Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 2403

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Chapter 2403: Celestial King Pill

Ling Han believed that this kind of alchemical pill would definitely have great restrictions after consuming it, whether it was restrictions on the user’s cultivation level or future advancements.

To say that it had absolutely no disadvantages was too illogical.

“Oh, so you have come to find this pill recipe?” Ling Han nodded. “Come, tell me what information you have gotten.”

Xie Yangbing stuttered, but still revealed the information that they had obtained, fearing that he would irritate Ling Han and have his soul searched. The latter did not fear his background of the Ancient Alchemy Tower at all.

Having heard his words, Ling Han couldn’t help but shake his head.

What Xie Yangbing knew was actually not much of a secret in Ancient Alchemy Tower, but most people would not believe this myth. How could such an amazing alchemical pill possibly exist?

But there was also a minority that believed it, and did not hesitate to journey all the way over the seas to come here.

Ling Han dismissed Xie Yangbing, and told him that he could only leave after he had concocted alchemical pills for a total of 1,000,000 years in Alchemy City.

When he told the matter of the Celestial King Pill to Grandmaster Zi Cheng, the latter’s expression was also a little strange. “I have indeed heard of the Celestial King Pill before. It is rumored that it had been created by our founder in his later years, but it was also because he had created this pill recipe that he was targeted by the heaven and earth, and had thus died in the heavenly tribulation.

“But this has always just been a legend, and has never been believed.”

As it turned out, this was no secret in Alchemy City, either. it was just that no one had chosen to believe it.

“There’s no smoke without fire; perhaps there really is some truth,” Ling Han murmured.

He was very concerned about this matter. If it could directly advance one to Celestial King Tier, then Liu Yutong, Li Si Chan, and even his parents could become Celestial Kings. Then, as long as the heaven and earth was not destroyed, there was no need to worry that they would be killed by the Immortal’s Tribulation.

He researched carefully. The information given by Xie Yangbing was very vague. This was also very normal. If the location had been clearly pointed out, there would have been no need for him to come and attempt to become the chairperson of Alchemy City. He could have instead chosen to just take the pill recipe and leave.

It was precisely because he did not have many clues that Xie Yangbing needed to grasp authority, and mobilize all the residents of Alchemy City to conduct a search.

With a command from Ling Han, the whole Alchemy City was mobilized, and began searching for this pill recipe.


Three months later, there was more and more information about the ancient era that Ling Han had grasp of. Initially, this was just scattered bits, and with them alone, nothing strange could be perceived, but when they were pieced together, a conclusion came to light.

“Alchemy City has been rebuilt before.”

Ling Han, Hu Niu, and the other women arrived at a group of buildings. “In the past, there used to be a temple here, but with the ages, the temple has been razed to the ground, and new buildings were built on its original site.”

“Lord Chairperson!” Their arrival alerted someone in the building, and he hurriedly came out to greet him.

Ling Han smiled. “Er, sorry. We plan to dismantle this place, but we promise that we will rebuild it for you. Also, here is some compensation.”

He handed a Spatial God Tool over to the other.

The owner’s expression was filled with joy. “Since Lord Chairperson likes it, just dismantle it as you like. There is no need for any compensation. Isn’t it just a few buildings? It’s no big deal.”

…As long as they could develop some relations with Ling Han, wouldn’t he just be able to do as he liked in Alchemy City?

Ling Han shook his head. “Things should be perfectly clear-cut.”

Seeing that Ling Han was slightly displeased now, the owner could only take the Spatial God Tool.

Ling Han moved, and the entire structure was destroyed. Then he dug three feet into the ground, and indeed, the ruins of an ancient structure were discovered underground.

They excavated the whole ruins, and removed the dirt bit by bit. As they hammered the tiles and smashed the pillars, they searched thoroughly.

The whole group was made up of great elites, so their speed was naturally fast. In merely slightly half a day’s time, they discovered a Spatial God Tool inside a rock.

It should have been stuffed in. The rock just happened to have a natural crack, and if one did not deliberately observe, it would be very easily missed.

