Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets - Chapter 242 - This Is A Giant Dragon?

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Chapter 242 This Is A Giant Dragon?

“This, Lei Yunfeng, has two lightning attribute soul pets. Although their soul power cultivation hasn’t reached a thousand years, in the Thunder Soul Earth, they can be said to be like fish in water. When these two soul pets work together, they have a certain tacit understanding. He’s a good seedling.”

Officer Yun pointed at the screen and said, “Speaking of which, I discovered a problem. Principal Nan, your Battle Soul major students come from the West Peak Continent. The ratio is quite large.”

“This, this, and this… They’re all from the West Peak Continent.”

Officer Yun pointed at several images.

They were all brilliant contestants in the Aviation Cup.

“Look, this Mountain Bamboo Bear crushed it on the first level. This Student Yang Xiaoshan’s strength is not bad. He’s also from the West Peak Continent.”

Officer Yun pointed at the scene of a huge Bamboo Bear shattering the surroundings with a Wave Fist.

“Other than that, there are three others from the other continents. They are all very strong.”

Officer Yun pointed at a buzz cut boy on the screen, “This is Zhao Zhige. His soul pet is a Martial Vajra. His soul power cultivation has already broken through a thousand years, and his soul power is also at Level 18. His martial soul is the Cloud Lightning Staff. It’s a staff-type martial soul that can absorb lightning. When the two combine, one strike from the first level can send a soul beast of the same level flying.”

“Moreover, he is the young master of the Cloud Lightning Dao Arena in the Cloud Border Continent. He and the Martial Vajra both cultivated the Cloud Lightning Dao Arena’s secret technique, the Cloud Lightning Heaven Shattering Staff. They are very powerful. His second soul pet is a water attribute Spirit Lotus Beast. Although it doesn’t have any fighting strength, it can increase the combat strength of the Martial Vajra.”

“The combination of two soul pets is also very


“In addition, this Chen Xing has a rare ghost-type soul pet, Shadow Ghost General.”

Officer Yun pointed at another scene.

In the scene, a cloud of ghosts surrounded the three soul beasts. In a few minutes, the three soul beasts rolled their eyes and fell to the ground as if their mental strength had been drained.

There was also an introduction of the Shadow Ghost General and the soul skill description.

“Shadow Ghost General is a rare King ghost-type soul pet. Logically speaking, it’s most afraid of lightning, especially in the Thunder Soul Earth.” Officer Yun said solemnly, “However, it can easily defeat these lightning soul beasts. It’s a powerful soul pet that has awakened its inherited talent!”

“According to the calculations of the Cloud Sky Aviation Star, this inherited talent should be the ‘Lightning Shadow Body’. It is innately resistant to lightning.”

“Inherited talent?” Principal Gu was a little surprised, “Such a good seedling can actually land in North River University?”

Inherited talent was also called bloodline talent.

It was a deeper mysterious power hidden in the soul pet’s body.

Most soul pets might not be able to awaken their inherited talent in their entire lives.

A small number of soul pets, after various training and accumulating powerful experience or encountering some fortuitous encounter, had a chance of awakening their inherited talent.

Normally, only soul pets over a thousand years old could awaken.

On the other hand, when one had a soul power cultivation of ten thousand years, they would develop a gene characteristic.

After cultivating the gene characteristic, if a soul pet could cultivate it to a hundred thousand years, the gene characteristic would transform into an inherited talent.

However, it was very difficult. The probability of awakening the inherited talent was very low.

Moreover, once it awakened, the soul pet’s future potential would be endless!

“His martial soul is actually better.” Principal Nan was rather proud, “It’s a martial soul related to mental strength, Star Eyes.”

“Star Eyes? It’s an organ martial soul?” Principal Gu was shocked, “What a genius…”

The organ martial soul was a type of humanoid martial soul. It only had a portion of a humanoid martial soul.

However, specializing martial souls allowed this martial soul to have powerful potential and would be very outstanding in a certain aspect.

The reason why a complete humanoid martial soul was rare and powerful was because it had all the organs.

Once it possessed the body, the improvement it brought to the Contract Soul Master was extremely terrifying in all aspects.

If it was still the martial soul of a human sage, it would bring about a powerful change!

However, there were fewer and fewer humanoid martial souls in the modern world.

Most of them were mutated organ martial souls with humanoid forms. They only had the parts of humanoid martial souls.

“Impressive, impressive!” Principal Gu sighed.

A Shadow Ghost General who had awakened the inherited talent and an organ martial soul, Star Eyes.

He was even stronger than Zhao Zhige.

In comparison, most of the new students on Forest Academy’s side had average performances.

“The Battle Soul major is fine. They can still handle it on the first level.”

Officer Yun coughed, “This medical soul major’s Zhao Yixia is very strong. He can nurture the Flying Lizard and is about to evolve into a Cloud King Lizard. His martial soul looks very ordinary and is only a scepter, but it can play a crucial role and constantly heal the Flying Lizard.”

