The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny - Chapter 1180 - Disregard the Severity  

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Chapter 1180: Disregard the Severity

Meng Jifang also felt that there was something wrong with the rumors. In the past few days, his good friends did not go out and stayed home like cowards.

The friend who gave him the beauty seemed to have been caught.

He also wanted to ask about it to show his loyalty. However, he had lost so much money, so he knew that the creditor would come sooner or later. He had to be more obedient and let his father calm down first.

“Father, you already said that I owe money but I can still prove my innocence… Isn’t that a good thing? Don’t blame me…” Meng Jifang smiled obsequiously and pretended to be obedient.

If Prince Rong’s men had not plotted against him for the money, he would probably have been caught too.

Being plotted against would prove that he and Prince Rong were not in cahoots!

Marquis Meng could not help but glare at his own son. His face turned grim with anger. Gritting his teeth, he asked, “That… fortune-telling you mentioned just now, what happened?”

Upon mentioning this, not only did Meng Jifang stop kneeling, he even sat down directly and asked a servant to pour him a cup of tea.

Marquis Meng was angry and could not do anything about it, so he could only endure it.

“It’s a long story…” Meng Jifang let out a mischievous chuckle. “Father, I’m afraid you won’t believe me. A while ago, didn’t you feel sorry for my weak body? Actually… It wasn’t that my body was weak. I was possessed… I did not want to tell you about this. It’s too embarrassing…”

Now that he had made a mistake, his father would be gentler to him if he told him about it.

“Possessed? What happened?” As expected, Marquis Meng’s expression did not look too good. He could not hide his concern.

“It’s not a big deal. It was just a ghoul following me. Wherever I go, she goes. I hadn’t been able to sleep well for a few days. Later, I found Mo Chusheng and went outside to send that ghoul away. However, when I returned to the capital, Mo Chusheng read my fortune and said that I was in double trouble and that it wasn’t good.”

Meng Jifang was still not too concerned.

However, Marquis Meng had already taken it very seriously.

He knew what kind of background Mo Chusheng had.

That person was the Crown Prince’s senior sister. He had never been on good terms with the Crown Prince, so he had also thoroughly investigated this Taoist master. This person came from the Water Moon Temple. The temple did not seem to have much of a reputation, but more than twenty years ago, the Taoist master there had also made a name for herself!

Moreover, ever since Mo Chusheng entered the capital, she had read the fortunes of many people. She was very accurate.

He did not doubt Mo Chusheng’s ability at all.

However, now, this person had predicted his son’s double misfortune…

“What else did Mo Chusheng say?” Marquis Meng was very nervous.

“What else did she say?” Meng Jifang thought for a moment and then said, “Oh. She said that I won’t live to be thirty, but Father, I don’t believe it at all. Look at my body, how good is it? It’s not like I’m the eldest daughter of the Xie family, like I was sick since I was in my mother’s womb.”

Marquis Meng’s hand that was holding the cup trembled.

“Why didn’t you say such an important thing earlier?!” Marquis Meng was furious.

He was really angry. How could this child disregard the severity?!

“She said that I won’t live to be 30. Father, she’s on the Crown Prince’s side…” Meng Jifang’s voice was a little softer.

“Then why did you look for her to read your fortune? It’s already done, why don’t you believe it?!” Marquis Meng said fiercely, then, he relaxed his tone. “My son, the Crown Prince’s reputation is extremely high. All these years, I have suffered quite a lot from him, no? If his majesty had treated all his sons equally, then the Fourth Prince would still have had a chance. But now… The Crown Prince is like the sun in the sky. The emperor has even let him approve the memorials to the throne…”

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