Transmigrated into a Parvenu’s Ex-wife in the ‘90s - Chapter 462: "I will live a good life in this world." (1)

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Chapter 462: “I will live a good life in this world.” (1)

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Chapter 462 – “I will live a good life in this world.” (1)

“His new mistress?” Shu Yan figured that Ye Zhiqiang was traumatized by his previous experience, so he took the initiative this time around.

To her surprise, Li Miaomiao shook her head. “No, it was a wealthy woman 10 years his senior. Words from the grapevine said that she was the late wife of one of his partners. His partner died in an accident and the two of them hooked up. Can you believe that?”

“Wow. That was really something.” Ye Zhiqiang continued to surprise her with how low he could go.

If her memories served her correctly, his mistress was the partner’s cousin, right? Shu Yan thought he would be marrying the cousin, but he ended up marrying his partner’s wife. Question was whether the partner really died in an accident.

Shu Yan found out that the partner really died in an accident when she talked to Feng Zeyu that night.

“I found that out a while back, but I didn’t bring it up to you. No reason to violate your ears with that.”

Shu Yan chuckled. “You are right that he is not someone important to me. I only listened to it as a joke when Third Sister-in-Law told me about it today. Let’s go to bed.”

The next day, Shu Yan brought Feng Zeyu with her to purchase the New Year’s Goods at the mall. This mall just opened up a year ago and rumor had it that it was an investment of a boss from Hong Kong. With the New Year getting close, there were a lot of shoppers.

“Let’s go check out this place.” Shu Yan saw a candy shop and dragged Feng Zeyu inside.

“Hi, would you like some candies?”

A privately-invested mall was special. The service alone was ten times better.

“Yes, but you don’t need to follow me around. I’ll go take a look on my own and I will let you know when I need you.” Shu Yan didn’t really like to have a salesperson following her around trying to make a sale.

“Alright. Do let me know if you need anything.”

“Shall we buy a little bit of everything and mix them all up?” Shu Yan took a look around and asked Feng Zeyu for his opinion.

“That works.” Feng Zeyu nodded.

Shu Yan was just about to have the salesgirl bring her a bag when she heard cussing noises coming from the shop across from them. She looked up and saw a chubby woman pointing and yelling at the salesgirl.

The salesgirl continued to bow, apologize, and squatted down to wipe the chubby woman’s shoe clean. There was some watermark on top of it, most likely the salesgirl had spilled some water on her accidentally when she was filling their water.

When the salesgirl stood up, Shu Yan was taken aback a little when she saw her. Li Jiaojiao? She had returned to City Xi? Or, should she say, how did she end up a salesgirl?

Perhaps Shu Yan had been staring at her a bit too intensely, Li Jiaojiao suddenly looked in her direction.

Their eyes met. Shu Yan was indifferent, and Li Jiaojiao was embarrassed. Shu Yan could tell, however, that Li JiaoJaio didn’t recognize her. She wouldn’t just be embarrassed had she recognized Shu Yan, she would also be deeply ashamed.

“What’s the matter?” Feng Zeyu walked over with a bag in his hand.

“Oh, nothing. Just ran into someone unexpected was all. Let’s get some candies.” Shu Yan didn’t want to talk about Li Jiaojiao. Let bygones be bygones.

That night, Shu Yan suddenly had a very lengthy dream.

The original owner was saved after taking the pills and, half-conscious, was tricked into getting a divorce by Ye Zhiqiang. She returned home with the 10,000 yuan in the bank and her two children. Her deposit book was taken away by Lin Zixiang on day one.

Without any money, Shu Youfu and Lin Zixiang didn’t care about the original owner. They didn’t care whether she had recovered and bossed her around the house. Tianbao was still young but JingJing, too, worked with her day and night.

After the divorce and being bossed around by her family since being discharged from the hospital, the original owner quickly lost some weight.

She was still a bit on the dark side, but her features weren’t bad. Seeing her the way that she was, Lin Zixiang had ideas again.

She wanted the original owner to get more money from Ye Zhiqiang in the name of her children.

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