“Moreover, the consumption of soul power is very low. In the records of the Cloud Sky Aviation Star, the Hundred Flowers Scepter is a support martial soul that shone brightly in the Fallen Ancient Era. It saved hundreds of thousands of soul beasts in that era.”

“This martial soul has an innate affinity with many soul beasts. No wonder it could nurture the Cowardly Lizard into a Flying Lizard. Its future potential is very great. The further it goes, the stronger it will be.”

“There’s also this small team from the agriculture major. Their cooperation is very tacit.”

Officer Yun pointed at the small team formed by Kong Shijin, Yun Feimo, and Shui Qingling.

“Exquisite Owl’s control, Water Fairy’s support, Rock Spear Crab’s defense. Iron Thread Grass for control, Shield martial soul for defense, Farm martial soul for recovery resources. They’re just lacking one for damage output. Otherwise, this combination would not have a problem reaching the third level.”

“Even in the agriculture major, they’re still potential seedlings.”

Officer Yun still praised them.

There was no other way. Otherwise, there was nothing to say about Forest University.

“Where’s Wang Che?” Principal Nan thought of something, “I want to see what’s going on with him.”

Officer Yun searched.

Before long, Wang Che’s image appeared in everyone’s vision.

The scene was very clear because it was recorded in real time.

From the moment Wang Che entered the first level until he encountered the 30 Lightning Horn Rhinos…

“This kid can’t be thinking of attacking these 30 Lightning Horn Rhinos, right?”

Principal Nan frowned slightly.

“From the looks of it, it should be. The scene zoomed in. Look, he nodded.”

Officer Yun was surprised, “He really wants to fight? There are so many thousand-year-old Lightning Horn Rhinos. He’s not in a team. It’s very difficult to deal with them alone,


However, the next moment, the Magnetic Sword on Wang Che’s back flew out.

It stood diagonally in the air and absorbed the lightning emitted by the Lightning Horn Rhino, releasing a terrifying red Magnetic Cannon!

In an instant, the 30 Lightning Horn Rhinos below were sent flying. “???!

Everyone in the base was confused.

They were stunned for a few seconds.

It was not until the Magnetic Sword finished off all the Lightning Horn Rhinos that they regained their senses.

There were also notes from the Cloud Sky Aviation Star on the screen.

It only used two soul skills.

The first was Mechanical Charging.

The second was [???].

The three question marks meant that the Cloud Sky Aviation Star had not been analyzed. There were only two possibilities. Either the Cloud Sky Aviation Star had no records of this soul skill, or it was a self-created soul skill.

“Xiao Nan, the Cloud Sky Aviation Star did not analyze this soul skill. With your experience, I believe you don’t need the Cloud Sky Aviation Star to analyze it. Tell us, what soul skill is this?” Principal Gu turned to look at Principal Nan.

Principal Nan was silent for a long time.

He did not know what to say.

It was very awkward. “This should be a self-created soul skill.” Officer Yun coughed and said, “However, based on the performance of this Magnetic Sword just now, its soul power cultivation is infinitely close to a thousand years. The power of this soul skill is already comparable to a trump card soul skill.”

A trump card soul skill was even stronger than a core soul skill.

Moreover, trump card soul skills had not advanced. Different attributes had different trump card soul skills.

There were not many trump card soul skills. One had to have a thousand-year soul power cultivation to learn them. The difficulty of learning them far exceeded the core soul skills.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a first-year student’s soul pet use a move that’s close to a trump card soul skill.” A principal frowned, “It’s a Magnetic Sword that hasn’t been modified at all? A red Magnetic Sword? Why does it have a lightning attribute? Is this the genius of the West Peak Continent’s Aviation


“Wait, this is a second soul pet?”

The power displayed by the Magnetic Sword clearly shocked them.

“The Magnetic Sword doesn’t have the lightning attribute but it can absorb lightning. Could it have awakened its talent? But the Cloud Aviation Star didn’t write anything about it. It shouldn’t have any awakened talent. I can’t tell.”

“Look, the Magnetic Sword is flying in the air. It seems to be starting to cultivate. Eh, what is Wang Che doing? Why are there twenty Lightning Hyacinths floating out… Good fellow, is it using lightning to stimulate the energy cultivation of that intermediate nuclear stone?”

“This is a f*cking genius! He used the Lightning Hyacinths to accurately attract lightning. No, those Lightning Hyacinths should be the ones from the Thunder Inner Area, right? How did he make the Lightning Hyacinths listen to him? They even entered his soul realm?”

“How ridiculous. What’s going on?”

“That’s not right. How can the Magnetic Sword rely on lightning to cultivate?”

The observers were stunned.

Before long, the Magnetic Sword advanced to a thousand years.

Everyone stared and their minds were filled with questions.

