Dear Commander-in-Chief-Chapter 947 - All Men Like That Flesh

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Chapter 947: All Men Like That Flesh

Gu Qiqi still didn’t know that once she entered Dige, she was targeted by Gu Meifeng and Gu Xuexue.

She was in a hurry to buy a Seven Leaf Flower in the black market.

Thus, she didn’t go to the VIP room where she often went to gamble. Instead, she directly found Manager Dige in the hall on the first floor and instructed him to release a piece of news on the black market, telling everyone that she would give a good reward to anyone who helped her to buy a Seven Leaf Flower.

She didn’t care about the cost!

As long as it was available, she would buy it!

Manager Dige was also convinced by this little tycoon. He agreed to find it for her immediately. “Young Master Ye, then wait for my news. Why don’t you buy some stones along the way?”

Gu Qiqi casually glanced at the untrimmed quarry stones in the hall.

Oh, she hadn’t been here for a while. Why did Dige’s quality of stones drop so much?

At a glance, there weren’t many valuable untrimmed quarry stones. They were either black or brick material. What was there to buy?

Gu Qiqi took a glass of champagne and said lightly, “I’m not interested in stones tonight. It’s fine as long as I can admire a beauty. Hurry up and do what I’ve instructed you to do.”

Beside her, the group of rich young ladies who had been coveting Gu Qiqi’s looks nearly knelt down after hearing Gu Qiqi’s satisfying answer…

“Ah, ah, ah! Young Master Ye said that he came to see me tonight!”

“Pfft, he was clearly looking at me! He clearly smiled at me and clinked glasses with me in the air!”

“Get lost. Young Master Ye likes my type, okay? Your two flat-chested women don’t have any good qualities at all. It’s uncomfortable to touch!”

“You, you, don’t you just have a little more meat? Young Master Ye isn’t such a superficial person!”

“Heh heh, men are all superficial. There’s no man who doesn’t like that bit of meat!”

Just as everyone was arguing, Gu Xuexue and Gu Meifeng had already secretly approached Gu Qiqi with wine glasses in their hands!

The two of them had always been action-oriented!

Instead of drooling over Young Master Ye there, it was better to be shameless and go straight for him.

Gu Meifeng arranged her hair. Dressed with the charm of a middle-aged woman, she swayed her waist and slowly walked to Gu Qiqi. “Young Master Ye, how have you been?”

Gu Qiqi was sipping her champagne. From time to time, her gaze would land on the girls opposite her. Unexpectedly, Gu Meifeng’s annoying voice sounded out and she nearly spat out the alcohol!

Hey, hey, hey. Gu Meifeng, you’re already so old. Why are you pretending to be a delicate young married woman?

How have you been?

I just insulted you at Grandpa’s birthday banquet a few days ago, right?

She looked up and was about to mock her when she saw that Gu Meifeng’s face was amiable. Behind her was Gu Xuexue, who looked even more charming. She replied shyly as if she was looking at her sweetheart…

Gu Qiqi immediately reacted.

Damn it. She had forgotten that she was dressed as a man now.

These two scumbags were actually charmed by her male outfit? Although this proved that her disguise was really successful, why did she feel disgusted just thinking about it?

If those rich young ladies were considered her fans, then these two people in front of her were anti-fans, right?

Gu Qiqi’s expression was slightly cold. Her entire body exuded coldness that kept people away. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know you. Please don’t disturb me.”

Gu Meifeng’s face turned ugly when she heard the ridicule behind her.

But she had a favor to ask of this Young Master Ye.

If this Young Master Ye was really as the rumors said, had the ability to earn money, and had stunning medical expertise, then as long as she convinced him to cooperate, a lot of money would fall from the sky.

Who would go against money?