The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 667 - This Is The Reaction I Want!

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Chapter 667 This Is The Reaction I Want!

Huo Chenhuan said that he would find an appropriate time to reveal Su Yayan’s pregnancy to Gu Shaoyang and the others.

However, in reality, his eagerness to show off did not allow him to wait too long.

The next morning, at the weekly high-level video conference, many people noticed that their boss had been absent-minded during the conference.

Initially, they wanted to give a simple report on their work so that their boss would have more time to spend alone time with the lady boss. However, all of them tensed up immediately.

They were afraid that they would accidentally hit their big boss’s sore spot and become cannon fodder.

Just when everyone was afraid that they would be caught if they did not do well, a familiar figure suddenly flashed past the camera. Immediately, a plate of exquisite snacks and a cup of freshly squeezed fruit juice appeared beside their boss’s hand.

It was Young Madam!!!

The employees on the other end of the screen thought at the same time. This wasn’t the first time Su Yayan had seen Huo Chenhuan holding a meeting with his employees.


Although Huo Chenhuan’s company had Gu Shaoyang and a few other core members helping him run the company, nothing bad happened.

However, it was unrealistic for a boss like Huo Chenhuan, who was absent from work for a month or two, to ignore everything in the company. Therefore, every few days, Huo Chenhuan would hold a meeting to get a general understanding of the company’s operations and settle some important matters that they couldn’t make decisions about.

Usually, Su Yayan would come over to deliver things to him, but she rarely appeared on the screen.

Huo Chenhuan didn’t like it when people in the company kept stealing glances at his wife. However, when Su Yayan was about to leave, Huo Chenhuan grabbed her hand.

“You made this?”

Su Yayan shook her head and explained, “No, no. Aunt Fang made it. I thought that you might like it, so I brought it over.”

Although no one could see Su Yayan, they could hear her voice.

Upon hearing this, they turned into lemon essence every second. Although it wasn’t made by Young Madam herself, that little snack looked delicious.

When other people were working, their wives would send them food. They would ask about their well-being and be considerate. When they were working, they would only have the cold nutrient shakes to sleep with them. This difference…

Cough, cough. Actually, it was not very big. The main difference was Young Madam.

But how many of them could find wives like Young Madam in this world! Boohoohoo! The single people who had to suffer at their jobs had to shut down!

Huo Chenhuan’s tense expression eased a little. He reached out to touch Su Yayan’s stomach and gently asked, “Did the baby make a fuss today?”

The company executives, “???” Baby? Young Madam’s relative had already given birth?

Su Yayan was stunned by his question. She grabbed his hand and chided. “What do you mean by making a fuss? It’s only the size of a pearl now. Are you saying that it’s making a fuss because you’re afraid that it’ll hurt me?”

Huo Chenhuan, “…”

The dumbfounded higher-ups on the other end of the screen, “…”

Huo Chenhuan, who had failed to show off, felt embarrassed. He cleared his throat and was about to say something when he heard a cry from the other end.

“Baby? Could Young Madam be pregnant?”

This cry could be said to be earth-shattering, and the cries of surprise from everyone instantly rose and fell.

Huo Chenhuan straightened his face and raised his eyebrows.

‘Great. This is the reaction I want!’

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