The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise - Chapter 487 - A Bet – 1

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Chapter 487: A Bet – 1

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Wu Zhiheng did not know how to reply. First, he had not found information about the group leader, and second, ever since Bai Miao had come to Yu City, she had been thinking about how to cure his eldest brother and make Fu Zhi her daughter-in-law, so they had not had enough time to look for the group leader.

Although Yu City was a small city, looking for a bigshot who avoided publicity was akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

As Wu Qi lit a cigarette, there were lines of exhaustion around his eyes. “Forget about it. I heard from Lao Liu that the group leader is coming to Myanmar for the stone-gambling session. We owe her a great debt of gratitude, and I want to thank her personally. As for Hang Yuan and No.1 High School… I give you permission to act as you see fit. Just do your best to entertain Ouyang Ya as long as she doesn’t go overboard with her demands.”

Wu Qi had been very patient with Ouyang Ya. As for Wu Zhiheng, he was in a love-hate relationship with Fu Zhi, but at the same time, he had the desire to conquer Ouyang Ya.

However, what Ouyang Ya could get from him was more than what Fu Zhi could get from him, and he was worried about that. “There’s a rumor that Ouyang Zhui has a biological child, so are we really going to go all out for Ouyang Ya? I mean, what if the real descendant of the Ouyang Family comes back…”

“It doesn’t matter if he or she is coming back or not anymore. It’s too late,” Wu Qi said. “In the coming year, Ouyang Feng will start recruiting new members for his Shadow Corps. Every promising disciple of the Ouyang Family will join a training session that will last 1 to 3 months, and the best one will be the captain of the Shadow Corps.”

Therefore, even if Ouyang Zhui had a biological son or daughter, he or she would be just like a fish on a chopping board in the wilderness, as they had never received any special training before.

Besides, in the Ouyang Family, everyone only followed the orders of the strongest, and Ouyang Ya was the most promising candidate right now. That was the reason Wu Qi had decided to support her. He said, “Just follow her orders.”

Wu Zhiheng licked his lips and said, “What if she asks me to do something to Fu Zhi?”

“Just do as you’re told. Alright, let’s just stop here today. I have to take a look at jade stone no.23.”


Fu Zhi received a text message from Lao Liu, who said that he had tried his best to clue Wu Qi in. However, it seemed to him that Wu Qi did not get him at all. What’s more, Wu Qi had even given more funds to the Mu Family as instructed by Ouyang Ya.

Fu Zhi took a look at the group.

Lucky Cloud Pavilion had bought a total of 60 jade stones. Both Lao Liu and Bai Ji were discussing jade stone no.23 as instructed by Fu Zhi.

Lao Liu and Bai Ji had been working with Fu Zhi in stone gambling for the longest time, and she was at ease when it came to their acting.

Her trap had been laid, and right now, she just needed to wait for her prey to fall in.


The next day, while the students of Class 21 were doing their own thing, Song Fang suddenly walked into the classroom in a panic. He looked around the class and then grabbed Wang Yu, who was playing with his phone by the door. “Wang Yu, have you seen Sister Zhi? Where is she now?”

Song Fang’s forehead was filled with sweat, and it seemed to Wang Yu that something big had happened. He handed a tumbler to Song Fang and said, “What’s wrong? You look like someone else’s house is on fire. Come on, have some water first.”

“No! Just answer my question! Where’s Fu Zhi?” Song Fang snarled, stunning Wang Yu. He pointed at the corridor and said, “I’m not sure either, but I saw her go out just now. I guess she’s making a call in the corridor.”

Song Fang then rushed to the corridor. When he saw Fu Zhi, he shouted, “Stop looking at your phone! Mr. Ma is having a fight with Qian Wenrui! She’s scratching his face, and it seems like he’s going to lose! Sister Zhi, hurry up and go help him!”

“They are fighting?”

Song Fang was shouting so loudly that every other student in the class had heard him clearly.

