MTL - Urban Tales of Demons and SpiritsChapter 272 season finale
AdventureMysteryShounen AiSupernatural

A tale of urban demons and spirits, the mysterious exorcist and I.Do you believe that supernatural creatures exist in this world?I’m an ordinary college student while he’s the handsome and powerful demon exorcist from the mysterious old manor.Our paths had never crossed before and yet, our fates became intimately entangled after one chance meeting.The knocking on the coffin in the dead of the night, the little girl weeping inside the box-shaped structure, the good friend of mine who was cursed…Together, the mysterious exorcist Mr. Wen and I embarked on a path into the world of the grotesque and motley.Gradually, I realized that I had developed special feelings for him that went beyond friendship…But, the problem is I’m a man! - Description from Novelupdates

Masked KnightChapter 338: The Final Chapter (2)

In a world where magic and sorcery flourish came a tale of a nobody who grew into a legend. Partake in the conquests and tribulations of a great army where warriors live day-to-day, seeking the thrill of combat. Experience heart-rending drama and hilarious situations while awaiting the impending arrival of the malevolent evil stirring in the darkest depths of the world... Journey alongside Rody, a young knight, as he dons a mask of circumstances that is filled with secrets to unravel the mysteries of the universe!

Half-Tried DeityChapter 141
ComedyJoseiMartial ArtsRomance

Pick up a free master,Cultivate ultimate teachings,Steal a fox to be your pet,Seduce a demon to be your husband.Traveling through time and space is not scary, the only thing to fear is a lack of culture.They all say that the road of cultivation is long; the best road to walk is the road that is most suitable for yourself.That’s just a lie!We travelled through time and space, we will walk other people’s path so that they have no path to walk.There’s nothing to worry about if you can’t get tried.We can pass some else’s trial and become our own deity.

MTL - Alliance of Beauty Men and Heavenly Mastersv9 Chapter 30 summon yoyo

With a sound of “Boom”, a lotus fell from the sky and leveled a mountain.Is it time travel? Is it crossing robbery? Or was Gongdou in the sky kicked down from the heaven by some fairy concubine? who knows?Is it a fool? Is it a cannon girl? Or a magic stick? who can guess?The imperial court set up the Ninth Gate and Eight Heavenly Dragon Guards in Da Nei to investigate supernatural events and difficult cases in various places.Lin Tingjun, the god of Babu, came to investigate the matter of the fire falling from the sky.However, Lian Youyou, a hot-mouthed girl, was stuck to her, her dead skin and rotten face was so sticky.The white-haired wolf demon on the mountain, the noble son who turned into a butterfly disappeared, and the palace ladies who disappeared mysteriously…A series of supernatural cases may seem like monsters acting as monsters, but they are actually humans acting as monsters.The difficult and miscellaneous cases are definitely caused by people, and they are caused by demons and ghosts.Is it someone playing tricks? Or a ghost? Is it a monster? Or be a monster? who cares?Just as long as the people who eat melons express excitement!After checking, why did Lin Tingjun and the other eight gods have their own goals and stories? Then who is she, Lian Youyou?The ancient dimensional monsters are ready to move again, eyeing the earth!Divine matters, demonic matters, monster matters, and human affairs are not as important as Lian Youyou’s protecting the earth! - Description from MTLNovel

