TranXending Vision - Chapter 1106 - The Rift Between Master and Disciple

A man in the eastern hemisphere was having the time of his life as the female ninja continued to experiment new positions on him. It was a known fact that the Japanese women were the best at serving men. Despite that, a certain woman on the other side of the world was in a completely different mood.

America, Las Vegas, in the Hattori clan’s V Science Corporation Limited branch office building.

“You bastard!” Hattori Mei slapped a family fighter across his face with unconcealed wrath. “You’re all garbage!”

The family fighter with the swelling cheek bowed his head lower and placed his palms in the middle of his trousers. Wordlessly taking in her berating and beatings.

“Six guerilla fighters and a carefully planned operation had resulted in failure. Everyone is dead but not Xia Lei and his children!” seethed Hattori Mei.

The family fighter respectfully reported, “The operation had progressed smoothly. Our men had made it into the hospital but everything went wrong when we confronted Xia Lei. I don’t know the details but this was the outcome.”

“Get out!” Hattori Mei pointed sharply at the door.

“Yes, madam.” The family fighter nodded slightly, took three steps back and turned around for the exit.

The door to the lounge in the office opened. A tall and thin old man with a crown of silver hair paced out of the quiet lounge. He was dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono with a battle-worn katana hanging off his belt.

He was Tsukino Kyoko’s master. Yagyu Yuichi.

There was not an ounce of expression on his face. His pace over to Hattori Mei was spent entirely in cold, stifling silence.

Hattori Mei regarded him respectfully. “Sir, our operation has failed. All six of the guerilla fighters had perished, but Xia Lei and his children remain alive.”

Yagyu Yuichi finally spoke, “No need to feel defeated. Their deaths are not without value. At least we’ve understood something.”

“Huh?” Hattori Mei blinked in confusion. “What do you mean, sir?”

Yagyu Yuichi explained, “China is Xia Lei’s turf. To assassinate him in China is bound for failure. The Chinese government has realized how valuable of an asset Xia Lei is. You don’t need much to piece together how heavy security will be. Also, six samurais are not enough.”

“Sir, do you know how to get around this?”

“I have a disciple serving him. Her name is Tsukino Kyoko, an excellent samurai I personally cultivated.” Pausing for a moment, Yagyu Yuichi revealed, “I’ve already called her.”

“You’re asking her to kill him?”

The older man nodded. “I’m still waiting for her response.”

“Can we trust her?”

Yagyu Yuichi replied, “I’ve reinforced the values of the samurai spirit. Benevolence, justice, respect, wisdom, fidelity, loyalty and sincerity in her ever since she was a child. She was raised as a traditional Japanese samurai and I trust that she’d make the right choice.”

A smile immediately appeared across Hattori Mei’s face. “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that from you. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? If so, the six fighters wouldn’t need to be sacrificed.”

Yagyu Yuichi answered nonchalantly, “Without sacrifices, how will I awaken Tsukino Kyoko’s morals? She had served the man for too long. The only way to wake her up is through the use of her people’s blood and soul. That’s why I’ve sent her brother disciple, Watanabe Hakusho to join the assassination operation. Watanabe had cared for her when they were kids, they share a pretty decent bond.”

Hattori Mei lowered her head. “Sir, your mastery of human nature is impressive. At this rate, I’m sure your disciple will make the right choice.”

Yagyu Yuichi’s lips were curled into a confident smile that channelled control. “Six valiant fighters, including her brother disciple were sacrificed in the battle. As a Japanese samurai, she’d know what choice to make.”

“Sir, when will she give her answer?” Hattori Mei was evidently rushed.

Yagyu Yuichi studied the clock on the wall. “Soon. I think she’d be calling very soon.”

Both of them waited for the fated moment.

Ten minutes later…

“Sir.” Hattori Mei could no longer wait. “She might still be hesitating. If you could call her, surely it’d help her settle on a decision.”

Yagyu Yuichi returned her a light nod and brought out his phone.

Hattori Mei meekly asked, “Sir, can I listen to it too?”

Yagyu Yuichi pressed on the loudspeaker button.

Doot doot doot… Doot doot doot…

The call was only answered at the fifty-fifth second mark.

The moment Tsukino Kyoko’s voice rang through the device, it felt as if her timbre had the power to freeze time. Suddenly, Yagyu Yuichi and Hattori Mei found it difficult to breathe.

“Ah…! Stop! This is embarrassing!” Tsukino Kyoko’s words burnt like fire. The woman sounded as if every tension suppressed in her lithe body was about to flood out.

On one end, it was a solemn discussion about the nation’s interest, the fate of the people and the Bushido spirit. On the other end, were feverish moans and sweet nothings. In that instance, Hattori Mei and Yagyu Yuichi felt like they needed to reevaluate life.

Tsukino Kyoko’s moans continued to pour out from the device. It was not exaggerated, grounded by the slight pauses and chokes that made it sound genuine.

Thirty seconds had passed, Hattori Mei decided she did not want to listen to this monstrosity further. She tossed a look at Yagyu Yuichi.

The man’s expression was extremely dark. With all his might, Yagyu Yuichi swallowed his rage. “Kyoko, what are you doing?”