“Qian Wenrui is a woman, and it’s not convenient for me to help Mr. Ma, so it has to be you.”

Fu Zhi did not say anything else. She just followed Song Fang.

Ma Mingquan had been a good teacher. Even though Class 21 was known as the worst class in No.1 High School, he had never given up on them. Therefore, although the students did not say so, they respected him from the bottom of their hearts. When they heard that he was being beaten by Qian Wenrui, they put down everything they were doing and followed Song Fang.

It was a mess in the office.

There were a few teachers behind Qian Wenrui, and most of them were the teachers of Class 1.

“Ms. Qian, let’s just forget it. It’s not worth letting such a trifle affect our good relationship.”

“Yeah, right. Let’s just calm down first.”

“You too, Mr. Ma. It was the school’s decision to transfer them to Class 1, so you should just go along with the arrangement. Besides, Zhou Zihuai is a student of Class 1, and Fu Zhi is one of the best students in our school, so don’t you think it’d be a bit wasteful for them to stay in a terrible class like Class 21?”

Ma Mingquan was holding his thermos cup so tightly in his hand that his knuckles were turning white. He glared angrily at Qian Wenrui, and had it not been for the teacher holding him back, he would have thrown himself at Qian Wenrui already.

“Am I even talking about Fu Zhi and Zhou Zihuai? The reason my students can stay focused in my class is because of my beautiful face. Now that you’ve scratched my face, how am I supposed to teach my students next time?”

Qian Wenrui was huffing in anger as well.

“Why did I scratch you? Just ask yourself, Ma Mingquan. If you hadn’t done those disgusting things behind my back, would I have scratched your face? Tell me honestly, are you the one who won’t allow Fu Zhi and Zhou Zihuai to transfer to my class? Otherwise, why would Director Liu tell me that both of them refused to transfer to my class?”

Fu Zhi and Song Fang were standing outside the office right now. They soon understood everything and approached Ma Mingquan.

“This has nothing to do with Mr. Ma. I’m the one who said I didn’t want to join your class,” Fu Zhi said. “You can’t teach me, and I don’t want an unethical teacher to be my teacher either.”

The moment Fu Zhi finished speaking, the entire office fell silent for a moment. Qian Wenrui was the first one to come around to her senses, and her expression turned grim.

When Fu Zhi had first joined No.1 High School, she had looked down on her because of her bad attitude and terrible academic performance. It was only after Fu Zhi had brought glory to their school and the country several times that she had begun to see her in a new light.

Qian Wenrui had started to see Fu Zhi’s potential and was confident that she could elevate Fu Zhi to a whole new level if she was given a chance.

However, this dream would forever be a dream, as reality had given her a huge slap in the face.

Even though the school authorities had agreed to let Fu Zhi and Zhou Zihuai transfer from Class 21 to Class 1, both of them had said no.

At first, Qian Wenrui had thought Ma Mingquan had said something to them and told them not to transfer to her class. That was why she had confronted Ma Mingquan. Who knew the two of them would get so heated midway through their conversation that they’d end up fighting with each other. Now that Fu Zhi had arrived, she’d finally realized Ma Mingquan had nothing to do with it. It was Fu Zhi who did not want to come to Class 1.

Was Fu Zhi an idiot?

Did she not know that joining Class 1 could improve her academic performance drastically?

Qian Wenrui’s face was livid with rage.

The other students from Class 21 heaved a sigh of relief once they heard what Fu Zhi had said.

“Sister Zhi said she’s not going to Class 1!” Yun Xiaoxiao shouted.

“I cried for so long last night when I found out she was leaving! By the way, do you think I can return the gift I bought for Sister Zhi? Gah, I’m about to cry!”

“It’s good that Sister Zhi is not leaving our class, so why are you crying?”

“Because I can get my money back if I return the gift. Do you know how much the gift cost? 30,000 yuan! That’s my monthly allowance! I’m crying because I don’t have to eat buns for the rest of the month! They are tears of joy!”


