Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again - Chapter 948 - Don't Look At Me, I Really Can't Afford to Support You  

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Chapter 948: Don’t Look At Me, I Really Can’t Afford to Support You

Seeing that Ye Wangchuan was still looking at her, Qiao Nian’s shoulders relaxed. She held the mug with both hands and lowered her head to take another sip of sour plum soup. With a lazy expression, she pursed her lips and said with a serious expression, “Don’t look at me. I really can’t afford to support you.”


Qiao Nian glanced at him again. She straightened and said confidently, “Even if you continue looking at me, I still won’t be able to afford it.”

Ye Wangchuan smiled, and his chest trembled for a few seconds. He held the sides of the chair with both arms and cornered her. His eyes were extremely dark, and they reflected the girl’s exquisite facial features. “Isn’t it a little late now that Goddess Qiao is saying that she can’t afford it?”

“Hm?” Qiao Nian was used to him being close to her and did not resist at all. She looked up at him. She had just showered, and there was a faint smell of shower gel on her.

Ye Wangchuan’s eyes darkened as he looked at her moist lips. He recalled the last time he was bitten. The place where he was bitten had swollen for two days before it subsided. He didn’t go out on those two days and could only stay in Rhine Apartment.

He narrowed his eyes and lowered his head, wanting to get closer.

Qiao Nian suddenly thought of something and placed her hand on his chest. She frowned and said, “Wait a moment, sit properly.”

She looked quite serious.

Ye Wangchuan swallowed hard and straightened his back.

Qiao Nian put down the mug and picked up the pen and sketchbook. As she looked at him, her beautiful black eyes lit up. She was quite serious. She changed her position and sat cross-legged opposite him, then started to draw in the notebook.

A uniquely-shaped bracelet began to take shape under her pencil.

Ye Wangchuan was speechless.

At the Shen Residence.

Qiao Chen’s punishment was out.

The Qing University did not expel her, but they didn’t take this matter as lightly as Shen Jingyan had expected. Although Cheng Wu had pleaded for mercy on Qiao Chen’s behalf, the school still recorded a major punishment on her file.

This punishment could be lightened if amendments were made.

However, regardless of whether it was lightened, there would be a record of her being punished in her file.

This was equivalent to a permanent stain on one’s life. No matter what, Qiao Chen couldn’t get rid of it.

In addition to disciplinary action, Qing University also requested Qiao Chen submit a 10,000-word letter of apology. It was not a lot, but it was extremely insulting.

Because of the disciplinary action imposed by Qing University against Qiao Chen, the Shen family had been shrouded in dark clouds during this period of time. In addition, the matter of Qiao Chen plagiarizing and being hit by the hammer on Zhui Guang’s Weibo had almost caused the Shen family’s expectations of her to drop to the freezing point. If not for the fact that they were related by blood, Qiao Chen didn’t doubt that the Shen family would immediately give up on her.

Even though Shen Jingyan was related to her by blood, Qiao Chen had been living in fear and trepidation in the Shen Residence these days. She couldn’t lift her head.

Especially at the moment when she was in the most pathetic state of her life, there were even rumors that Qiao Nian had clinched the first place in this year’s medical competition as a dark horse.

Qiao Chen’s life was made even worse.

It was rare for Shen Jingyan and Wei Ling to be at home today. Qiao Chen came down from the guest room on the second floor. Seeing the two people in the living room, she greeted them obediently.

“Uncle, Aunt.”

Ever since Ye Wangchuan warned Wei Ling in person because of Shen Qiongzhi, she had been ignoring her.

She clearly saw Qiao Chen greeting her, but she still instructed the servants to make tea for her unhurriedly, as if she did not see Qiao Chen.

She had done it so bluntly that she didn’t care about her face. Qiao Chen’s face turned pale and she looked a little embarrassed. She stood rooted to the ground and clenched her fists by her sides, not daring to anger her.

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