“Mmph! Not there! Not there… please! I’m gonna come…” Tsukino Kyoko’s high pitched whine had the power to bend the toughest steel in the universe.

Yagyu Yuichi was pissed beyond words.

How dare Tsukino Kyoko give her reply in this manner. This not only indicated her choice but it was also blatant disrespect to her master!

Hattori Mei was suddenly reminded of something. She lowered her voice to its minimum. “The person with her must be Xia Lei.”

It probably would’ve been better if Xia Lei wasn’t mentioned. Yagyu Yuichi lost his cool. “Kyoko! Kill him or you must die!”

“Ah! Ah! This feels too good…” That was all Tsukino Kyoko had to say.

“Bastard!” Yagyu Yuichi smashed his phone against the ground.

Crack! The poor communication device broke into pieces.

And with that, the call had ended.

Hattori Mei carefully spoke, “Sir, it seems like this plan is a no-go. Your disciple has betrayed you and her country. A person like this must die!”

“I’ll slaughter her myself!” Yagyu Yuichi’s glare was sharper than a knife.

“We need to come up with a new plan,” said Hattori Mei firmly.

Yagyu Yuichi fell into a thoughtful silence. “I mentioned that the chances of success are low if we continue to attempt assassination in China. We need to lure him out of the country and gather forces to take him out. What will be a good bait for the job?”

Hattori Mei suggested, “If the recent incident hadn’t occurred and I was still ‘alive’, I would’ve served as pretty good bait. However, I’m supposed to be dead. My worth as a lure is lost. If we let news loose that I’m still alive, I fear it might raise his suspicion.”

There was a cold smirk playing on Yagyu Yuichi’s sharp features. He understood her concerns. Their opponent was Xia Lei. No one was going to risk their lives as bait against him. While Hattori Mei may be their best shot, the woman was not willing to shoulder the risk.

Japanese samurais were known to be greatly sacrificial for the sake of Japan’s national interest and future. But as soon as the need for their service was called, their true colours would begin to show. What an ironic joke.

Seemingly picking up the shift in Yagyu Yuichi’s emotions, Hattori Mei quickly followed up, “But this time, I think there’s no need to sacrifice our own people. All of our lives are precious. Since we’re in a desperate need for bait, why can’t we just use someone else?”


“The FA Organization members, Yan Fo and Augustan.” Hattori Mei continued to elaborate, “Xia Lei had always wished to destroy the FA Organization from its roots and those two just so happened to be their prized commanders. They’re working for America at the moment and are involved in Project Shepherd. He’s bound to take that bait.”

“If he doesn’t?” Yagyu Yuichi raised a brow.

Hattori Mei chuckled coldly. “Then we’ll size up the lure.”

“With what?”

“Information on the FA’s new headquarters.” Hattori Mei studied the older man’s expression.

Yagyu Yuichi’s lips went into a smirk. “You’re better than your father.”

Hattori Mei reached over, letting Yagyu Yuichi clasp her hand in a handshake.

Meanwhile, across the globe, in a small unnamed spring.

Calamity had finally returned to the turbulent water surface as two pale mermaids prided themselves apart. Minutes ago, the pair were still fooling around on the patch of grass surrounding the pool, uprooting some strands in the process.

Floating above the surface in tranquillity, Xia Lei had a satisfied smile plastered on his face. The Iga-ryu women were really as skilled in physical pleasure as Tsukino Kyoko had claimed. When she serviced him, he felt like a deity. No wonder she had the confidence to challenge his ability to last.

Beautiful women were like alcohol. Some were good and some were poisonous. Some were secret formulations that would get one hooked on with the first sip. Yet, he was lucky enough to meet the latter. Xia Lei had always been one with great luck when it came to women.

Tsukino Kyoko swam over to him and floated beside him. She was the smaller mermaid while he was the larger mermaid. Her expression too showed her bliss. This world only had one Xia Lei and she felt lucky enough to have encountered him.

They both stared at the radiant stars above as it flickered like some kind of undecipherable light signal.

“My master must be angry with me.” Tsukino Kyoko interrupted their peace.

Xia Lei muttered, “I hope you won’t meet each other in battle. If you do, I’ll handle it for you.”

“No, he’s powerful. You won’t stand a chance against him. I know him the best so I should be the one doing it. If I kill him, it’ll be considered as a personal milestone,” Tsukino Kyoko mumbled back.

Xia Lei couldn’t help but smile bitterly at that. The Japanese hivemind sure was difficult to understand sometimes.

“When are we moving to Las Vegas?” She asked.

Xia Lei replied, “We’ll go as soon as Giovanna and the knights are done with preparations. Also…”


“In that phone call with your master, I heard another woman’s voice.” Xia Lei’s expression turned serious. “It was Hattori Mei’s voice. She really is still alive. She’s with your master as of now.”

“So my master is in Las Vegas too? If I meet him, I’ll personally end his life. No one is allowed to interfere.” There was a hint of excitement in her eye.

“Kyoko, I should head back now,” said Xia Lei.

Quietly, Tsukino Kyoko dove into the water.

Xia Lei’s legs immediately went stiff with a cramp.

The Iga-ryu women sure had their techniques to make a man stay.

Clouds began to shroud the moon as if protecting it from the sinful exchange.