Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years-Chapter 1185 - Chapter 1185 Ten Billion Years

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Chapter 1185 - Chapter 1185 Ten Billion Years

Chapter 1185 Ten Billion Years

Li Yao stayed by Han Jue’s side to cultivate. As Han Jue cultivated, he released his Creator

Lord’s will and helped her comprehend the basic rules.

Han Yunjin finally recovered after a few years and quickly left the Dao Field. After that, the disciples of the Han family discovered that their progenitor had actually begun to enter seclusion and it was very difficult to see him again.

This was strange. In the past, Han Yunjin was seldom seen cultivating and was always busy visiting his descendants. He could be said to be the freest person in the entire Han family.!!

The news of Han Huang and Han Yunjin losing to the Lord did not spread.

Ten million years later.

Li Yao returned to her Daoist temple. Her Great Dao World had more opportunities and changed endlessly, but the living beings inside did not sense it.

The current Li Yao was confident that she could definitely become a Dao Creator.

Furthermore, she was not far from it! …

A billion years passed quickly. Han Jue opened his eyes again.

This time, no one looked for him.

He observed for a while before retracting his gaze and continuing cultivating.

He was about to reach ten billion years of age.

Several hundred million years later, three notifications appeared in front of him. [Detected that you are ten billion years old and your life has taken another step forward. You have the following choices:] [1: Immediately destroy all the Great Dao Worlds. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, a Primordial Fragment, and an Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone.] [2: Cultivate in a low-profile manner and maintain your original intention. You can obtain a Great Dao Fragment, a Creation Spirit Stone, a Primordial Fragment, and an Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone.] [You have obtained a Creation Heaven’s Chosen attempt.]

There was no change. The Ultimate Origin Spirit Stone was no longer useful to Han Jue, so he treated it as a collection.

Han Jue silently chose the second option.

He suddenly had an idea. Should he enter seclusion for longer a period of time?

In any case, time was already very boring for him.

Han Jue didn’t know when that mysterious white-haired man would be born.

However, he didn’t have to watch him be born, even if the white-haired man was killed by him the moment he was born. In that case, would there really be no second white-haired man in the future?

He would definitely not be able to stop it.

It was better to become as strong as possible!

Han Jue sent a voice transmission to the Dao Companions and told them that he would enter seclusion for a long time. Then, he continued his seclusion.

He was secluded for ten billion years.

The blank domain developed rapidly. Several Dao Creators were born in this period.

In the Transcendent Divine Hall.

Figures knelt in front of the door, their foreheads pressed tightly against the steps. “All of you, leave. The Dao Creator won’t attack.”

The Formless Transcendent Deity’s voice sounded cold.

A middle-aged man in a dragon robe looked up and asked in a low voice, “May I ask, Great Deity, did you tacitly agree to his actions?”

No more sound came from the Transcendent

Divine Hall.

The dragon-robed man knelt for a while more before slowly standing up.

The other figures stood up and left with him. “In that case, don’t blame us for risking everything!” the dragon-robed man muttered to himself. Just as he took a few steps, he transformed into a golden dragon that was hundreds of millions of kilometers long and flew to the end of the blank domain. The other figures also transformed into dragons and followed him.

In the Transcendent Divine Hall.

The Formless Transcendent Deity opened his eyes and sighed slowly. “The era has changed, after all. Even the Dao

Creators will enter the calamity. I should let go.”

A figure walked out of the darkness at this moment. It was the Ninth Chaos. The Ninth Chaos said indifferently, “The Lord is in seclusion. Several Dao Creators have been born in the past ten billion years. Many variables have also been born in the Endless Era. This is the Endless Era. The dominant era that belongs to the Dao Creators is about to end. Join forces with me. The five ancient Dao Creators should be united.”

The Formless Transcendent Deity asked, “If the Lord knows…” “We are not against the Lord. We’re joining forces to protect ourselves. Don’t you realize that many karma that you can’t see through have already appeared in the blank domain? Only by joining forces and establishing a new order can we help the Lord maintain the Endless Era,” the Ninth Chaos interrupted him and continued.

The Formless Transcendent Deity was silent.


The Transcendent Divine Hall shook as if it was about to collapse. It trembled for a few breaths of time.

The Ninth Chaos sighed. “This child is getting closer and closer to becoming a Dao Creator. He’s only two billion years old, but he already has such a fortuitous encounter. He’s really impressive.” The Formless Transcendent Deity said, living beings will suffer if he becomes a Dao

Creator.” “Perhaps.” “I promise you, we’ll join forces.” “Yes, wait a little longer. I’ll give you a surprise.” “All

With that, the Ninth Chaos vanished and the hall fell silent again. …

Third Dao Field.

Han Yunjin came to visit his mothers. They gathered in Li Yao’s Daoist temple and chatted about the Endless Era. “Tsk tsk. Mother, where did Emperor Chen Ni come from? He slaughtered so many Great Dao Worlds. Great Dao Supremes can’t do anything to him. Even the Dao Creators didn’t make a move,” Han Yunjin asked in confusion.

Li Yao said calmly, “He’s a providence lifeform of the Endless Era. What’s protecting him is not the Dao Creators, but the core rule of the blank domain. Even the Dao Creators can’t understand it. I’m afraid only your father can kill him.”

Xing Hongxuan sighed. “I didn’t expect that the opportunity I gave him back then would make him a scourge of the Endless Era.” Dao Comprehension Sword shook her head. “How can it be your fault? If not for you, he would have died long ago. Speaking of which, he even acknowledged you as his mother. Even you can’t dissuade him?” “I can’t. Although he respects me, his obsession is too deep. I can’t control him at all,” Xing Hongxuan said helplessly. The legend of the Prominent Divine Dream Mother was still spreading in the blank domain. The current her was the deity that all living beings respected the most. She had gathered more faith than the Great Deity and the Dao Creator. Han Yunjin said unhappily, “That fellow destroyed the Heavenly Dao and slaughtered the Dragon Race. I really want to deal with him. Unfortunately, I’m not strong enough.” After being tortured by Han Jue, he worked hard to become stronger. However, after so many years, he was only a Great Dao Supreme. He had already reached his limit and his cultivation couldn’t increase anymore. He changed the topic. “When will Father come out of seclusion? This blank domain is about to be engulfed in chaos, but he can still cultivate in peace.

Xuan Qingjun smiled faintly. “It’s just chaotic for us. In his eyes, it might not be troublesome at all.”

Han Yunjin felt that it made sense and nodded.

At this moment, they felt a vast pressure, startling them so much that they turned around.

In the depths of the blank domain. Two figures were facing each other, and their auras had reached the extreme.

One of them was the Primordial Fiendcelestial

Han Huang!

Han Huang was high and mighty. His aura clearly suppressed the other party as he looked down at him.

The person facing him was a white-haired man in armor. His armor was embedded with bones. His face was demonic and his pupils were long and narrow, like a demon. His aura was especially blood-colored and extremely terrifying. “As expected of the former number one person below the Dao Creator Realm. He’s indeed powerful…” Emperor Chen Ni looked up at Han Huang and smiled crazily. He licked his lips and raised his right hand. A bone sword appeared in his hand.