing…”


The two delivered their combined attacks at Belial’s chest. However, just like William expected a powerful barrier was erected in place.

William gritted his teeth as countless images from his past life disappeared from his memories. 

A beautiful lady with long black hair, holding a bow in her hand stood elegantly in the distance. Her pose was the image of perfection as she released the arrow from her hand.

A soft sob escaped William’s lips as the fleeting image escaped his memories. That was the first time she saw Belle in the academy, and he had fallen in love with her at first sight. 

William roared as his memories burned away. The barrier in front of him shattered and his attack, and Chiffon’s, slammed full force at the Guardian’s chest, destroying it completely.

The Guardians who were watching the battle couldn’t believe what they saw. They had long tossed away the idea of William being able to beat Belial successfully. But, the scene in front of them made them realize that they were completely wrong. 

Belial’s pained scream resounded throughout the Devil’s floor, and along with it, William’s first encounter with Belle was wiped away from his memory. 

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