MTL - Forced To SurviveChapter 125 Text: Article

[Sultry and unconsciously seduces the heroine] vs [All villains and crazy bosses]Yun Ranran transmigrated into a cannon fodder female supporting role in a comprehension novel. She was robbed of everything by the heroine and died tragically under her sword. The system told her that in order to get rid of the fate of tragic death, she needs to attack three blackened villains at the same time.【The ruthless sword fairy who kills like hemp】【The sick and charming demon who destroys the world with his own hands】【Indifferent and unintentional buddhist son】Yun Ranran looked at [simultaneously] [blackening] and fell into deep thought.The three bigwigs in the comprehension world, everyone talks about it, but they have all been a little bit retrograde recently.Sword Immortal Xiu has a ruthless way, thousands of years of cold ice, no one is allowed to approach, recently lost his identity, a small number, was picked up by a little girl, forced to be her little brother, if he is not obedient, he will be pressed against the wall for education, patted His little face told him to be good, and every time he escaped, he ended up miserable.The demon king is paranoid, gloomy, moody, locked in the abyss for more than ten years, crawls out bloody and prepares to take revenge on the society, a little girl protects him behind him, says you are a good person, I will protect you, he was just about to be a good person Tian saw the sword fairy pressing the little girl against the wall and telling her to say “I will be good” over and over again.The Buddha’s son is praised by the world, restrains abstinence, and is called the man who is closest to God, but he is actually a white cut black, who has been wandering between darkness and light. His hands were trying their best to be nice to him, and he pulled her into his arms, feeling tempted for the first time. As a result, the next day, he saw the little girl being cornered by two other bastards, and he realized that she had not only Buddha, but also swords and demons.The three bosses: Oh, that’s fine.Yun Ranran, who fell into the blackened Shura field and was tossed and tossed: Huh…not very good…wrong, wrong…PS: [1v1]Content tags: female supporting role face-slapping oriental fantasySearch keywords: Protagonist: Yun Ranran ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: - Description from MTLNovel

Abyssal Lord Of The Magi WorldChapter 1057 Great Multiversal Convergence (II)

I Zatiel, Abyssal lord, Ruler of death and destruction, Nightmare of Dys, have AWOKEN!!!!!.His life has been fill with events that can shake the universe:- Fighting against Tiamat, Creator of Evil Dragonkind, in the first circle of hell, while billions of demons and devils butcher each other beneath them- Start a World War against the Heavenly race, and transform himself in a Golden Sun while he slaughters their greatest warriors, the Archangel.- Enter the Final Space and fight against the Outer Gods.- Tearing the nine levels of Baator during his battles against the Prince of Evil, Asmodeus.With his memories as a ruler of the Abyss and a Universal Existence, Zatiel will rise again.English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance if there are any problems, critics are well receivedI have obtained help from a proofreader and editor that goes by Mister_Op on this website. So the previous chapter and new ones will be revised to fix any grammatical mistakes.I don't own the image of the cover if the author wants me to remove just contact me. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

MTL - Why is This Little BrotherChapter 91 In Linghe, there is an immortal who caresses my top and ends up with me, for...

In the mirror of life and soul, Yanchun showed that she was the one who loved her in the opening scene, and in the end, everyone betrayed her, and her lover changed her heart.The legendary Scorpio Lone Star, whoever is involved cannot die.Yanchun refused to accept.But no matter how she tried to change, everything would get worse in the end, and she was even regarded as a lunatic by her lover and relatives…Then Yan Chun chose to give up the treatment completely.Go to his grandmother’s ring dog, and even if she dies, she has to die in her own hands!When robbing a man, the heroine of Destiny complained tearfully: You are just relying on a good life, and he will like you when you are near the water tower!Yan Chun sneered: I am so blamed for being born? I’m looking at your face and it’s still according to me, why don’t you take it off and pay me back?Former friends made things difficult, tried to kidnap Yanchun morally to force Yanchun to apologize, and incited fellow students to accuse Yanchun.Yan Chun shook his index finger lightly: As long as I have no morals, no one can blame me.On the edge of the cliff of life and death in the secret realm, facing the devil’s cave that requires blood sacrifices to pacify the living, it should have been Yanchun who accidentally pushed Senior Brother Zhuma down.Yan Chun didn’t even bother to push, so he looked around and said casually, “Is there any brother who loves me?” Jump down, come back alive and I’ll marry you.Then there really was a normally inconspicuous disciple who jumped in.Decades later he came back alive.Yanchun: … play, play off.——I thought that an ant like me would never meet the star I love in my life, until one day she said, jump down, come back alive and I will marry you.Then I climbed over the mountain of corpses and the sea of ​​blood and touched the stars – Yin YuchenGood at yin and yang, old yin and yang, little junior sister vs yin preyMy current cultivation base is set: Entering the Delusion (strengthening the body), Destructing the Delusion (permanent appearance), Deviating from the Ordinary (rising 250 years old, mid-term 500 years old, peaking at 1000 years old), Cocoon Soul (you can descend at will Others are human and spiritual (share the same life with heaven and earth)Magic cultivation settings: sharpening (invading), destroying soul (middle devil), and violent spirit (big devil) in front, middle and peak levelsThe copy was written on 2021.6.27, screenshots have been takenRead the guideBricks and flowers are random, and lightning is self-avoiding.Content tags: Special liking, a match made in heaven, Xianxia Cultivation, Sister and Brother LoveSearch keywords: protagonist: ┃ supporting role: ┃ other: - Description from MTLNovel

