Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 3116 - Chapter 190 - Who Isn't a Pseudo-Tier 4 Nowadays?

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Chapter 190 – Who Isn’t a Pseudo-Tier 4 Nowadays?

“Sanction a Vice City Lord?”

“What is he thinking? A Vice City Lord is already an administrator of the city. Even the City Lord probably doesn’t have the authority to sanction a Vice City Lord.”

Shi Feng’s words instantly caused a commotion to erupt in the lobby.

Although Shi Feng didn’t speak very loudly, everyone present was a Tier 3 expert. With their keen senses, they could hear even the sound of grass rustling over one hundred yards away if they wanted to, let alone a player speaking within one hundred yards.

While the spectating crowd was discussing Shi Feng’s words, the two NPC guard captains surprisingly remained silent for a moment. Then, they looked at Shi Feng with serious expressions on their faces.

“Esteemed Lord Legatee, while you are the Abyss’s successor, according to Slumber City’s laws, unless a Vice City Lord has violated Slumber City’s bottom line, even Lord City Lord and Lord Magistrate do not have the authority to arbitrarily sanction a Vice City Lord,” the younger of the two guard captains said.

“I knew it. How can anyone possibly sanction a Vice City Lord? Vice City Lords have the authority to determine a city’s development direction. Even if he has greater authority than a Vice City Lord, there’s no way he can sanction one without a valid reason.”

“It’s like how Vice City Lords can’t target Upper-class Nobles, basically. But this guy really knows how to dream. Is he not afraid of sowing a permanent grudge with Death Curse?”

The surrounding spectators didn’t feel particularly surprised when they heard the guard captain’s answer.

A Vice City Lord was an NPC City’s administrator. Meanwhile, the birth of an administrator was incredibly challenging. In addition to completing the temple trial, a player would also need to establish a power that ranked within the top 10 of the city’s Contribution Ranking List.

In other words, an NPC City could only have a maximum of ten Vice City Lords at a time. One could easily imagine how high a status a Vice City Lord enjoyed.

However, since the Stratified Abyssal Realm’s launch until now, aside from the mysterious Dark Sanctuary, the only NPC City known to have all ten of its Vice City Lord positions filled was Shadow City, the city located in the Level 120 map Dark Desert. Other NPC Cities only had around two or three Vice City Lords. NPC Cities with four Vice City Lords, such as the current Slumber City, could already rank among the top.

“Lord Legatee, if Vice City Lord Solitary Soul has offended you, according to the sacred rules set by the God of the Abyss, you can initiate an Abyss Battle under the witness of the God of the Abyss. If you defeat Vice City Lord Solitary Soul, it will prove that Vice City Lord Solitary Soul is guilty. In that event, he will be stripped of his status as a Vice City Lord!” the older of the two guard captains suddenly added. “However, the Abyss Battle is a sacred duel. You can only initiate it three times in your life, so please use it with caution.”

I can sanction him in such a way? Shi Feng was a little stunned.

Originally, Shi Feng didn’t hold much hope of dealing with Solitary Soul via the city. After all, a Vice City Lord held considerable influence over the NPC City they belonged to. He had only asked if he could sanction Solitary Soul since he was curious what his status as the Abyss Legate would allow him to accomplish.

Shi Feng wasn’t the only one surprised by this situation right now. Everyone else was similarly taken aback by the older guard captain’s words.

“How is this possible?!”

“A Vice City Lord can actually be sanctioned arbitrarily? What kind of authority does this Legatee status have?”

Everyone in the hall stared at Shi Feng in astonishment. Some of the Upper-class Nobles enjoying the show couldn’t help but gulp nervously, a hint of fear appearing in their eyes.

The position of Upper-class Nobles was only slightly lower than Vice City Lords in the various NPC Cities. So long as a Vice City Lord wasn’t crazy or an Upper-class Noble wasn’t hellbent on going against a Vice City Lord, Upper-class Nobles were essentially untouchable existences.

However, it was now revealed that Shi Feng’s status afforded him the authority to sanction even Vice City Lords. If even Vice City Lords weren’t safe from him, Upper-class Nobles naturally weren’t, either. Meanwhile, without an NPC City to rely on, Upper-class Nobles would be reduced to nothing but a tool that inflicted a weakening debuff on dark-type monsters.

“This is going to be interesting.” A smile appeared on Wolf Emperor’s face as he looked at Shi Feng. “Solitary Soul already has a pierce of Legendary Equipment now, so I can’t even begin to guess his current strength. If this Lord Legatee dares to challenge Solitary Soul, I can use this opportunity to see how strong Solitary Soul has become.”