Ling Han extended his divine sense within, and “saw” that there were some alchemical pills inside, but there were not many. Furthermore, the Spatial God Tool itself did not have preservation effects. Who knew how many years had already passed, and these alchemical pills were all already expired.

Aside from this, there was a tiny bookshelf, and there were multiple books placed on the shelf.

Ling Han carefully took them out. Because these books had also experienced too many years, the paper would crumble at the slightest touch.

He used both Regulations of Time and Space, and flipped through the pages lightly. If anything really happened, Ling Han had enough time to make repairs with how the flow of time had slowed down.

These were all pill recipes. One book recorded a single pill recipe, and they were all Five Stars at that!

Ling Han memorized them one by one. These books really could only be flipped through once, because they would turn into dust after they were flipped through.

When he reached the 11th book, Ling Han’s eyes lit up.

Celestial King Pill!

It really existed, he thought, and hurriedly flipped through the book with even greater care.

After reading, the entire book turned into dust, and Ling Han exhaled lightly.

If the introduction of the pill recipe was true, the Celestial King Pill could indeed help one become a Celestial King, but there was a prerequisite—he had to have reached the peak stage consummate level of the Ascending Origin Tier. This had only saved one from having to go through the Celestial Path.

Of course, it was possible that only a single person out of 10,000 Ascending Origin Tiers that went into the Celestial Path could become a Celestial King. In fact, it might not even be one.

And the ingredients used to concoct the Celestial King Pill… Ling Han thought for a while, and couldn’t help but gape.

There was only one word for it: wasteful!

This was really wasteful. Not only did it require an astonishing amount of Celestial King Tier Great Herbs, it even needed Celestial Seeds.

Celestial Seeds could only appear on the Celestial Path, and those who walked the Celestial Path would gather the incomplete Celestial Seeds, fuse them into their bodies, and piece them together bit by bit, which ultimately would become a complete Celestial Seed.

Once the Celestial Seed was formed completely, one could then advance into Celestial King Tier.

But the process of forming the Celestial Seed was too difficult and too dangerous as they would be targeted by the heaven and earth. They would also be seen as prey by ferocious wild beasts. It was like the incomplete Celestial Seed was a human-shaped Great Herb, and could be refined.

Of course, what was the most dangerous was still their competitors. As long as they had not yet become a Celestial King, the Celestial Seed could be snatched by others.

And to concoct the Celestial King Pill, a complete Celestial Seed could not be lacking.

Hence, the price was too exorbitant. The price of concocting a single pill was enough to help a considerable number of Ascending Origin Tiers advance into Celestial King Tier.

But the value of the Celestial King Pill lay in the fact that 99% of people who walked the Celestial Path would fail, but after consuming the Celestial King Pill, it was 100% ensured that one would be able to advance into the Celestial King Tier.

…It was completely worth such a great expense.

Ling Han nodded. Actually, it was absolutely impossible for those like Liu Yutong, his parents, and even Feng Po Yun and the others to attain Celestial King Tier, so they could only achieve it through consuming the Celestial King Pill.

“I truly anticipate the Celestial Path opening this time round,” Ling Han murmured.

He explained the ingredients of the Celestial King Pill, and all the women were dumbfounded. It was really unknown how many people could actually concoct this kind of alchemical pill. Perhaps it would need the help of a Heavenly Venerate, right?

After he returned, Ling Han related the matter of the Celestial King Pill to Grandmaster Zi Cheng, and naturally wrote down the pill recipe as well. There was no need to keep this secret. Merely the terrifying kind of ingredients required would be enough to stop others in their tracks.

Grandmaster Zi Cheng could only grimace as well. Celestial Seeds could not be brought out of the Celestial Path, which meant that the pill concoction had to be carried out on the Celestial Path itself. This was practically an impossible feat, because the realm had its own rules. Celestial Kings could not enter into the Celestial Path, and with just the strength of Ascending Origin Tier, how many could one hope to obtain?

It was possible that this Celestial King would only exist in theory for all eternity.

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