Wife is Fierce, Don’t Mess With Her! - Chapter 700

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Chapter 700: Untitled

Until Helian Niancheng led her in with their hands held together.

And both weaved through the group of servants.

Those people were half-bent over respectfully, and no one raised their heads to size her up.

With no one putting their attention on her, Gu Qingjiu heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

After they’ve entered the castle’s main entrance, she didn’t find herself in a hall, but a transfer hall connected to various places.

In the center, there was a massive sculpture of an angel with its wings spread wide open.

Several gigantic and majestic pillars supported the domed ceiling adorned with ancient-looking murals, and in the center, there was a double-sided spiral staircase.

In all directions, you could see exits leading to elsewhere.

These places were laid with red carpets, and exquisite murals that seemed to be the work of great masters adorned the surroundings.

There was a majestic and glorious aura in the air.

It was so majestic that it made one feel a sense of pressure seeing it for the first time.

Before she could size up the place, Helian Niancheng led her up the staircase on the right side.

Gu Qingjiu, who didn’t feel intimidated before this, started feeling so after seeing such architecture. She asked in a small voice, “Are we going to meet your parents now?”

“Of course.”

With Helian Niancheng tightly holding Gu Qingjiu’s hand, she was able to calm down somewhat.

He looked towards her with a faint smile. “Are you a little scared now?”


Gu Qingjiu shook her head. Upon recalling her encounter with Helian Niancheng’s mother back then, she remembered just how amiable she was.

Even a gentle person would grow to have an imposing aura living in such an environment.

Different circumstances led to the formation of other people—there was indeed some truth to this statement.

Even Huo Yingcheng didn’t follow them in.

As she followed Helian Niancheng in, she realized that there wasn’t a single person in this enormous place.

But there were at least a hundred people in that long line outside.

Had all the servants in the castle gone out to welcome Helian Niancheng?

It was a little quiet all around, and they could hear no sound as the duo stepped on the soft carpet.

Gu Qingjiu would only ask Helian Niancheng a question or two from time to time.

When they reached a door, Helian Niancheng reached out a hand to push it open.

With a bang, it was as though they had arrived in another world.

It was like a side hall next to a small garden. The moment Gu Qingjiu walked in, she heard the merry laughter of children.

Helian Niancheng’s mother, Hilda, and Helian Niancheng’s aunt, both Gu Qingjiu had met previously, were there. They were dressed in a poised and gracious skirt paired with a suit jacket while seated indoors and elegantly drinking coffee as they blew upon the hot air.

It was already winter now. Hence they had set up a source of warmth for the entire castle.

However, other than Hilda and Helian Man, together with several little kids, there was also an elderly man seated on the garden stool outside watching as the kids played merrily.

It wasn’t the solemn atmosphere Gu Qingjiu had imagined.

This scenario had the joyous atmosphere of a family.

Hilda and Helian Man’s eyes lit up at the sight of Gu Qingjiu.

“You’re here?”

Hilda got up and revealed the same poised and gentle smile at Gu Qingjiu as she did before.

Helian Man got to her feet behind her as well.

Gu Qingjiu had met the two of them before, and after Helian Niancheng first spoke, she greeted them, “Hello, Aunties…”

Well, or else, she couldn’t possibly greet them, Aunt and Mother, like Helian Niancheng did, right?

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