Wolf Emperor wasn’t interested in the conflict between Shi Feng and Solitary Soul in the slightest. His original goal had always been to challenge Solitary Soul after seeing the other party becoming a Vice City Lord. After all, while Solitary Soul might be the weakest out of the four Vice City Lords, the man was still a Vice City Lord nonetheless. Depending on how easily he managed to defeat Solitary Soul, he might consider whether he was strong enough to challenge Slumber City’s strongest expert, Laura Crader.

However, that was before Wolf Emperor had found out that Solitary Soul had obtained a piece of Legendary Equipment. He couldn’t begin to estimate how strong Solitary Soul had become. He even suspected that Solitary Soul might have already become the strongest expert in Slumber City. After all, any Legendary Equipment could grant players the strength to transcend tiers.

“I doubt that kid will dare challenge Solitary Soul, Boss Wolf. After all, even the Glimmering Sword will have to be wary of Solitary Soul right now. Moreover, he only has three chances to initiate an Abyss Battle. It’s not worth wasting one of these precious chances on Solitary Soul,” the Level 116 Swordsman youth standing next to Wolf Emperor said, shaking his head. He doubted that Shi Feng would foolishly challenge Solitary Soul to a duel.

Everyone in the lobby could sense the frightening aura Solitary Soul radiated. Unless Shi Feng was also a Vice City Lord-level expert with a piece of Legendary Equipment, it was unlikely he could defeat Solitary Soul.

However, as soon as the Swordsman youth finished speaking, Shi Feng turned to Solitary Soul, who was looking at him contemptuously, and calmly said, “Then, on my name as the Abyss Legatee, I will initiate an Abyss Battle with Vice City Lord Solitary Soul!”

Since Death Curse wanted to use them to set an example, Shi Feng naturally wouldn’t mind using Death Curse to make a name for himself, either. After all, fame was something necessary if he wanted to develop his own power in Slumber City.

With his current strength, he was confident he could fight against even God-ranked experts who had reached Tier 4 already. Not to mention, Solitary Soul wasn’t even a true Tier 4 player.

Hahaha! This kid must be crazy! Does he really think he is invincible just because he managed to destroy an Advanced Combat Puppet? Night Revenant couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Shi Feng challenging Solitary Soul.

Originally, they had been having trouble figuring out a way to get Shi Feng’s team kicked out of the city. After all, if they failed to take care of Shi Feng’s team, their plan to re-establish Death Curse’s position in Slumber City would fail miserably.

Yet, now, Shi Feng was sending himself to them.

“You want to challenge me? Good! Very good!” Solitary Soul laughed as he looked at Shi Feng. “I thought that my first opponent after becoming a Vice City Lord would be the Glimmering Sword. But since you want a fight, I’ll fulfill your wish. I can also use this chance to let the Glimmering Sword know who is the true number one in Slumber City!”

As soon as Solitary Soul finished speaking, glowing runes suddenly started appearing on the black leather top he wore, the runes drawing the surrounding Mana to him. Immediately, everyone in the lobby felt the Mana around them suppressing them. Even the Temple Knight-level experts present found their bodies becoming incredibly heavy, their flexibility dropping by several grades.

What a powerful Mana Domain! Has it reached the Tier 4 standard already? Wolf Emperor subconsciously gasped when he experienced the effects of the Mana Domain radiated by Solitary Soul.

As an Upper-class Noble, Wolf Emperor naturally possessed a good grasp over Mana. He was even at the level of being able to form a Mana Domain already. Even so, his Mana Domain was only useful for increasing the power of his Skills and Spells.

However, Solitary Soul’s Mana Domain was actually capable of suppressing other players. The power of this suppression was even on par with the Mana Domains of Tier 4 NPCs. While subjected to this Mana Domain’s effects, Wolf Emperor felt that he could, at most, exhibit 50% of his usual combat power.

After Solitary Soul unleashed his Mana Domain, Echoing Judgment, Crimson Heart, Blood Hammer, and the others all wore ugly looks on their faces.

One of the main reasons Tier 4 existences could stomp on Tier 3 existences was their Tier 4 Mana Domain. In front of a Tier 4 player with a Mana Domain, Tier 3 players would be no different from ants unless they possessed Legendary Weapons and Equipment.

However, unlike everyone else, Shi Feng simply shrugged and calmly said to Solitary Soul, “Do you honestly think that you’re the only pseudo-Tier 4 in Slumber City?”

Immediately, a ripple of Mana spread from Shi Feng’s body. Then, following the spread of this ripple, the suppression everyone experienced vanished without a trace.

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