Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! - Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Chief Instructor (1)

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“Line up when you’re getting food. You are new recruits and can only get food at the last window.

“No talking is allowed when lining up. You can converse in a low voice when eating in the canteen, but you can’t make noise. For example, you must put down and pick up your plate lightly, let the canteen aunties know how much food you want, and you’re not to waste food. If there’s any grain of rice or a piece of vegetable left, you’ll follow the punishment I said just now!

“After eating, put the plates back to the place where they are to be cleaned, then return to the dormitory to rest or train.

“Stand tall and keep your back straight. Keep a standard posture like in class. If you’re sloppy, why don’t you just lie down on the table and eat like that?”

Gu Qingjiu and the others followed Chen Haoyang’s words and went to get food, all the while they listened to Chen Haoyang teaching them the rules.

Some of the veterans who had trained late came to the canteen for dinner and gloated at the new recruits being trained. Some of them knew Chen Haoyang would take time to ask him some questions and he would respond as if he was chatting with them.

“Haoyang, I heard that your sergeant is not in charge of this wave of recruits? Is there someone placed in?”

A man in uniform came over from not far away and sat beside Chen Haoyang. He had straight eyebrows, strong facial features, and was a little handsome making Yu Bao’er and the others have their eyes fixed on him. When he smiled, there was a devilish air to him.

Especially in the uniform, he was dashing.

Before Chen Haoyang could answer, another man, with a baby face and had some pimples, came to his side. “Da Qi, you don’t know about this? Didn’t you hear, the new chief instructor of the recruits just ate upstairs! They said he is very handsome. Your group hunk status is in danger!”

Speaking of this, he had a gossipy expression on his face and covered his mouth. In a low voice, he said, “I heard that he has an amazing background!”

The handsome man whom he called Da Qi, chuckled as if he did not care.

It was heard clearly by the group of blank recruits.

Chen Haoyang impatiently waved his hand. “Okay, stop gossiping here. I’ll take the new recruits to see the chief instructor soon. If you’re interested, just hide somewhere and have a look.”

The veteran soldiers were different from the new recruits. They had more freedom and when he heard Chen Haoyang words, the baby-faced man smiled. “Okay, Da Qi, let’s go see it later!”

Then, he pulled the handsome soldier away.

Seeing that the group of recruits was listening to the gossip, Chen Haoyang cleared his throat and said, “Eat quickly. Gather before 7:30 pm. It’s 7:10 pm now! Your dinner time will be for 20 minutes in the future. I’ll see what all of you can do.”

As soon as he said it, the new recruits immediately picked up their speed in eating.

After dinner, Chen Haoyang asked the recruits to gather and they immediately came to the sports field, and it was a huge one.

The sports field beside the canteen that Gu Qingjiu and the others had passed was a smaller field in comparison.

On the big sports field, the most prominent mark in the center was a huge tree.

The tree trunk was so thick it needed several people to completely hug it. Opposite to it was a flag pole with a bright red flag fluttering on it. On this quiet but not peaceful night, the red flag was fluttering wildly, as if it was confronting the old tree.

Gu Qingjiu and the others were standing under the tree. The chief instructor had not come yet so Chen Haoyang was telling them the history of the old tree. The gist of it was that this old tree and that flag-raising platform must be treated as if it were their grandfather. If they bumped into it, they would be punished.

Gu Qingjiu, who was absorbed in listening, was suddenly violently pinched on the arm by Yu Bao’er. She shivered with pain and turned around to shoot some glare. She saw that Yu Bao’er was looking at a direction with an excited expression. She looked like she would scream if she did not hold on to Gu Qingjiu!

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