So I Am A Demon Descendent!Chapter 781-END
Slice Of LifeXuanhuanMAGICAL REALISM

When Li Xianyu was 20 years old, he received his father’s inheritance, an 18-year-old great-grandmother who was incredibly beautiful. Li Xianyu: “Great-Grandma, why are you so young?” Great-Grandma: “That’s because I died when I was 18 years old.”

MTL - Unique Legend~ At the end of the story of others
ActionComedyFantasyMartial Arts

Mortimer Zhu is an extremely unfortunate high school student who accidentally enrolls into an academy of a dubious nature, where it is the norm to jump in front of moving trains, get dismembered during orientation, and crushed by vindictive bouncing classrooms. Can he stay alive or will he die from the rigors of school? Why have evil spirits suddenly acquired a taste for his flesh? - Description from Novelupdates

Seized by the SystemChapter 1166: Grand Finale
Martial ArtsActionComedyXuanhuan

Procrastinator extraordinaire, Fang Ning, had lost his consciousness after banging his head on a night of celebration. He woke up to a realization that he no longer had control of his body, as a System had taken it over. Will he eventually regain control of his body or will he be trapped in his body forever? How does he maneuver this situation? What’s in store for Fang Ning?

MTL - Flower Demon’s InnChapter 64 Fanwai · Sugar Elderly

Is a flower demon with three hundred years of cultivation.Shao Zi’s biggest wish is to beat up that egghead Scholar (shu sheng) that always comes to water plants at noon.But when she got close and rubs her hands in preparation for action, she realizes that she’s clearly playing along to someone’s rhythm ah! - Description from Novelupdates

MTL - The Fighting Chicken of Du’s BodyguardChapter 14 The beginning of extra love

Two-way crush, tough guy attack, chicken suffer [You read that right! dogeThe company is particularly down-to-earth this year, giving each person a live chicken that year.Du Xiao looked at the hen whose neck was too fat in other people’s hands, and then looked at the skinny pheasant in his own hand: “…”Chairman: “Don’t carry your wings, it will make him uncomfortable, so he should hold it in his arms.”Du Xiao: “…”Chairman: “Remember to bring it when you visit relatives and friends, don’t bore him at home, and treat him well.”Du Xiao: “…”Chairman: “Go home, happy Spring Festival!”Du Xiao: “…Why didn’t I see the young master today? I haven’t said goodbye to him yet.”Chairman: “Cough cough… I don’t know, I probably ran away from home.”Du Xiao: “…”Du Xiao: Hormone burst decathlon, taciturn, loyal dog bodyguard attackZhou Zhan: I am addicted to life and can’t take care of myselfSweet sweet!Content tags: sweet text, special liking, near water towers, ghosts and monstersSearch keywords: Protagonist: Du Xiao, Zhou Zhan ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others: Zodiac - Description from MTLNovel

The Return of the Iron-blood Sword HoundChapter 395

He was the hunting hound of the Baskerville family.But at the end, he was branded as a traitor and executed.— — —Now, he has returned… after 40 years.“This time, they will be my prey… and I’ll bite every single one of them to death!”

