Warrior’s Promise - Chapter 2131 - A Rare Opportunity for a Million Years

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Chapter 2131: A Rare Opportunity for a Million Years

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Su Mo had previously wondered about the existence of the colourful flags. He had initially thought they were related to the Myriad Worlds Mountain.

Now he knew for sure that these flags had nothing to do the Myriad Worlds Mountain.

Perhaps the setting up of the True Sage Territory relied on the Spiritual Qi of the colourful flags nearby. That had been the intention of the creator.

“Brother Bai, I can see that the colorful flags are continually absorbing the Spiritual Qi. Every flag’s ability to do so surpasses that of the masters in the Empty God Realm. Many stars have been wasted. Not long after, those stars with colourful flags will be completely ruined. By that time when the large array is built on the Deity Plain, won’t it collapse?” Sum voiced out his confusion. In his heart he was overwhelmed.

“Have you ever noticed that within the Infinite Region there are countless ruined stars, with nil Spiritual Qi?” Bai Tiannan sighed.

“Yes, indeed!” Su Mo agreed, and he made his hypothesis.

“Where there is a base on a star, it will renew every nine hundred thousand years. Of those ruined stars, a minority will be naturally wasted and abandoned. However, a good majority of them were once the bases where the colourful flags stood!” Bai Tiannan explained.

“Oh yes!” Su Mo’s eyes brightened. He had made a conjecture. Though the Spiritual Qi on a star was abundant, it would be depletable.

When the Spiritual Qi had been depleted, the large array would select a new base.

The selected stars were usually where the bases had been situated.

“The stars with the situated bases cannot be destroyed artificially. Those bases guarded by the colourful flags exhibit mighty power that can shudder masters equivalent to Empty God Four Ranks!” Bai Tiannan warned.

“Understood!” Su Mo nodded. Since the base was the fundamental foundation for the construction of the Deity Plain, the dieties in the Deity Plain would surely not be destroyed.

However, Su Mo sighed in his heart. The Deity Plain was constructed by arrays. The arrays of bases were the stars.

Every batch of stars totalled nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine. That was a huge waste.

Even though the universe was huge, there were numerous stars. However, how much waste could there be!?

Ten times?

A hundred times?

Or a thousand times?

At the end of the day, all the stars within the four galaxies would eventually deplete all their Spiritual Qi.

When the time arrived, it would be the end of the Chaotic Universe, the landing of the final era.

Su Mo could not help but think of the earth. Could it be that the earth was once a base and it had now entered in the end times?

However, he had no idea where the earth was.

In the future when he had a chance, he would go find the earth and go have a look.

“Brother, where’s the God’s Path? That’s the path to the Deity Plain?” Su Mo enquired again.

“That’s right! The God’s Path’s the only road to the Deity Plain!”

Bai Tiannan nodded. After a sigh, he continued: “The existence of the Deity Plain needs to exhaust a large volume of Spiritual Qi on the star. At the beginning of the construction of the Deity Plain, the Martial Sage Great Completion Realm is able to fly into the Deity Plain. With the movement of time, the warriors on the Deity Plain will increase, which will create undue stress on the Deity Plain.

In the Archean’s final years, because the Deity Plain had to maintain its balance, it closed its flying channel, and cut off the connection between the universe and the Deity Plain.”

When Su Mo heard the explanation, he nodded silently. He had understood.

The Deity Plain did not wish to limit the access to the warriors of the universe. However, more the warriors on the Deity Plain would increase the wastage.

Now the base renewed every nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand years. If there were no limits set, the number of visitors to the Deity Plain would increase at an alarming rate.

It was possible that every million years or few hundreds of thousands of years, there would be a need to renew the base.

This phenomenon would be something most warriors would dread to see. Obviously, the warriors were well aware that the stars in the universe would dwindle in number till every one of them had exhausted their Spiritual Qi.

At this time, Bai Tiannan continued: “The Deity Plain has not cut off the flying channels thoroughly. It has built a God’s Path that leads solely to the Deity Plain!”

“Is it easy to access the Deity Plain through the God’s Path?” Su Mo asked. Since the Deity Plain would impose access restrictions, no one would be able to enter the Deity Plain via the God’s Path.

“Of course it won’t be easy. It will be full of perils. It will result in many masters with Empty God Four Ranks, being denied access to the Deity Plain. In the end, they will sit on the God’s Path and become sand!” Bai Tiannan heaved a sigh. He was resigned to the fact that it was the tragedy of the living things within the four galaxies.