Qian Wenrui smacked the table. Her hair was disheveled from the fight. After hearing what the students from Class 21 had said, she glared furiously at Fu Zhi and snarled, “Fu Zhi, is this how you should talk to your teacher? Do you really think you will excel in life if you stay in Class 21, which consists of nothing but a bunch of rotten apples?”

Fu Zhi’s face turned grim, but Qian Wenrui failed to notice it.

“Do you guys really think that Class 21 is a good place? Look at yourselves. One of you doesn’t have parents, while another comes from a poor family. The rest of the students in Class 21 are from rich families. They have their families to support them, but what do you two have? Nothing! If you guys don’t work hard on your studies, you will eventually become the scum of society in the future!”

“Seriously?” Song Fang chimed in coldly. “Are you discriminating against the rich?”

Then, other students added, “Yeah, right. Although we’re not good at studying, we don’t drag them down.”

All the underachievers and bad students that came to No.1 High School because of their status and background were thrown into Class 21. There were only a few of them, such as Zhou Zihuai, who got kicked to Class 21 from Class 1 due to a specific reason.

Qian Wenrui had been looking down on underachievers like them. After she heard what they’d just said, she scoffed sarcastically and said, “You guys don’t drag them down? Hah, really? Is that really what you guys think? It’s exactly because of you guys that the teachers of Class 21 have to repeat the most basic stuff about a certain subject again and again and again, but do Fu Zhi and Zhou Zihuai really need that? And you guys still say that you don’t drag them down? That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.”

The faces of the students of Class 21 changed.

Qian Wenrui then added, “I can give the best education and studying environment to Fu Zhi and Zhou Zihuai. They can discuss their homework with the best students in Class 1. Fu Zhi refuses to come because there’s something wrong with her brain. As for you guys, you’re just a bunch of good-for…”

Before Qian Wenrui could finish her sentence, Ye Jiu stuffed a paper ball into Qian Wenrui’s mouth.

“You talk too much,” he commented.

He was poor. If he was not afraid of paying a huge medical bill, he might have done more than stuff a paper ball into Qian Wenrui’s mouth.

Qian Wenrui spat the paper ball out, her eyes turning red from anger. “That’s rude! You are so rude!

“Now, I get it. There is no good student in class 21! You’re all self-serving sociopaths!”

Fu Zhi glanced at Qian Wenrui and said, “Did your parents not teach you how to behave like a human?”

Before Qian Wenrui could say anything, Zhou Zihuai showed up and shouted, “Report—”

Qian Wenrui turned her head toward him.

Then, Zhou Zihuai said, “Miss, I’m here to tell you that I’m not transferring to your class. I feel comfortable staying in Class 21 and I don’t feel like they are dragging me down. They are all my friends, not a bunch of good-of-nothings. As for you, miss, you should reflect on yourself after saying such a thing to students.”

The students of Class 21 regained their morale after they heard the things Zhou Zihuai and Fu Zhi said.

“Class 21 is bad? Do you think Class 1 is good?”

“You’ll discuss homework? Sister Zhi is at the peak of the mountain and doesn’t need you guys to tell her what she should do.”

“Aren’t you the one who kicked her to Class 21 when she came? You dumped her, but you want her back because she’s doing well in school? Who the hell do you think you are to take all the good things in the world?”

Qian Wenrui would not have felt as bad if Fu Zhi and Zhou Zihuai had talked back to her, as both of them were overachievers in their school. However, the entire Class 21 was now chiding her and questioning her qualifications as a teacher, and that was something she could not accept.

Qian Wenrui took a deep breath and snarled, “Very well then! I can’t do anything to Fu Zhi, but you, Zhou Zihuai… I will make sure you regret everything you’ve said today!”

Just as she turned around and attempted to leave, Fu Zhi grabbed her wrist. “Apologize.”

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