How To Live As A Writer In A Fantasy WorldChapter 320: Education (4)

Reincarnated in a fantasy world. All of the novels worth reading here appear to be SAT English problems. So I began writing my own fantasy novels as a hobby to augment my previous job.However, the novel I wrote had an odd ripple effect. That’s fantastic as well.

MTL - Please Kill the DemonChapter 786 Persuasion【Ask for a monthly ticket! 】
FantasyMartial Arts

【Nonsense】【No morals】【No routine】…The majestic world, nine heavens and ten earths.In a colorful world, happy cultivating immortals.When Chu Liang opened his eyes, he found that he had become a disciple of the Shushan School, and he was carrying a strange pagoda… Since then, he has embarked on an unimaginable road.The thirty-sixth peak rises in the morning smoke, and the dragon is returned eight thousand miles away!…“My lord, please kill the demon!” - Description from novelbuddy

The Academy’s Weakest Became A Demon-Limited HunterChapter 192: Priestess of The Red Lotus (5)

I possessed the weakest character in my favorite game’s Hell Mode. I want to survive, but the way the main character is being controlled is atrocious.It can’t be helped.I have to stop the bad ending myself.

Game of the World TreeChapter 375

In The Kingdom of Elves, the War of Gods 1000 years ago caused the fall of the World Tree. In a world where true gods rule, the fall of the elven civilization came soon after.A 1000 years has passed, the new World Tree is now reborn.Eve Euktrahill, the Mother of Nature, the Goddess of Life, the Great Ruler of Elves. Armed with the ability to connect to the Internet on the blue planet, She(祂, a pronoun used for god) now must rely on players from the blue planet to help her goal of reviving the past glory of the elves and the World Tree.

Abandoned by my Childhood Friend, I Became a War HeroChapter 131: The End (3)

After experiencing heartbreak from being abandoned, he enlisted in the military.And then, he became a war hero. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

Martial CultivatorChapter 483.1: It’s All Fate - Part 1

Chen Chao dreamt of becoming a powerful immortal cultivator, flying on his sword and vanquishing enemies with daoist magic. His hopes were dashed when he discovered that he had absolutely no talent for immortal cultivation. Refusing to submit to his fate, Chen Chao joined the ranks of countless other talentless martial artists and embarked on the path of martial cultivation, a path scorned by the immortal cultivators. In this era of strife where martial cultivators, immortal cultivators, and demonic cultivators wrestled for hegemony, Chen Chao will either rise to the top or fall into eternal damnation.

Fated to Be Loved by VillainsChapter 166: Everyone Be Lying Every Time They Open Their Mouths

I was proposed to by the Final Boss.

Children of the Holy EmperorChapter 100

Lee Seongjin, the strongest hunter who defeated the demon king.He possessed the body of the pig tr*sh Third Prince, the Holy Imperial Family’s shame.But the members of this family… there’s something strange about them?‘Overpowered’ Holy Emperor.‘Regressor’ First Princess.‘Player’ First Prince.Lots of trouble and lots of wordsThe story of the Holy Emperor and his children.

Transcendence Due To A System ErrorChapter 203: The Evolved Power

I am the only person free from the control of the Status Window.Just a word from me, and my status window is gone.To be more precise, an error occurred when I took over the possession of the body.“Ah, why didn’t the dragon drop a single artifact?”Thanks to this, I am gradually distanced from humanity. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

Dungeon Battle Royale ~ Since I became a Demon King, I will aim for World DominationChapter 207: Punishment

One day every human on the world suddenly receives a mail claiming to enact the World Salvation Project. Half in doubt Kurosaki Shion, a diligent university student and loner, follows the mail’s instructions, becoming one of a million Demon Kings governing his very own Domain in the new world.*** This is a post-apocalyptic story containing many fantasy elements. It is a somewhat dark tale following Shion as he grows while aiming for the unification of the all too sudden new world. It has many game-elements bolstered by strategical thinking while at the same time providing funny moments and romantic encounters.