During the past several hundred thousand years, and within the four galaxies, numerous enchanting evils had been born, just like sand in the ganges.

However, there were only a few who were able to access the Deity Plain. If there were one or two within a thousand who were able to do so, it would be quite amazing.

Nonetheless, to be able to enter the Deity Plain was a dream of every advanced warrior.

That was because even if one had entered into the Empty God Realm, there would not be any life endangerment. After all, every life could last only several hundreds of thousands of years.

Once one entered the Deity Plain, one would become a Deity and enjoy eternal life, until the universe ceased to exist.

Deep within Bai Tiannan’s heart, he had a dream to enter the Deity Plain. That was his primary reason to be a part of the Myriad Worlds Mountain.

That was because, if he were to stay in the Myriad Worlds Mountain, he would have a better chance of entering the Deity Plain.

For the desired outcome, he would be willing to give up everything and pledge his loyalty to the Myriad Worlds Mountain.

Now it was Su Mo’s turn to be quiet. Even though he was able to find the God’s Path, and even though he was able to dominate the universe, he might be unable to enter the Deity Plain!

However, he had no time to think too much. At this moment, he was still far, far away from the Deity Plain. It was a far-fetched dream for him.

“Su Mo, your joining of the Myriad Worlds Mountain is a sound move. With your martial prodigy, it won’t take long to enter the Deity Plain!” Bai Tiannan advised in a serious manner.

“Yes!” Su Mo nodded. However, deep in his heart, he harbored some alarm towards the Myriad Worlds Mountain.

He had to be careful about the mysterious Lord of Myriad Worlds.

That was also a factor for him to decide not to accompany Bai Tiannan on the journey to the God’s Path.

Because he had a suspicion that the Lord of Myriad Worlds might be a reincarnated Heavenly Sovereign.

“Brother, you have yet to explain to me how to get onto the God’s Path?” Su Mo was bemused. Bai Tiannan had spoken a lot, but he had yet to touch on the main topic.

“The entrance to the God’s Path is the colourful flag. As long as you are able to be within the proximity of any one of the colourful flags, use your mind power to feel the colourful flag which will allow you to enter the God’s Path!” Bai Tiannan explained in detail.

It would be easy for Su Mo to enter the God’s Path given his current prowess.

“Yes, I understand!” Su Mo nodded.

“That’s good. I have said enough. You will go onto the God’s Path soon. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Deity!” Bai Tiannan continued.

“A chance to become a Deity?” Su Mo stared into space. He wondered if he were to reach there one or two years earlier, would he have a greater chance?

“Su Mo, haven’t you noticed? Now there have been many wasted bases on the stars, it seems the renewal cycle will be here soon. The slowest will be a few tens of thousands years, the fastest will be a thousand years. That will be our chance!” Bai Tiannan’s eyes gleamed, reinforcing his power.

“Will it be easier to enter the Deity Plain during the renewal of bases?” Su Mo asked in a surprised tone. He saw the change in Bai Tiannan and he could tell that he was full of anticipation.

“You are right, during the renewal of the bases, even though it will still be tough to enter the Deity Plain, it will be somewhat easy!” Bai Tiannan nodded in agreement.

“Oh I see!” Su Mo nodded and he could not help feeling anticipation. This was indeed a good opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Not only could it be a chance for him to become a Deity, he also would be able to bring the Firmament Sect into the Deity Plain.

If it were possible, he would have wished to bring all his relatives, family members, friends and everyone into the Deity Plain.

Perhaps a few thousand years, or tens of thousand years, might be a short period to others. However to Su Mo and the Firmament Sect and the clan of devils, a few thousand years of development timeframe, would be more than sufficient.

“Good, Su Mo, I shall take my leave. Let’s meet again on the God’s Path!” Bai Tiannan smiled gently and soon floated away.

Su Mo kept quiet as he watched the departing shadow of Bai Tiannan. He did not believe fully what he had heard. Nor would he disbelieve him.

He was perplexed as to the reason Bai Tiannan had hurried him to go on the God’s Path.

Su Mo was able to understand his own talents and the high regard given to him by the Myriad Worlds Mountain. However, he did not see the necessity for Bai Tiannan to be so concerned about it.

Was Bai Tiannan merely obeying the instructions of the Lord of Myriad Worlds, or was there a hidden secret?

After a long silence, Su Mo shook his head. He was in fact grateful to Bai Tiannan.

However, in the future, he would wait and see how things went.

After a few moments, Su Mo left for the Star GuZhou.

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