My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! - Chapter 740 - Finding Out the Truth, They’re Enemies, Not Allies! Part 3

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Chapter 740: Finding Out the Truth, They’re Enemies, Not Allies! Part 3

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“We should stop wildly guessing about the situation. There are still five days before the cooling disaster. We have enough time to investigate and come up with a solution!

“Everything will have to wait until we find out more before coming to a conclusion!”

Su Mo waved his hands to dispel the anger that rose in the trio’s hearts. Su Mo’s expression remained calm, but his eyes narrowed like a fierce tiger.

Before leaving, Lu Kuan had personally brought a few personnel to tell him about the indifference to life and the pursuit of power that those Blazelanders had.

Su Mo had raised his guard against them, but he had never imagined them to be so cruel, bold, and willing to break the bottom line of human beings.

With more and more evidence surfacing, these monsters lurking in the dark had finally shown their fangs and were waiting to devour anyone who dared to investigate them!

Time flew very quickly.

The sun had set, and the moon hung high in the sky. The curfew chimes echoed precisely at nine at night.

San Yuan Hotel.

Feng Long, Feng Tianmin, and Guan Yuan had already made preparations. They were ready to set out and investigate the truth when the time was right.

Meanwhile, Su Mo sat alone by the window.

He casually flipped through some documents with the faint light from the candles.

The records were written in washable ink, which made it very convenient to smear and erase as one pleased.

It was the joint report of more than 30 soldiers that went out to investigate during the day.


“This is all they found?”

The thirty people had investigated for the whole day, but the things they gathered were only surface information.

Nothing was mentioned about the new territory lord or the battle that happened two months ago.

The only good news was that they collected a lot of information regarding Marshal Wang.

“This is strange. Marshal Wang sure is courageous. He had the guts to take my men and quietly try to avenge himself. I wonder what kind of means did he use to convince the soldiers?

“This is really outrageous. There are only a dozen of them, yet they managed to kill three territory lords and an army of thousands of people.

Su Mo was surprised, and he put down the report in his hand.

“Shelter leader, this information was collected by Origin Territory’s bounty hunters. They were the most familiar with Marshal Wang’s whereabouts.” Du Shi’s voice sounded from behind him.

After Feng Long and Feng Tianmin were given an independent task, Du Shi as the vice-captain, had to take the responsibility of leading the troops to gather information.

Needless to say, it was a challenging mission for him.

However, Du Shi understood that if he were to do well, he would be promoted tremendously from his current position when they returned to the territory.

Therefore, during the whole day of investigation, he aimed a completely different approach from Feng Long and the others.

Marshal Wang’s whereabouts!

“Are we still unable to contact Marshal Wang through the radio?”

Du Shi shook his head. “We still can’t get in touch with him. The last time someone spotted him was nine days ago. After that, they disappeared without a trace, just like those who had offended Origin Territory’s new lord. No one knew where they went.”

“Most bounty hunters would likely give up their search for him by now if it wasn’t for the wanted bounty still on him, indicating that he hasn’t been captured.”

Normally, the wanted bounty on a person who had been secretly gotten rid off would be officially withdrawn the next day.

This was to inform the public that the person had already subdued to the law.

However, Marshal Wang’s wanted bounty was still up, which meant something.

“Well done. Marshal Wang definitely knows more than he’s telling us. We’ll have a clearer perspective if we find him.

“Continue to look for him. As long as you find him, you’ll be rewarded greatly!

“Remember, don’t start a conflict with anyone and don’t take any action until we’ve thoroughly investigated the situation,” Su Mo acknowledged his effort and reminded him.


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