Even the picture sent by the Cloud Sky Aviation Star was filled with questions.

It indicated that it had not been analyzed.

It probably knew nothing about this cultivation method.

The scene was even intermittent.

“Officer Yun, why is the scene intermittent?”

Principal Gu was thinking highly of it.

“The Cloud Sky Aviation Star can’t analyze the scene. It’s a little dissatisfied with its ignorance and is shocked by the cultivation method of this Magnetic Sword.”

Officer Yun said, “There’s a problem with the image.”

Everyone was speechless.

After the scene was completed, the Magnetic Sword had already broken through a thousand years and left with Wang Che.

They did not see the scene of the Magnetic Sword losing control after breaking through and being awakened by Wang Che.

Soon, the scene continued.

They encountered those Lightning Birds.

“A thousand-year Magnetic Sword is even faster than the Lightning Bird. The strength of this Magnetic Sword is definitely not ordinary!”

An old principal evaluated, “It’s hard to say if it’s a King-ranked soul pet, but it definitely has speed! The Lightning Bird’s speed is stronger than many King-ranked soul pets. It should be related to that special cultivation method.”

He chased after them on his sword.

Soon, the image of the nine birds pulling the worm appeared in front of them.

For a moment, everyone’s expressions were extremely strange, as if they were quite shocked.

“This green caterpillar can control these Lightning Birds with just a few threads?”

Principal Nan didn’t dare believe it, “If it was a dragon-type soul pet, it wouldn’t be so easy, right? Are berserk soul beasts so docile?”

“Its fatal parts were restrained and it could only surrender. At the same time, the Lightning Birds were summoned by something. Even in the berserk state, they did not want to fight with their life on the line,” Principal Gu said, “Those are not ordinary threads. If this green caterpillar has the intention to kill, this thread should be able to take the lives of these nine Lightning Birds.”

“This green caterpillar’s soul power cultivation has already broken through to a thousand years. Looking closer, you’ll discover that the thread is light green and full of life activity. It contains rich grass energy. It’s comparable to a Grass Whip and is more effective against lightning-type soul beasts.”

“Those Lightning Birds felt uncomfortable and afraid, so they could only pull the green caterpillar forward.”

Scenes flashed past.

The more everyone watched, the more shocked they became.

Forget about the Nine Birds Pulling Worm, especially the Flying Dragon in the dark clouds.

They knew about the Flying Dragon.

Later, Wang Che condensed the Energy Bomb cast by the little caterpillar and compressed it into a green Energy Ball.

It tore through the dark clouds in the air, creating a huge hole.

The scene was completely different from the other students.

They were stunned.

“This is a Level 10+ Contract Soul Master?”

Officer Yun was also a little stunned, “How did he do that? A Level 10+ Contract Soul Master can control an Energy Bomb from a soul pet? Can the Cloud Sky Aviation Star analyze it?”

The Cloud Sky Aviation Star sent an expression: (n)

It meant: I’m annoyed and don’t know anything

The Cloud Sky Aviation Star with obsessive-compulsive disorder handled the images of every student very well. There were no data appearing, but the introduction of soul skills, martial souls, and various powers was very detailed.

Only… Wang Che’s analysis was very chaotic.

Various questions appeared on Wang Che’s screen.

“It should be a technique to control energy. However, to compress and operate like this, only some powerful experts who have reached a supreme realm of control can master it.”

Principal Nan was silent for a few seconds and said, “I know this better. A student can easily master this technique… He’s indeed a one in a million genius.”

The scene changed and Wang Che entered the second level.

Everyone was very excited and wanted to see the battle scenes of the other students.

Their interest had been raised.

“The second level won’t be easy, right?”

Everyone was about to look.

At this moment…

“Officer Yun, bad news! Many students retreated from the second level and reported that there seems to be a dragon creature in the air!”

An observer walked over.

They were responsible for observing the safety of the students.

“Dragon creature?”

Officer Yun was shocked, “How is that possible? There’s only a Flying Dragon on the third level of the Thunder Soul Earth. There’s no Giant Dragon on the fifth level! Moreover, the soul beast on the fifth level is the nemesis of Giant Dragons… How can there be a Giant Dragon?”

Giant Dragon soul pets were all at the King or Transcendent level. They were very strong.

If it was the soul beast inside, it would be too dangerous!

He immediately asked the Cloud Sky Aviation Planet.

The Cloud Sky Aviation Star indicated that it had not been detected.

Everyone was wondering.

This was a holographic image transmitted from the Cloud Sky Aviation Star.

The scene gradually unfolded. Everyone was stunned.

There was no Giant Dragon in the dark clouds.

Only a green caterpillar stood on the Magnetic Sword and roared with the silver lightning released by the Magnetic Sword…

“This is a Giant Dragon?”

Officer Yun looked at the observer.

Everyone was speechless.

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