There’s Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made!Chapter 160: Dekan Captures a Vampire Marquess
ComedyMysteryPsychologicalSchool Life

“Why is this [Summoning Card: Goblin] wearing a mask?”“Because it’s a Goblin Gangster!”

Solo Max-Level NewbieChapter 276

Jinhyuk, a gaming Nutuber, was the only person who saw the ending of the game [Tower of Trials].However, when the game’s popularity declined, it became difficult for him to continue making a living as a gaming Nutuber.Since he already saw the ending of the game, he was about to quit playing. But that day, [Tower of Trials] became reality, and Jinhyuk, who knew about every single thing in the game, took over everything faster than anyone possibly could! “I’ll show you what a true pro is like.”

The Academy’s Weapon ReplicatorChapter 50.1: Easy Choice Part 1

Etius, a game that no one has cleared. [GAME OVER]The moment all possible strategies failed, “Student Frondier ?” I became an Extra in the game, I became Frondier! [Weaving] •Saves and replicates images of objects. However, it is an illusion. All I have is the ability to replicate objects as virtual images![Main Quest: Change of Destiny] ? You know the end of humanity’s destruction. Save humanity and change its fate.“Change the fate with this?!” Duplicate everything to carve out my destiny!

I Became a Magical Cheat Loli WitchChapter 92Vol 4 : Bandit Suppression

A goddess of another world who called herself Goddess Liliel gave a unique skill [Creation Magic] to the nameless protagonist who is going to be reincarnated into another world.Although she had knowledge of Japan in her previous life, she couldn’t remember the specifics—-the girl who decided to call herself Chise, invented the [Seed of Magic] in order to increase her mana, and continued creating them with her increased mana.The girl who obtained massive amounts of mana stopped aging, and eventually obtained perpetual youth.The forever young loli cheat creation witch Chise brought her companion Tet, her golem daughter who can’t grow old, to become an adventurer, and traveled around various places in a different world with the safe land as a base that she personally created.

The Knight King Who Returned With a GodChapter 200:

I returned to Earth as the invincible Knight King. But the Gods came with me. ……………………………………………………………Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .

30 Years Have Passed Since the PrologueChapter 100

I got transmigrated into a game I’ve never seen before.I thought it was a top-notch RPG and spent 30 years on it.I retired as a war hero and planned to spend my remaining time leisurely.But it turns out, it was an academy story?

The Misfit of Demon King Academy (WN)Chapter 49.2

After 2000 years has passed, the ruthless demon lord has just been reincarnated! But his aptitude at an academy for nurturing candidates for demon lords is, “Inept”!?Having the capability to destroy humans, elementals, and gods, after a long period of countless wars and strife, Arnos the demon lord became sick and tired of all that and longed for a peaceful world, so he decided to reincarnate to the future.However, what awaited him after his reincarnation is a world too used to peace that his descendants became too weak due to a huge weakening in magical powers.Arnos enrolled in the Maou Academy established to find any students that might be the demon lord’s reincarnation, but his powers are too extraordinary that those in the academy couldn’t properly judge his powers, so he’s regarded as an “Inept student”. Being underestimated and avoided by most people there, he recruited a girl friendly to him, Misha, as his subordinate and comrade, and strives to climb to the top of the demon race hierarchy to one day reclaim his former title and status.

Wandering Mercenary in an Open WorldChapter 100

[Complete your story by challenging countless monsters, demons, and legends]This is the last sentence I saw before I lost my mind.And it’s one sentence that I’m still holding on to.That’s how the journey of killing monsters and wandering in search of all kinds of rumours began.And it will continue.Until the day I get out of this damn game.

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